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Our Felt Board

I’ve been working on organizing and setting up the new play room this week.
When we first moved down south, the felt board was put away in the closet while we got settled.
Yesterday I pulled it out and the kids LOVED it.
Bonus of shuffling toys through…they forget about stuff and then fall in love all over again!
I would catch each of them over by it playing silently…it was hours of play time. amazing.
I know what my next DIY project is going to be… definitely adding more pieces to our Felt Board!
I thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane and share past pieces I’ve made for it.
Hope it gives you some inspiration if you are making one!

Cupcake Felt Board.

Sophia loved decorating all the cupcakes!

Felt Board Town.
This was my original felt board post..sharing all the sets I made!

Can’t believe how little Sophia and Sienna are in these photos!! *tear*
It brought back memories looking over and seeing them playing
it together again, but as big girls!

Ice cream Felt Board Set.
This set is dangerous. I want to eat all the ice cream in my freezer when I see this.

Sienna loves her butt in the photo below lol.
“look at my cute little butt.” – sienna.

I’ll be posting the full playroom reveal soon.
Doing final touches to the space. I love it!
I think the girls do too…they were hugging me,
grinning ear to ear, when I was setting it up.
They love pretend play so this room is perfect for them.

DIY Frozen Party Invitation TUTORIAL-Free Printable!

I love party planning! The other night, when the kids went to bed, I worked
up a little invite in photoshop for Sienna’s 5th Birthday Party. (Frozen Theme)
Sienna was next to her girls Elsa and Anna in the photo.
I left it up on my computer for Sienna to see when she woke up…. She was giddy!
I thinkkkkk they are coming to her party…but shhh. it’s a surprise. I’m giddy. ;)

I’m a late night crafter. Kids go to bed and I finally have some quiet time.
I usually blog during nap time. (like right now!) And occasionally work on projects during the day…
but If I really want to get anything done around here I have strategize. ;)
Ok! Let’s start the tutorial!

First you’ll need your supplies!
+Mini snowballs and snowflakes. Each $1.99 a bag (HOBBY LOBBY)
+Two different shades of blue ribbon(HOBBY LOBBY)
+Glittery blue card stock (1 sheet per 2 invites)
“1545  swimming pool – sugar coated card stock” (on sale-HOBBY LOBBY)
+Glue stick
+Craft puncher
+Envelopes (I found mine at Target)
(if you have one..makes it easier!
They always on sale at craft stores + use coupon!)
+I designed in photoshop and printed the main invite and circle labels on card stock paper.
I thought you might find the circle labels fun to have so I
have them available to download for free below!
FREE DOWNLOAD – Elsa + Anna Circle Printable PDF

Take your glittery blue card stock and trim off an inch at bottom…
mainly trying to remove the price printed on back.
Then fold in half….and cut down the middle. Each card stock should give you two invites.
You want to use a glue stick to place the invite photo in the middle( more or less) of the card stock so
you can fold in the sides. I eyeballed it. it’s a birthday invite not a wedding invitation… let it go.
ps. baby #4 is crashing the party.

STEP TWO: A trick to folding in the sides…bend it a bit..then run your fingernail a long the inside.
Folds much easier… You also want the “doors” to overlap a bit. It makes it cleaner looking rather than
having them just meet in the middle. This also helps the invite fit in the envelope easier!

Next up is to attach with ribbon the cute Elsa and Anna circles.
Sienna LOVED this part. She would be happy if their faces were on EVERYTHING.
Like I said above, I have a craft I just cut them that way.
You could always use scissors…but a craft punch is a super useful craft tool to have! stock up!
I have a few sizes and shapes and use them a lot.
I used the tip of the scissors to poke a hole at the top…
then strung two ribbons at the same time through the hole.
Close the invite and place the circle in the middle…
Flip over and tie the ribbon in the back. You can get fancy and do a bow.. I just went with a knot!

And you’re done! Expect glitter everywhere.
You’ll go to wash your face before bed and it’ll be all over you. Elsa would be proud.
Hope this is helpful for anyone planning a Frozen themed party!
I’m loving getting the details together for Sienna’s 5th birthday.
I’ll post more of the DIY details as they come together!
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Our Party Page! 25+ Fun Themes!

Have you checked out our PARTY PAGE on the blog?
I list all the parties we’ve thrown, big and small!
I love being creative and celebrating the special people in my life.
Every single one has DIY details for you to try too!

party page-athomewithnatalie

 Check out the Party Page!
Always adding the most recent ones. It’s sort of our online family album now. ;)

I’m excited for the girls’ birthdays this summer.
This will be the first year they will have their own parties.
I would like to say that we will go small for each, but knowing me, I’ll be so excited about the
theme and fun projects and will want to hang out with all our friends, that it’ll end up being a big thing.
BUT the good thing is I really love doing DIY details for parties.
And have learned some tricks to making it doable. (example: don’t have the party at a meal time.
don’t worry about expensive party favors. don’t order everything from party stores,
but get creative with things you have, inexpensive store finds and free things like cardboard! etc.)

Sienna has requested Elsa for her fifth birthday party…
and Sophia has a new party idea every other day.
Her current pick is an american girl doll party. haha.
Last week it was a garden party. She loves the whole creative process as much as me.
Now that they are older it’s fun doing the projects together.
I love the fun creative outlet and it’s a bonding thing to do together!

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