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Farmers Market Stand Tutorial

I love dramatic play for kids! I love giving them toys or activities where they can be creative in pretend play!
You might have seen my blog post a while back where I shared this lemonade stand I made them.
We brought it inside to use for their market/grocery store in their room. Micah Man broke it the other day. He was apparently too strong for his own good. He Hulk Smashed it pretty good. It was a sit down and come to Jesus moment for the little guy. But I realized I needed to make it a little more sturdy when I fixed it.
I’m throwing a Garden themed party this week as one of the featured parties in my Video Party Course!
(eek so excited!! filming and editing all week long! launching in June!)
SOO… I decided to get some wood at the store and create a sturdier version using
the existing cubbies from the previous project. I love how it turned out!!
You could work up the same idea with your own cubbies and measurements.
More details below.

This was the previous set up… it was awesome but not as sturdy as I
needed and the pvc pipes were too easily taken out and used as swords. lol.
This is real life guys.IMG_0088


A few products made this project come together really easily and finished it off nicely!
I was originally going to just paint the chalkboard part on…but then Fancy-Fix sent these
amazing Adhesive Chalkboard Rolls and they made it look so much more polished!
They also sent me some chalkboard markers that ACTUALLY wipe off with WATER.
I tested ladies. Because I know so many of you are looking for ones that don’t take all of
your elbow strength and some weird pinterest concoction to wipe it off.

They write like a dream! I’m excited to be able to change it up for whatever the kids are playing.
Farmer Market, Bakery, Workshop, Lemonade stand… Super hero store.
We have lots of ideas for how to use this stand. ;)

I’m writing this post giving you the general inspiration!
You can take it away from here!

I used the original cubbies that I already had as the base.
I got ours at Home Depot.
They have similar designs at ALL the stores.
IKEA, Target, Walmart, Kmart etc etc.
Measure the tops and sides of your cubbies.
I got one big panel of plywood. (Over by the smaller panels of wood.)
I was able to use that sheet to make all my cuts at home, but if you don’t have a saw
you can give them your measurements at Home Depot and they can help you out!
I would have made my measurements and cuts a little differently
(let the top be longer and hang over the side pieces)
BUT.. we had four kids hovering around us and it was a-get it done now we have to do
other things like make them dinner-kind of moment.
I was able to use the whole panel for my cuts of wood.
I then used two 6 foot pieces of wood to hold up the sign.
I trimmed four or so inches off of those to get the height I wanted.
Ben screwed the big pieces in and then we found our nail gun battery, and finished off the rest with that.
I gave everything a quick sanding with a sanding block. Didn’t go crazy.
Then I gave a quick coat to the new wood with my Rust-oleum Chalk Paint in Linen.
I had some leftover from a previous project. Doesn’t take much!

Next I took my chalkboard adhesive and just cut out the size I needed and stuck it to the board!
It was pretty forgiving as I was lining it up and laying it onto the piece of wood.
I feel like it looks better than if I would have painted it…just a more polished look.
Then we hung it up behind the two tall pieces and nail gunned it on.
IMG_1000 IMG_1003

Done! Let the playing begin!
I ordered some toy vegetables on Amazon and they arrived earlier today.
Perfect timing!

Makes my heart happy seeing how much the kids love playing with it.
They take turns being the customers and worker.
I know it will be put to use often for different things.
Summer is around the corner, so I’m thinking a lemonade stand is in our near future.

Have a great weekend!
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My Kitchen Shelves- Pretty Storage!


When I’m off avoiding doing adult things like laundry and grocery shopping,
you can usually find me rearranging the house!
Most recently I was having fun with the kitchen shelving!
(DIY project from an old IKEA shelving unit we had!)
I made this DIY Vintage Bakery Sign (Check out the tutorial here)
and it started me off on wanting to change things up a bit in this area.
I shopped my house and ended up putting all my globes in the dining room shelving.
That room has a pretty blue on the walls, so I thought the colored globes would look pretty in there
while I stick more neutral here on the kitchen shelves!
Since I hung up my bakery sign, I decided to move some of my cake
stands from the dining room shelves onto this one!
I love pulling out all my white dishes that I’ve collected since our wedding registry days!
You can enjoy them when you are able to see them every day.
IMG_0505 IMG_0529 IMG_0520

I hung up some frames we already had, mixed in with a chalkboard and another sign I made.
I really want to do a little kid photoshoot one of these days
and update these frames with a grouping of cute ones from the park…
lots of blurry green background and cute kid faces. :)
IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0479 IMG_0474 IMG_0516
IMG_0537 IMG_0504 IMG_0462 IMG_0433 IMG_0545


I’m loving how it came together. Will most likely change it again soon. lol.
It’s how I relax! Are you the same way??

20 Creative First Birthday Party Themes

There is something so special and fun about planning your little one’s first birthday party!
If you’re like me, and enjoy getting creative and creating a special day
of memory making, you’re gonna love this round up of amazing party themes!
So many fun first birthday parties to be inspired from!
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8 Tips for Styling a Dessert Table. Without losing all of your money and mind.
First Birthday Party Themes-athomewithnatalie1 

I don’t know why but lumberjacks and babies just go together. lol.
Lumberjack Bash

My Sophia LOVES flamingos…I think I need to do this theme for a party one year.
But how cute is it for a first? Sweet and simple with these fun flamingo touches!
Flamingo Themed Birthday by Cute and Co.

This Alice in Wonderland theme is so gorgeous. I love all of the details!
The big flowers, mix matched chairs and tea cups just scream Alive in Wonderland all together!

This Confetti Themed First Birthday is filled with fun!
Love all of the pops of color with the white.

The Airplane theme is such a fun one for little boys.
I always see the cutest aviator themed home decor items that you could
use for the party and then to decorate a room!
“Time Flies” Airplane Party

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is such a fun party theme.
I love how they use special details from the book to make the party so fun!
The chalkboard, leaves and jars of fruit are PERFECT!
Even the little tree trunk stands just bring the whole theme together.

I would be happy if every party was floral themed. I just love them.
This is a great Botanical twist to a Floral theme.
Party by Alexis at The Shift Creative.

Tiny Hot Air Balloons are pretty much always adorable.
Can’t go wrong with this theme for a boy or girl.
Sweet & Whimsical Hot Air Balloon First Birthday

The Farm theme is classic and always a fun one!
Babies and tractors. just adorable. lol.
Birthday Barnyard Bash

I love the elegance of this floral party! 
So gorgeous!
Ava’s Floral First Birthday

Go big with a bigtop circus theme!
Love how they used the Dr. Seuss Circus book as
their guest book/keepsake for their little one.
I love how the classic red and white stripe and the big gold
balloons make it a party right away!
Circus Themed First Birthday

The Woodlands theme is a popular one and I love
this bright and whimsical spin on it!
Woodlands Party Theme by Pastels and Macarons

Tissue Paper flowers are always a great idea! ;)
This Garden Party Theme is so lovely!

Babies and Animals are so fun! Throw party hats on the animals and it’s even more fun!
What a sweet Animal Parade First Birthday Theme!boys-animal-parade-first-birthday-party-ideas 

An Ice cream theme is cute AND delicious.
Ice Cream First Birthday Party

I love parties that are based off of books!
This Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places You’ll Go” Themed party is adorable.

I love this Ladybug Garden Party Theme!

This girly Safari Party theme is so much fun!
I love using the plastic toy animals as party decor
and then for your kids to keep and play with!

Have fun with a fruity Watermelon Themed First Birthday Party!
Be inspired by this little photo op set up. So cute!

This Vintage and Girly Parisian Party Theme is so beautiful!
I love the chandelier over the dessert table and all of the different treats!1-vintage-parisian-dessert-table


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