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Crock-It Lock-It Review+Giveaway VLOG

I’ve shared many times how much I love my crock pot.
Well.. now I love it even more!
Just got the Crock-It Lock-It and it just got upgraded to awesome.
Check out my video below for all the details.
Crock-It Lock-It  is a tool that helps strap down your crock pot lid so you don’t
have to worry when you transport it! Perfect for parties and pot lucks…
PLUS, the best part is it fits multiple sized crock pots…
3 quart slow cookers to 8 quart slow cookers.
I love how snug it felt.. and how it has a spot to put the ladle (which comes with it)
and a strap for the cord! It’s $25 and if you want to make it easier to
transport your crock pot, you need this!
You can check out their demo video of how you attach it works HERE!

I actually have a meatball recipe, that needs to be shared with the world, and
the next pot luck…I’m bringing them in my crock pot with this bad boy attached
and not stressing about meatball spillage!
Want to check out my favorite Crock Pot Recipe?
Chicken and Dumplings.
More Crock Pot recipes I’ve shared HERE!
Here’s the post on our Halloween Party mentioned in the video.
Next time you need to bring food somewhere..take it in your crock pot
with your Crock-It Lock-It! I suggest mac n cheese… yummy.

Do you want to try one??
Enter below to win a free one!
You can also grab one up now and use
COUPON CODE: BUSYMAMA to get $5 off.

ROUND 3- Freezer Crock Pot Meals {Recipe+Grocery List Download}

I have shared before my experience with entering the whole
freezer crock pot meal making world…
Here’s what I did the third time around!
Join me in trying out these recipes to
make meal time a little easier for us busy mamas!

I’m off to the Influence Conference next week,
and that was motivation to make up another batch of freezer meals.
I want to make it as easy as possible for my husband with the 3 kiddos.
And…it’ll give me some peace of mind knowing he has these to pull out!
Ben is great at cooking dinner when it comes to the crock pot.
He is better than me at remembering to get it going earlier in the day!

Here’s the recipes we are trying this time around…
keep reading to click to the original recipe links
and to download my grocery and recipe list!

I posted my first try at freezer meals HERE. and my second try HERE.
Our favorites out of those batches HAS to be the Chicken & Dumplings.
(without potatoes..because they kept turning brown. I don’t have time to blanch them!! ;)
I suggest making that one too if you are going to make up a  batch!
add it to the list gurl. asap.

This time around we are Making:
(Tonight I’ll link the original recipes here.
But I have to go get a haircut right now. haha.)
Teriyaki Chicken (1).
Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken(2)
Beef and Broccoli (1)
Pulled Barbecue Chicken (1)
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (1)
not pictured– Chicken & Dumplings (1)
The husband likes broccoli..and the kids love chicken.
so that helped in the decision making of this round.
I’m not making the chicken & dumplings because I made
it a couple days ago already..but wanted to include
it in this round up since it’s a favorite!

You can download the GROCERY LIST to make it extra easy to shop.
You probably will have a lot of the items on there already
stocked up in your pantry like I did..but I wanted to make sure
to put each thing down so you can double check
what you have and what you need! :)
And you can download the RECIPE LIST to use when bagging up everything!
I love you. what can I say.

I kinda love the part where you write on the freezer bags the recipe title..any instructions of what to add to the crock pot directly (like water..) and how long to cook it for.
If your husband is making dinner with the crock pot..
he won’t even need to ask you a question about the recipe’s all right there! the only think he’ll be saying is WOW WIFE.. YOU ARE AWESOME AND SO ORGANIZED AND PUT TOGETHER I’M SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU.

Here’s the recipes I made up again.
I sometimes double them..but since these are all new recipes
I wanted to try them first before I make up a freezer full! ;)
Let me know what you think about the recipes and I’ll do the same!

Freezer Crock Pot Meal Prep Day- TAKE TWO

My first try at Freezer Crock Pot Meals was such a hit,
with hundreds of pin and repins..
I thought I would share again my second try at it!
Seems like a lot of us are wanting to make
grocery shopping/cooking/meal planning easier!
By shopping at both Aldi’s and Giant Eagle this week
I was able to get the price per meal to under $4!
My most recent batch of
Freezer Crock Pot Meals is HERE!

Here’s the list of recipes I made up this past week:
Click to be taken to original recipe I used (my documents with the recipes are changed a little)
Pulled Pork (based off this recipe…
my version is in the file to download below)

You can download the RECIPES HERE featuring what to write on each Freezer Bag!
(use sharpie and write on bag BEFORE you fill them up.
knowing what to put on them ahead of time makes it so much quicker!)
Not sure yet how these all cook up..some are new ones.. let me know what you think!
And thanks for trying it out with me :)
(PS. My favorite is the chicken and dumplings…
I cook it for 2 hours on high and then 30 or so minutes with the biscuits dropped in!)

You can also check out my First Try at this money and time saving project HERE for
more info and other recipes! (downloadable grocery and recipe list)

** LOVE the Chicken and Dumplings..always have. that’s why I’m doubling it this time.
**not a fan of the chicken and rice.
**red potatoes turned brown only in ONE of the recipes.. wierd. So this time I put the potatoes in a seperate freezer bag to do a little trial..and see if they turn brown or not. if they do..I’ll just throw in some fresh when it’s time.
**Pulled Pork last time was yummy to use for tacos.. but we really like it with barbecue the most. So I went ahead and poured in the Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce right away this time. :) LOVEEE eating the barbecue pulled pork on tacos with cheese. it’s delicious. trust me.