A Peek into the #OVBLOGGERS Swag Bags!

This past July, I planned and threw my first Ohio Valley Bloggers
Meet + Greet at IKEA here in Pittsburgh…
It was SO FUN! My cheekbones hurt from smiling by the end of the night!
 I thought it would be fun to share a peek into the Swag Bags so you can
see some of the goodies that were gifted to our fabulous bloggers!
I know some of you asked on Instagram to get the fun details ;)
Some of these brands you might know..some you might just now discover.
They didn’t ask me to post about them..but I thought it would be fun….
everyone loves a good swag bag ;)
The Photos in this post were captured by the amazing Jacquie of 
The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood with one or two by me with my phone!

I had so much fun reaching to the brands and was so grateful for their
support of treating our local bloggers and loved connecting with them!
They were all lovely to work with. Everyone loves working with
brands that send you candy or extra product!! ;)
I felt like santa giving out the goodies at the event!! ;)

GORGEOUS pieces were gifted from Molly Suzanne.
I have a few pieces from her shop myself… and was loving seeing
the girls reactions on Instagram and Twitter (#ovbloggers) when they got home
and were going through their swag bags. Her stuff is lovely!

Ok seriously… when the box of goodies arrived from The Humble Lemon
I almost died. It was too cute!!! They are a local company that
makes adorable outfits for baby girls and boys. I almost didn’t want to
give any of them away haha. She was sweet enough though to send one
for micah so I didn’t have to have a complete pitty party. ;)
These were a HIT. and everyone immediately thought of someone to give
them too if they didn’t have a baby that age themselves!
These would be great baby shower gifts!
GoGo Squeez has the cutest packaging don’t they??
I’m a sucker for cute branding.
My kids were thrilled. and so were the girls at the event!
Something edible to give your kids…c’mon. we all know
happy kids means a happy mama!
One of my favorite items was the Squeaky Clean screen
It was so cute! anything animal print is good! ;)
Super clever product..and I had to break the news sweetly to my
girls that no we couldn’t keep the huge box full of them. ;)
Infinite Abyss made up really cute fabric swatch tags to promote her shop.
She was sweet enough to offer a 25% OFF Code! I loved it!
I was so impressed with what Everyday Party Magazine sent to
my door step to include in the Swag Bag.. it was SO FUN!
I loved how they really captured their blog feel in their little gift!
It got everyone’s attention and I was really so impressed
with their effort! YAY Everyday Party Magazine!
She Does Justice is a great company with cute products
but an amazing mission. go check them out.
I have this in black and white polka dots…
and sophia has a cute kid one they just launched.
One day we need to wear them at the sameeee timeee
so I can get a photo of the cuteness ;)
Been a fan of  Dr. Smith’s and their social media team
since meeting them at a blog conference. They are so great with bloggers
and promotions.. Sophia especially loved helping me put the boxes in the bags!
We had a couple extra that were put to good use on micah!
everyone loves a soft baby tooshy! haha.
A blog reader years ago introduced me to Unique Me Magazine
and I reached out to them right away when rounding up sponsors for the Swag Bags.
I love their mission and their Magazine!
When I discovered Walls Need Love I fell in love. with everything they have.
I have yet to share the girls’ room that has some of their cute products…
I’m not gonna spill the beans here. But if you follow me on Instagram
you might have seen a shot of it in the works….
I can’t wait to share their room and the cute project I did!
The girls LOVED their Bracelets from THREAD-By The Shine Project.
There is something about a brand with a mission behind it.. It makes you want to support them even more and I was so excited to have them be a part of our event. Ashley the owner is a sweetheart who I met at a Blog Conference and totally put up with me coming to their booth 3 or 4 times before I finally decided what to buy. ;)
The Programs I designed (in photoshop) were Printed by CatPrint
and I was SOOO Happy wit how they turned out. They were nice and glossy
and sturdy feeling. I’m planning on ordering more prints from them in the future
because the quality was spectacular. So was the sweet girl I talked to on the phone.
She made all the magic happen in a time crunch!
The Influence Conference is near and dear to my heart!
I am attending and speaking at their Conference in a couple weeks..
and I loved what they sent for the girls…
how adorbale is that? CUTEEEEEness. plus free coffee?? the girls loved it. 
They sent an extra one for me (so sweet!) but we had some last minute
sign ups and I didn’t want anyone to go away empty handed..
so we threw together some extra swag bags with extra items!
Too much cuteness to keep to myself. ;)
I love Green Bubble Gorgeous! It made the entire Swag Bag smell amazing!
I met owner Krystal years ago when we had vendor booths across from each other..then I got her to help with a “Pamper the Mommy” Baby Shower I was throwing for three friends and she did a fun interactive Bath Bomb Bar at a party I was throwing.. Love her. and love her products.
IKEA was amazing to work with..not only did they offer to host the event…
but they did the fun raffles and threw in some beautiful(and yummy) books
(of each girl’s choice) for the bags! 
Other brands that were involved in the event but not in the swag bags were
I am so grateful for the support I found during the planning
of the event for our local bloggers here in Pittsburgh.
It was so encouraging..and FUN seeing the amazing response!

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  • Randi
    September 18, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    I super love the swag bags! Too cute!

  • Abby Lawson
    September 19, 2013 at 9:18 am

    You are the queen of the swag bag, my friend! I still use sooooo many things that came in mine! Cute, cute, and more cute! Hope you guys are having a great week!

    ~Abby =)

  • Jessica @ jessicaNdesigns
    September 19, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Awesome!! Are you having another one this coming year? I would LOVE to attend!! I am in Ohio! Can’t wait to meet you at Influence!

  • nicolemariearts
    September 23, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    this really was an awesome swag bag :D AND i still have yet to post about the actual event… i’ll do it on the heels of this and not feel so very guilty. ha. i am such a #badblogger with so many #goodintentions!!! ;)

  • Tina Milas
    September 24, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    Loooove! I too, find myself using so many things in my swag bag! So many lovely ladies and their products. Thank you again for such a great time Natalie!