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Christmas Gift Guide 2015 VIDEO

I LOVE gift giving and am excited to share with you some
of my favorite items for Christmas presents this year!
Like I share in the video, all of these items are ones that I love and
have myself, or I have recently gotten to give to my family and friends this year.
Hope you enjoy the video!
Mom and dad..don’t watch this video!
I already warned you with a text…no present peeking! ;)

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Noah’s Ark
Honeybake Mixer Set
Wooden Toy Garage
Christmas Cookie Set
Magnetic Daily Calendar



(limited quantity – selling at my own pace.)

HUGE Black friday sale…check their instagram and website for info!

Gift Ideas! My Picks from The Lakeside Collection

I’ve been loving soaking up time with my kids instead of stressing about my to do list lately. I’m a list maker..but I’m not good at designating days for each thing to be done by. I kinda just write down the page or two of things I NEED to do..and WANT to do.. and then even though that takes away a little stress cause it’s out of my head, It also is overwhelming seeing it all on one big list! So I’ve taken my master list, and been putting “tasks” for each day of the week. If I get them done, I don’t think oh I need to do this and this…I KNOW…that I have it marked for the next day and to just relax and not stress. If I DON’T get it done… It doesn’t feel as overwhelming and I just mark it for tomorrow haha. Because some days you just have to have some wiggle room and be flexible. I’m learning to use my time better and smarter when it comes to Christmas prep.. especially  the Christmas shopping part!
I have had set times to put towards getting the last things on the list!

I’ve been doing most of our Christmas shopping online this year.
Time.. and snow.. but mainly, my children, have made this approach to gift
giving a must this year! I can do it from the comfort of my home while they nap or sleep at night. I scoped out some favorites from The Lakeside Collection!
Details on my picks below!

Infinity Scarves are so cute and an easy no brainer gift to give.
especially if stripes are involved. I know a handful of friends who
would appreciate a scarf/stripes combo. ;)

MATCHING Pajamas for a little girl and her dolly!
Pretty sure my girls would shriek with joy if they saw this.
And I might not be able to get them dresses for the day.

We aren’t into the lego craze yet in our house..but I have friends who have kids who are!
This book looks fun and filled with creative ideas and inspiration!

Gel pens. ok.. blast from the past when I saw this. I remember getting a present
like this one year. LOVED it. had to make the list. ;) Sophia is really into
drawing and spelling right now. Do you have any little artists in your life??

I showed sophia 3 items..this was the one that got the
“AHH THAT IS SO COOL” reaction.
Enough said. girl cave.

Pretzels.. chocolate.. one of my favorite combos! Had to make the list!

Dinos! Great price for the group of them! I like the variety of dinosaurs.

Ball pitt! babies love balls..and micah really loves putting them into containers.
It would be a great way to store them so they don’t get lost!

I like having options.. especially when it comes to candy! haha.
Jelly Belly collection of different flavors would be fun as a gift!
There are some crazy flavors!

I had never heard of these things until I went to visit my sister and her kids and her
boys were zooming all over the house on them. Sophia’s world was rocked. haha.
they are so fun and a good price!
Happy gifting!!
Off to soak up my sweeties.
We are going to make paper snowflakes tonight.
Sophia will love it.
Sienna will love it for the first 3 minutes.
and Micah will try to eat them.

Our Favorite Things:10 Bloggers-10 Gift Guides-10 Giveaways!!

Welcome to Our Favorite Things: Blogger Gift Guide!Ten Bloggers, tons of gift
ideas & 10 incredible giveaways (each blogger is giving away their entire
basket of favorite things!!). Be sure and go check out each gift guide &
giveaway and get to know all of these fun bloggers!
I was so excited when Kara-Kae reached out to me last month
about doing this fun collaboration!
I had no trouble at all rounding up a few of my favorite things.
the hard part was GIVING THEM AWAY. lol. I always seem to need another
notebook to fill up or an owl to decorate with… and take 5 candy bars do not
hang around my house in their packaging for very long. BUT…
I used my self control for you my lovelies and hope that you
enjoy these goodies just as much as me. Enter below..I can’t wait to
see who wins and to ship this package of goodies your way!
(US AND CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. sorry world. I love you still!)
I can’t wait to go check out everyone else’s favorite things!
Here’s a round up of mine that are all budget friendly (of course)
and super cute when you group them together.

I figured it only made sense to do my favorite things shopping
MAINLY at Target. Since I pretty much live their and IKEA. :)
Once I put all of these items out on the table it just made me feel happy!
Which is a good thing when you are gifting!

I have a thing for owls. I love them.
The only owl thing I will not do…is owl salt and pepper shakers.
Just can’t do it. BUT.. an owl coin holder??? yes please!
(If you watched our basement makeover with IKEA video, you’ll see
my owl pencil holder. serious cuteness.)
I also am a list maker. I love notebooks. Especially this line at Target.
My all time favorite candle is Sugar Blossom. It is AMAZING.
It’s the only scent I want to buy right now.
I also knew that I had to include jewelry from one of my
favorite shops, Caroline G!
I have a giveaway going on RIGHT NOW with her.
So after you enter to win this one…go try and win that one.
Isn’t the rose necklace GORGEOUS!? It could be yoursssss…..

And because a favorites combo wouldn’t be complete without my FAVORITE Mascara.
Maybelline Full n’ Soft. I wear this every day. Usually the waterproof,
but I know some people don’t like to wear that daily so I got the regular, which I love too.)
It’s an eye lash miracle worker ladies! If you are putting together a makeup bag
of goodies for a friend.. INCLUDE IT! they will love you forever.
Don’t let the awesome price fool’s mascara gold.
Also, anything that smells like vanilla sugar is my favorite…
so the lotion was a must, especially in the winter!
I love paper straws.. We use them on more than just special occasions in our house.
You are very welcome for not eating this candy
IMMEDIATELY after buying it.
the check out lady even taunted me by putting it on the
checkout desk instead of in the bag. (cruel.)
I’m really into trying to send out more snail mail lately…
so I thought these cute thank you cards were the perfect addition.
We all have people to thank in our lives for big and little things…
November is the perfect time to show your thankfulness with a hand written note!…
while you eat your take 5. just don’t get chocolate smudges
on the card and no one will know.

Thanks for checking out my favorite things!
This year, for your gift giving, think about putting together a fun gift basket!
It was really fun pulling things that I thought would make all of you smile!
Good luck and be sure to hop around to check out all
the favorite things and enter all the fun giveaways!