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DIY Cardboard Fairy House Tutorial

We threw our girls’ a Fairy Birthday Party this past weekend!
One of my favorite details of the party was the Cardboard Fairy House I made for them!FAIRY HOUSE TUTORIAL-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA1

I can’t wait to share more details of the party, but I thought it would be fun to do a video tutorial on the Cardboard Fairy House first! I have made different cardboard creations over the years..and they are a hit every time! I’m sure your littles will have fun with this too!

Two cute fairies flapping away!!

It’s an easy, fun and affordable DIY project that’s perfect at making
a play date, party or rainy day extra special!FAIRY HOUSE TUTORIAL-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA2

Cardboard Boxes (I used 4 large from lowes and one small from home..along with part of another box I had for the roof! – use the corner/bend for the roof)
Zip Ties
Paint (I found a small can in the as is section at Lowes)
Utility Knife
Packing Tape
Scissors or screw driver (to poke holes for zip ties)
Flowers/Flower Garlands (I got mine during the end of summer clearance at joanns.)
Hula Table Skirt (I got mine during the end of summer clearance at party city)

Build and Cut Boxes.. attaching with zip ties.

I grabbed up a couple cute butterflies at Michael’s during their end of summer sale!
They are made to hang from the ceiling.FAIRY HOUSE TUTORIAL-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA7

The fairy house has moved to the other wall of our family room…
and will probably be there a while ;) It’s awesome at keeping them entertained!FAIRY HOUSE TUTORIAL-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA3

Sophia and Sienna are 15 days from being exactly 2 years apart so
they have always had a joint birthday party. I know it won’t always be like this,
but for now they love it… and so do we!!

The next tutorial will be the tissue paper flowers!
I have a gazillion requests via social media for a’s coming!

Full Fairy Birthday Party Post coming soon!!!
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and Cardboard Sweetopia Village!

Fall Fun-Ideas to Entertain Cooped up Kids!

With the Fall comes colder weather for most of us!
Here’s a round up of some fun activities from my blog, that you can do with your kids when you feel cooped up. Some days it’s fun to do something extra special with the littles!
All levels of craftiness here…
from Felt Boards to Fruit Loop Necklaces!
It’s nice to give them something to keep them happily busy and entertained…
and not in a to the death pinching war.
1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  

My girls love to help me bake and cook…
Here are some of the special treats or lunches we’ve made together!
Some of these they enjoyed eating, but were mainly loving the ‘making’ process!
We do a lot of baking and gifting when it’s cold outside…
some are easily packaged like the chocolate pretzel buttons

and rocky road peanut butter candy cups! yum.
1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.

Looking fore more indoor fun?
Check out the doll house or felt food we have made.
It’s been years and they still play with it!

Our Playroom Reveal – DIY Details & Storage Solutions!

I am so excited to share our girls’ playroom!!
It’s full of past DIY projects and budget friendly storage solutions.
With Baby #3 arriving soon..I was really wanting to
have this play space all done for our big girls.
PAINT COLOR: Martha Stewart, ‘Sunken Pool’ – Satin.
One of my favorite touches is the SUPER SOFT rug from
I thought the room was cute without it…but it made it so much more inviting and
comfy once we put it down! With how much the girls sit on the floor and play,
I was happy to give them that pretty cushion. :)
I also love their play kitchen pieces. We grabbed them up at a Church Flea Market
and a local Thrift Store. I think the total for the 3 pieces was $15.
I had spray painted two of them white to freshen them up. I LOVED playing Kitchen when I was little.. so It makes me sooo happy seeing the girls love playing in that space.
There are some key things I wanted to do to
make the space functional and cute..
I’ll share all those details in this post!

STORAGE for TOYS- We had the long IKEA EXPEDIT Bookcase in the Girls’ Bedroom..
and realized it made more sense to turn it on it’s side(Ikea sells legs to go with it)
so the girls could use every bin and mess up/clean up themselves!
The pink bins are also from IKEA. They are soft but durable. love them.
This storage solution is the saving grace for this room…
I go in a couple times a day and throw everything back in.. helps to keep it under control!
Also, the Yellow basket on the floor in corner… more storage!
It’s a great dollar store container where I put all their little people and cars in.

STORAGE for Books, Blocks & Felt Softies – I used two IKEA Shelves for this storage area. My Girls love blocks..but it drives me crazy having them all mixed in with the toys! They never actually play with them when that happens. So I knew I needed them to have their own space. These cheerful yellow Dollar store baskets worked great.
They can carry the basket in to the family room.. build a train..and then put them all back!
I had a white basket that I filled with their Soft Felt Monsters and owls.
I thought they were too cute to not display all together!
Sienna LOVES these. I like watching her make them talk to each other
 and give kisses and say “you beautiful.” ;)
I also wanted to store a few books in the playroom.
(They have a few wall shelves in their room for their other books)
I had used these plastic dollar store animals to make
(I used hot glue on those so I could easily pop them off and use them again for this project!)
I’ll do a blog post soon sharing how these Animal Book Ends came together!
But super easy DIY project… and I love how it looks on the shelf!
 STORAGE for PLAY FOOD- I used an old 3 tier bin to hold all
their play food in when they weren’t playing with them.
It helps them with clean up to have a special place for the food!
I’ve made Felt Food for them a couple birthdays ago.. I loveee felt.
It makes me so happy too when they bring a big plate stacked high with felt donuts and cookies.
They know how to feed a pregnant mama ;)
CAFE AWNING – I wanted to do something to define their play kitchen space.
I had a HUGE cardboard IKEA box leftover. I painted it white with leftover ceiling paint.. taped off stripes… and spray painted it yellow! I used some shelf brackets from home depot laying around.. and we used them to hang up the cardboard. It’s not a heavy piece.. We were able to angle it down and then attach it to the brackets on the end with a screw and a bolt and nut. My hubby helped me with all the shelf and awning hanging on this project. :)
SPRAY PAINTED TABLE- We had an IKEA table that had been loved..very loved.
So it needed some attention. a couple coats of yellow spray paint
and It was like brand new! I went through a phase where I wanted to paint everything yellow. ;)

STORAGE for DOLLS & STUFFED ANIMALS-  I used 2 wood crates, that I got for a great price at JoAnns with coupons, to put up and away their favorite baby dolls and stuffed animals.
They girls LOVE the baby crib that was mine when I was little! It is nice because all the doll clothes are stored underneath. Sienna is known to go in and take
out ALL of these clothes.. but it’s easy enough to throw them all back in. :)
Sophie loves to dress up the babies AND the animals.
The Cardboard Ticket Booth in the corner was from the girls’ Vintage Circus Birthday Party.
It was such a fun DIY project! And it’s now used as a puppet theatre and store. ;)
FELT BOARD – I needed a place to display the Felt Board because I thought it turned out so cute! It is just hanging on two nails..and when they want to play with
it I pull it down for them and lean it against the bookcase or a wall.
On the IKEA Bookcase we put out some of their toys they play with often.
My girls LOVE making music.. so we have some instruments. and they LOVE their camera (I would buy that toy from target for every 2 yr old I know! haha.) Sienna got the elephant last christmas and her and sophie love playing with it together. and fighting over the purple ball.
I’m not really a fan of puzzles.. so many peices!! BUT… the girls love them. So I’m hoping by displaying them all put together..right where they can see them.. they will get the idea of putting them back there when they are done. still working out the kinks.
ben has found me putting together the puzzles/putting them away many times..
and gives me a hard time for playing with the girls’ toys.. har har. ;)
I wanted to put some photos in the playroom of the girls! They love seeing themselves. ;)
And I also have, in the space, the DIY Cardboard Mailbox I made them.
Sophie loves playing mail right now. she sends herself mail..
waits a couple minutes and goes back to check it. hehe.
Hope you enjoyed checking out Sophie and Sienna’s Playroom!
This is how the space looked the first time I arranged it.
(half of it being my office area..which is now on the other side of the room…I’ll post more on that later.)
It was fun putting it together for them..and makes me so happy knowing
we have a place for everything…it makes the quick clean ups so much easier!
I also love seeing all of our past DIY projects together in the space..
I love being a mom! :)