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Our Usborne Books: Two new videos!

I have loved opening up the world of reading to my kids through our Usborne Books!
AND sharing them with you guys! Every time I share something either
on Instagram or on the blog I get asked A LOT of questions…
like how do you earn free books??  How do you join??
What are your favorite books?
I LOVE all of the inquiries and it makes my heart happy that we all want to raise readers!
Sharing the books comes naturally for us and it has been such a great fit for our family…
It’s even better that you guys seem to love them too!
I made a goal this week to create two videos on topics that I thought would be helpful for those interested.
One is all about why you NEED these books and why we love them.
The second video is sharing about my story of being an Usborne Books & More Consultant.
Keep scrolling to see the two new videos or CLICK HERE to see my updated Info page!

Here’s just some of the fun we’ve had with our books!
They’ve inspired a lot of family activities….and tasty treats. ;)
Do you have a book you love and want to see some crafts and snacks themed with it??
We are always up for a challenge. ;)

Another goal I had this week was to work with the Leaders on our team
to create a Book Lady Training Course for our new girls! (Similar to my Blogging E-Course)
I’m SO excited to be able to offer this resource to our new team members and help them dive right in.
One of the best parts of being on this team is that not only do we get to earn a weekly paycheck and free books and TRIPS…
But we have the opportunity to bring other women a long with us to reach their goals.
Here’s the video on my own story as a Consultant.


Our Favorite Usborne Activity Books for Girls!

We love our Usborne books and wanted to share some of my girls’ favorite Activity books!
These are all perfect for those summer days when the kids want to cool off inside…
or when they need a little help to battle boredom!
I’m thinking ahead for summer that’s around the corner…
and adding even more of these activity books to our shelves!
You can check out all the books shown in the video and more…here!
(For a full list + links of the books mentioned scroll down.)

Usborne Activity Books for Girls graphic2
Usborne Activity Books for Girls graphic3

The Wild Garden, Fingerprint Activities: Animals,
Space Maze Book, Sticker Dolly Dressing Books,
Fairy Palace Magic Painting, Fairy Garden Magic Painting
Usborne Activity Books for Girls graphic
Usborne Activity Books for Girls graphic4

I hope you enjoyed our video and taking a peek inside the books!
The best part is all of these we got for free! As a hostess you earn books based off sales…
and then I ended up joining and now throw the parties for other mamas and earn $ and books as a consultant!
We’ve been loading up our book shelves with high quality, engaging and beautiful books.
My kids have never been such great readers or, choosing themselves, to dive into books!
If you have any questions about how I can throw a Facebook party for you, message me!
I do them all the time and love letting my mamas know how many free books they get to choose.
You can also just purchase the books anytime through my links.
I grew up with Usborne books on my shelves. My mom has always said they are ahead of their time.
Now I’m filling up our own shelves because we love them so much!
More info here.

Our March Usborne Books Haul

We love our Usborne Books and the kids are sharing their March Haul with you guys!
Every month we end up with a box of books I’ve earned for free…sometimes twice a month!
The kids get giddy when we open it and then we have
silence…for a longgg time while they dive into the books. It’s the best.
I’m a consultant with Usborne Books & More and earn free books…
a weekly paycheck… but ALSO… Disney Tickets!
There would be times I would be working (throwing an online party!)
and Micah would come over to my desk and ask if I won his ticket to Disney. ;)
I was able to earn the FULL trip this year from the company!! There were only 30 of us in the company
to earn all five tickets offered so I was soooo excited I made it!
A 6 days 6 nights stay at Disney World with daily Park Passes and $1200 towards Travel expenses!
We have ALWAYS wanted to take the kids…and working with Usborne made it possible!
I registered for the trip yesterday and my total was $0. INSANE!
I can’t wait for this summer and making memories with them.
I just signed up with Usborne this past May after someone threw me a party….
and it’s changing our life!

I had this footage from March and finally got to editing it.
I love how it really captures the personalities of our kids and their excitement for the books.
Maybe you are thinking about ordering some for your little ones…
here’s some of my kid’s picks that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on!
If you are wanting to order… You can always shop through my link and
choose the ‘Natalie Lesnefsky’ party while shopping.
Want to have our own party?? I’m throwing parties every week for girls via Facebook!
They invite friends.. I run it.. and based off sales you earn free books. It’s as simple as that.
I just had a Mystery Hostess Party (I do one every few months) and someone who
attends and participates in the party ends up winning ALL the hostess rewards… Free books!
Our girl last time walked away with over $300 in Free books!!!

I hope you enjoyed the video!
Maybe you are obsessed with Usborne like us… or maybe you are a total newbie.
Either way, would love to connect! Throw you a party or answer your questions about joining my team.
I have over 80 girls under me and we have an incredible Facebook group where we connect
and help each other grow! Our main team is called Hustle & Heart and I’m
so thankful for all of the leaders in our group who work together to help everyone reach goals.
We chat about the books, share graphics, scripts, and what has worked for us!
Want to know more? Email me!
Our March Usborne Books Haul-post graphic
Our March Usborne Books Haul-post graphic 2  
Our March Usborne Books Haul-post graphic 3