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My Kids’ Favorite Usborne Books + A New Play Space!

I set up this corner in our family room for the kids!
Displaying some of our favorite Usborne Books on our IKEA shelves.
(The play kitchen is IKEA as well!) It’s been a great spot for play time
when I’m working or we are visiting with friends in the front of the house.
It’s right by my little corner desk where I work. I like having a designated area for kids to play so that
we can sit in the front sofa area and still keep an eye on them.
The rest of the toys are in the playroom/sitting room or the kids’ bedrooms.
We are doing limited toys in this area…. play food, books and foam blocks!
Still working on the space but it’s coming together.
The cubby unit is from Target (bins and storage piece.)
The sign is from Hobby Lobby! I’m sorry I don’t have a
paint color for you guys but I’ll try to find it out!

I get asked all the time about Usborne Book recommendations!
“What should I get my 7 year old girl? What does your 3 yr old boy like??”

I love that part of the job… (I’m a team leader!)
but I thought I would share the experts’ opinions.
My kids. :)
I asked them to share with you guys some of their favorites
right now and these are the ones they grabbed!
Micah cracks me up in this video. He was so excited about The Big Book of Colors.
I was cracking up at his commentary. ;)
Asher had to be rescued at one point in the video… see if you can spot my stealth moves while filming. haha.
Love how sweet Sophia and Sienna are together when reading.
It’s so special how they can read together now!


As a Consultant + NEWly promoted Team Leader with Usborne Books & More
I earn free books and a weekly paycheck! Cash bonuses too!
I have loved this experience and LOVE being able to grow our collection of books.
One of the best parts has to be the Facebook community of Consultants.
We are able to connect DAILY… and not feel like we are on our own!
We share material and encourage each other.
Let me know if you want info on joining OR
hosting a Facebook party for free books! (You invite and excite…I do the rest!)
Christmas shopping is in full swing (crazy I know!) but I’m gifting
a lot of books this year for the cousins… it’s been fun picking them out based on each child!

I love sharing these books with all of you.
Hope you enjoyed the video and got inspired for Christmas presents this year
or just awesome ones to build up your book shelves!
I can’t say enough good things about the Dolly Dressing Sticker Books.
My girls SCREAMED…high pitched…screams…when they arrived.
So if you are looking for a good gift idea haha, there you go. The best reaction!

My First Usborne Facebook Party – My Free Books Haul!

One of my goals this past year was to fill up my kids’ book shelves with more books!
I want to encourage them to read and offer new and exciting books for them to dive into.
I love having those moments of snuggling up and reading a book with them.
One of those magical moments of motherhood has to be when you see your kids reading to each other.
I love seeing Sophia reading to her siblings or Sienna and Micah giggling over a funny book.

A blog reader, Mary, messaged me about hosting a Facebook Party with Usborne Books & More!
and told me about how, based on the sales of the party,
I’ll get to go on a free book shopping spree after!! Um… YES. PLEASE.
So I did it and was HOOKED. I loved how she shared so many great books and
tips for promoting literacy in your own home.
She was speaking my language!
I decided after my first Facebook party that I wanted to keep on earning
free books and to share them with more people!
It’s insane really if you think about it.All you do is invite your friends to discover great books and then you chat
during the 1 hour party on Facebook, from the comfort of your home
with snacks and yoga pants on…and earn free books.
(Here’s some shots from the video that’s below! xoxo)
book haul 2

I joined as a consultant and they added me to the closed Facebook group.
It’s filled with resources and graphics and a community that’s excited
about the books and everyone helps each other out!
I needed some book ideas…hopped on there and everyone linked their favorites!
The Facebook parties are automated once you set that all up…
so then during the actual party I just chat with everyone and share book suggestions.
I’m currently working towards earning the Disney trip next summer!
kid-book haul

(I’ll share a little consultant info here…
because I get asked every time I post anything Usborne related.
If you want MORE details just email or comment!)

As a blogger, I get asked weekly, multiple times, to join some sort of team or business.
There are a few reasons I decided to join Usborne Books & More...
but the main reason is it just fit me.

I’m passionate about it and I know a lot of my people feel the same way!
Within my first week of doing this (4 parties) I hit the first monthly goal.
It’s very doable. You get paid every Wednesday and you don’t have to spend anything each
month to get your pay check! (direct deposit for me.)
You can do as little or as much as you want!
I have 19 parties booked. The average payment for a consultant is $100 a party…..
Some parties don’t get that much..some get more.
But once you get the bones of it set up…it’s just fun!

With each party you’ll end up finding people that want to host their own parties…
It’s just a snowball of book loving!
You can do home parties, Facebook parties or just link your shop page
and get commission off each sale!

One of the best parts of this whole consultant thing has been being able to message my
hostesses letting them know how much money they get to spend!
The only thing you pay for is the starter kit.
I did the mini one $75 because I already had a lot of their books!

(You renew your website later on as well. for $50.)
You get bonuses in free books and $$…
and make commission off of all of your sales. (average 25% and up)

My mom used these books for us as kids…I’m excited to now be
getting more and more for my own kids! FOR FREE!
You can Find out more info about joining us Here. IMG_6069

Maybe you don’t want to host a party..or become a consultant…
but are just looking for great books for your kids.
In the video I share the books I chose for my kids. They love them! Especially the flap books.
Super engaging and I love seeing them dive into these books.
Happy to answer any more questions about the books…
I’m really just so in love with the quality and content they offer.


Micah has been asking for a Dino birthday party so I know I need to add some of these to our collection.
I need to brush up on my dinosaur name skills. haha.

Since I earn both money and books as a consultant…
I gave my girls the catalog to circle things they might like…
EVERYTHING was circled. haha.
(I get it. I want to do the same thing.)
When Sienna discovered their Fairy Pony series… dreams came true. ;)
Excited to add more to our book shelves.
I have over $100 of free books earned this week to go shopping with!
CRAZY. I know. Do you like free books??
That’s a silly question.
Yes. Yes you do.

Check out the books Here.
Info on Joining me Here.
And be sure to join my Kid Book Club Group on Facebook!

6 Months Moved In- Home Tour: VLOG

We’ve been settling in the past 6 months, making our house a home and
figuring out the best storage solutions for our new space!
I wanted to share how we’ve been working on making our home functional and cozy feeling.
Still tracking down the paint color but will post it as soon as I get it!!
In the video I just casual walked around the house giving a little more detail and sharing
info people ask me about via Instagram a lot. I linked below
products and past blog posts of things I share in the video as well!

I always feel a little insecure sharing how I decorate because I don’t feel
like an expert or have the largest budget to work with.
But comparison is the thief of joy and I’m very  grateful and loving
the space we have. We’ve been blessed with this home to gather our family in.
I believe in making your home functional for your life and making it
beautiful, no matter your budget, so you can enjoy your every day space.
Throw frames on your wall…..string up your kids’ art work!
Make it be a space that when you walk through you feel the love and memories.
Don’t wait for it to be perfect to start… Move furniture around… shop your own house.
I do that a lot especially when we move. I don’t shop anywhere with crazy price tags.
It’s usually Target, Hobby Lobby and Amazon. IKEA when we had one close to us.
I have put effort into making our house a home because it’s our home base…
As a mom, working from home, I spend a lot of my days here and I want to like my view if I can!
Plus, hanging frames is way more fun than doing the laundry..and I’m a total procrastinator with chores. ;)

Here’s some photos and links by room… to past blog posts or items in our house.
Comment and let me know if I missed anything you wanted to know more about.
I know I always appreciate when people link things that they share because
it might be JUST the thing you were wanting in a space.

DIY Framed Shiplap Tutorial
Magnolia wreath is from Hobby Lobby 
KIVIK Sofas and TV Stand (BESTA) are from IKEA
Most of the frames are IKEA.
“Do all the good…” quote sign is from Hobby Lobby
Our rug is the Wilder rug from Surya.
athomewithnatalie home tour-2
athomewithnatalie home tour-30
1athomewithnatalie home tour-32

My Desk – Threshold from Target
Chair at my desk is INGOLF from IKEA
Family rules sign is from Hobby Lobby
Pencil and Pen Holder is from Target
Meal Clipboard holders are from Kohls
athomewithnatalie home tour-3

Kids’ Play Kitchen (DUKTIG) and Book Shelves (MOSSLANDA Picture ledges) are from IKEA
“Don’t grow up it’s a trap” sign is from Hobby Lobby
Felt Food- Past Blog Posts
IMGathomewithnatalie home tour-31_6545

Some of our favorite play food sets from Amazon!
I got a set for each child last year at Christmas.
Click sets to find out more info!


Dining Room DIY Shelves – Blog Post Tutorial
Our Kitchen barstools – Carlisle Backless Metal Barstools in natural metal finish
Our Espresso Machine (that we LIVE BY) is from Amazon.
(Espresso Beans we get.) My Breville Mixer is from Amazon as well!
athomewithnatalie home tour-10
athomewithnatalie home tour-7

Dining room table is an old table from JcPenny’s we painted. (used oil based paint)
Our metal white chairs are from Amazon and we LOVE them.
(Easy to wipe down and clean and they have great grips on the feet and never tip!
Nice and sturdy chairs but have the look I was wanting! Immediately updated the table.)
athomewithnatalie home tour-4

Sign and wall shelf from Hobby Lobby.
Plates are Replay, Cups from Walmart and Bowls from Target.
Wreath above stove is from Joanns.
athomewithnatalie home tour-26
athomewithnatalie home tour-9 athomewithnatalie home tour-5

Crayon and Marker Container: Walmart – Better Homes and Gardens Caddy
Dresser in Dining Room is from Big Lots
Chalkboard from Hobby Lobby – Painted it white
athomewithnatalie home tour-6   

Most of my frames are from IKEA.
athomewithnatalie home tour-12 athomewithnatalie home tour-11

TV Stand is from IKEA (KALLAX storage unit )
and holds shoes on the bottom and toys on the top.
 The yellow bins are from Threshold Fabric Cubes – Target.
Chair is from La-Z-Boy.
athomewithnatalie home tour-14

The bookcases are IKEA – GERSBY
Wall Ruler with hooks is from Hobby Lobby
Striped blue and green bins are from Target – Circo Bins.
Felt Board – Blog Posts
athomewithnatalie home tour-13 athomewithnatalie home tour-15

I don’t have a tutorial on this specific project but it’s the
same ideas as the framed shiplap in this blog post – DIY Framed Shiplap Tutorial
athomewithnatalie home tour-1


Our favorite noise makers – we have them in each kid room.
Queen Bed Frame – Platform bed so you don’t use a boxspring with it.
Worked for us because we just used the Comfortaire Queen Mattress we had from a past
blog collaboration. FAVORITE mattress of all time. I nap on it haha.
Side tables – Turned Leg Accent Tables by Threshold
Storage Unit is IKEA (KALLAX storage unit )
Fabric Cube Bins are Pillowfort brand from Target
 athomewithnatalie home tour-21

All of the gallery wall items are from Hobby Lobby. 
The panda is from target and the frames are IKEA.
The shopkins display is from Good Will and painted white.
The fairy houses are a past DIY project and are on an IKEA
but couldn’t find a link.
athomewithnatalie home tour-19

MICKE White desks from IKEA. Stools are also from IKEA but got them on clearance
so I think these specific ones are gone. But they have similar options!
Cork boards and Desk lamps are from Target.
Dolls in room are from Pottery Barn and bins for stuffed animals are from target.
athomewithnatalie home tour-23
athomewithnatalie home tour-16

Pillowfort Quilt (pink looks to be out of stock) Pillowfort Shams
and Pillowfort Flower pillow and pom pom pillow.
athomewithnatalie home tour-20 athomewithnatalie home tour-18  

Doll House Makeover Posts – Big one and Small one.
Shared bedroom post – decor and storage updates.
athomewithnatalie home tour-22

Their tee pee is the Cabana from Tnee’s Tpee.
Crib is from USAbaby.
Bunk beds are from IKEA. Ours is no longer available but here’s a similar one!
Rug is Biscuit Grey from Lorena Canals Rugs
The Letters are mostly from Michaels.
The two wood framed prints are from Hobby Lobby.
Dino head is target.
Chalkboards are target bargain bins.
I made the stay humble and kind sign.
Wall hooks are from Target.
Woven bins for stuffed animals and blocks are from target.
athomewithnatalie home tour-27
1athomewithnatalie home tour-28

Storage bins are from Walmart- Mainstays 6 cube organizer.
The lower bins are from Walmart and top ones are from Target.
The books are on picture ledges from IKEA.
The books are all ones I’ve earned for free from Usborne!
athomewithnatalie home tour-29

The green frames are from FISKBO from IKEA and are plastic!
The robot print is IKEA and map is target bargain bins.
The dinos, car, and baseball are from Hobby Lobby.
The storage units I use for the boys’ clothes are from Walmart –
Two Mainstays 9 cube organizer. Bottom bins are Walmart and top striped ones are from Target.
I got tags from Michael’s and used yarn to label each bin.
 athomewithnatalie home tour-25

Thanks for checking out our home tour.
Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.
Thanks for the love and I hope it was a helpful and fun post!
athomewithnatalie home tour-17