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Candy Cane Reindeer Craft

When I was a kid, we used to make these cute Candy Cane Reindeer!
I loved doing this craft with my own kids this Christmas.
I had been talking about making these and trying to explain it, but when I finally
put the first one together they were like EEK!! in love.
These are great because they are simple and pretty much fail proof.

These are just such a fun classic Christmas Craft. You could jazz them up and tie a bow or put a tag on them.
We are going to be using these for classmate and friend gifts.
It doesn’t take much to make a kid happy. give them a box of bandaids and you’re their hero.
So these festive candy canes will do the trick for us!
I think any craft with googly eyes is a keeper for kids.

Googly Eyes (whatever size you want but I did the one up from the smallest.) (Hobby Lobby)
Brown Pipe Cleaners (Hobby Lobby)
Small Red Pom Poms (whatever size you want but I did a medium size.) (Hobby Lobby)
Candy Canes (Target)
Hot Glue Gun

There are different ways to do the antlers with the pipe cleaners…but I love the curled style!
It’s super easy to do and the girls were great at it. That was their job.
Micah passed the noses.

The girls were so excited that they ended up taking one to
their teachers the next day, even though the rest weren’t ready just yet haha.
Micah and breakable candy canes don’t really mix…but I let him have one to accidently destroy.
He also loved playing with the noses and pipe cleaners!

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!
If you are looking for a fun small gift for your kids to give…this is a great one!
I think these will also end up in our care packages going out to friends and family far away!

Gingerbread House Inspiration

I LOVE Christmas and all the fun traditions it brings.
I especially love Gingerbread House decorating!
The kids and I just did a mini village that we found at Target for $9. It had 4 mini houses.
This weekend I’m having a few girlfriends over for a girls’ night and we are going to
chat, eat and decorate our own Gingerbread Houses! I can’t wait. :)
I hopped on pinterest for some inspiration and thought I would share some of my favorite finds!
Lots of fun links to check out below. xoxo.
gingerbread house inspiration - athomewithnatalie

The Gingerbread House – Tutorials

Jeanne Benedict – Candy Lists

The facade of a gingerbread house decorated with frosting and colorful candy.  Shallow DOF on the top of the door.

Hungry Happenings – Candy Christmas lights

Houseography – Gingerbread House Decorating Party for Kids

Design Improvised – Gingerbread House Decorating Party for Preschoolers

The Decorated Cookie – Mustache Marshmallow Men

Eat This Up – Gingerbead House Party
Graham-Cracker-Gingerbread-houses--680x1024 – Candy Cane Sleds

Sweetopia – Gingerbread House Ideas

Hope you had fun checking out all the Gingerbread House Inspiration!
Do you make these at Christmas time?? If you make one tag me on Instagram!
I shared the ones our kids made and will share the ones from girls night too.
Have a great day!

My Kids’ Birthday Parties of 2015

I love a good party! I love celebrating my kids and making
extra special memories with them on their big day!
I thought I would do a post rounding up their birthday parties this year.
They were super fun to get creative with and plan. This is how I rest.
Some people like to sew or read or watch tv… I love all of those, but I feel like I get energy by being creative.
I love planning parties that spark creativity and imagination and bring joy!
This is how I played as a kid.. big. haha.
Ask my mom! She always says that about my 3 siblings and me.
I love being able to have this fun now with my own kids.
I hope that you get some ideas and smiles from these parties!

Sophia’s Princess and Knight 7th Birthday Party

Sienna’s Frozen Themed 5th Birthday Party

Micah’s Puppy Party 3rd Birthday PartyPUPPYPARTY-athomewithnatalie1

Thanks for stopping by!