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RECENT DATE NIGHT- Ben and I celebrated our 4 year wedding Anniversary! We left the girls with close friends and went into the city for a night! It was the first time I had left Sienna(1) over night.,.so I was a little nervous. But the first night she didn’t even cry for me!! and when she woke up she was a little snuggle bug for them. so on the baby front everything went well!
And we had a a blast! We usually do like chinese food  takeout to celebrate our anniversary haha.. but this time we got a gorgeous hotel room on the top floor in the city..rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee all sparkly and new with noooo sign of baby gear whatsoever! haha. I unloaded my purse of all diapers, wipes, pull ups, changes of clothes, sippy cups, baby snacks, etc… I don’t remember when my purse weighed so little! ;) We wanted to just be spontaneous that night since we had no baby/sitter curfew! At first it felt really weird like we needed to rush and get home! We ended up going to South Side and walking around for a bit…had dinner at a fun irish restaurant..then grabbed drinks and dessert at a place right by our hotel. At 10:30 we were both like what??? it’s only 10:30?! what do people do out this late?? what are we supposed to do now? haha. We made a promise to each other that we HAD to stay out till midnight……..we lasted till 11:00. :) One of the most amazing parts of the overnight getaway was SLEEPING IN. till 10. it was UHHHH-MAZING. Quote of the Trip- Ben:”So thisss is what being rested feels like!!” It was a great time for ben and I to spend together..and the girls were happy to see us but not so eager to leave where they were staying! uh oh..this little new discovery of “them being fine for a night without us”could be dangerous. ;) 
Everyone go date your hubby!

“what’s dat smell??.. what’s so stinky??”
Not the thing you want to hear about your breath when you are snuggling with her in the morning..or when she walks into the kitchen when you are cooking dinner..or to a friend who is helping you by putting her in her car seat for you..haha.
(PHOTO: She asked for a picture with Mary, Jesus’ Mommy. ;)

FAVORITE DIY – Paint Swatch Chandelier
via hey gorgeous 
FAVORITE CAMERA PHONE SHOT- Sophie and Sienna love the horse outside kmart…it’s in the same shopping center as the aldi’s i sometimes go to. highlight of the trip! ;)

UNTIL OCTOBER!! – I just can’t! Butttttt Sophia told me 
yesterday what she wants to dress up as (this will probably change 74 times..) She is going to be Belle, She wants me to be snow white..daddy cinderella..and sienna cinderella too. Are you seeing a trend here?? I think ben should totally be cinderella..he could pull it off.
image via pinterest-no link back

FEATURED FOLLOWER/CLIENT – A college friend of mine has one of the most amusing and relatable blogs that I follow!! Camp Patton And she so sweetly follows me back! You need to hop over and read one of her posts and I promise you’ll be hooked. I usually end up reading post after post because I can relate so much to everything she writes about..and she says it in such a funny way! You should go check her out. literally. jk..that would be wierd. just check out her blog!

IN THE KITCHEN –  I LOVEE this fun snack idea put together by Little Page Turners
Sophia would love snack time with these Edible Insects!

MY PHOTOGRAPHY- I just started doing senior portraits! I’m excited.. it’s something I’m doing on the side for fun! I’l share more of the photos 
this week but here are some of my favorites of my client (and her bff!)

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  • Laura@Cowboy Boots
    September 12, 2011 at 10:58 am

    AWW HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…lucky you for the overnight. i still haven’t had a chance to leave lily yet (she’ll be 3 in a few weeks) so I’m hoping that next summer I get my chance w/leaving reid and lily)

    as for ur night…that would so be us about the staying out late…what do we do? haha

  • Krista
    September 12, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Date nights are so awesome…just too few and far between! Glad you had a great night and Happy Anniversary!

    Love the pic of Sophia and Mary…so sweet :)

  • Christy
    September 13, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Hooray to 4 years & going strong! What a good idea when getting away to clear your mind, bags, etc of all kid items then making a known effort to enjoy yourself.

  • Heather M.
    September 17, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Happy anniversary! :) You look sooo cute! My hubby says we can go on a vacay b/c he has lined up a babysitter for 3 and 1 year olds…I don’t think I can leave them for that long yet. Good for you!