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My Kitchen Bookshelves – Mixing Organization + Decor

I love our current house, but one downside is that the kitchen isn’t
very big and doesn’t offer much storage space.
I’ve learned ways of using the space to it’s fullest potential with shelves that double
with displaying my favorite decor and help me stay organized!
The key for me to stay organized, is for everything to have it’s place!
I love knowing exactly where to go to find something or to put it away.
Today I’m highlighting this corner of our kitchen and how I styled the shelves for function and pretty!
Most of these items I’ve gotten over the years and when we moved in,
I rearranged a few times to make them all work together.
I do love how bright the kitchen is… It makes the day cheery!
Kitchen Book Shelves01-athomewithnatalie

I couldn’t find a bookshelf to fit the space like I wanted! I searched high and low online.
Some are so expensive and I knew building my own from scratch just wasn’t going to happen!
So instead, I got three bookshelves from IKEA and connected them. (I also attached them to the wall to make sure it’s nice and safe for the littles.)
Before putting on the back piece I painted them a blue shade using our leftover playroom paint
(sherwin williams: aloe) and some white trim paint!
We needed more light in our kitchen eating area! I had some leftover outdoor lights from target…
so I put up two nails and strung them up.
I love the sparkle it gives the kitchen, especially at night when I’m crafting at the kitchen table!
Kitchen Book Shelves1-athomewithnatalie

The bottom three shelves are all “kid proof” items. Things that aren’t breakable.
We don’t have enough storage in our kitchen cabinets for all of our kid plates and cups.
So I found at target two bins to load up and have at their level so they
can help set the table with their own dishes. I have a bunch of different size IKEA storage boxes at the lower
levels. I was always having to go upstairs to the linen closet for kitchen towels, so instead
I filled up a basket (target) with my pretty ones. We do a lot of coloring time right now at our kitchen table.
I put a plastic tablecloth on and use that three container caddy filled with crayons!(bargain bin at target)
Kitchen Book Shelves2-athomewithnatalie

I am not always the best meal planner… as far as assigning a meal to a certain day.
Especially with me being pregnant, some days things don’t sound good
or I don’t have enough energy to pull it off.
But I like knowing and being reminded easily, what we have to make!
My little chalkboard is my reminder board… and can also be a cute spot for a quote,
bible verse or “we are out of this list!” (the silverware caddies are from target over the years.)
Kitchen Book Shelves6-athomewithnatalie

I display my favorite cook books on the shelf. I love the colors of these ones all together!
I found three tin buckets at the bargain bins of Target…loaded them up with our cookie cutters for now.
I think they’ll end up in Micah’s room as I pull that space together!
Kitchen Book Shelves4-athomewithnatalie

I found a great basket at Target months back and knew I had to have it.
It has three compartments and is perfect for holding my ziploc bags!
(gallon size, quart size and snack size.)
I’m always using them for snacks on the go or fridge storage…
love having them out of the pantry and ready to grab!
Kitchen Book Shelves5-athomewithnatalie

I had a lot of dishes I’ve collected over the years that
I wanted to have out and be able to enjoy!
I kind of have a thing for owls. I’ve reeled in the obsession.
I’ll never get over white and glass dishes though. ;)
Kitchen Book Shelves3-athomewithnatalie

I teamed up with The Maids to bring you this organization + decor inspiration.
I love their cleaning checklist for last minute company arriving! It’s brilliant.
Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this site possible!
As always, all ideas & opinions are my own.

Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

 I’ve been on the hunt for a dresser for the girls’ room. They needed a little bit more storage that worked in the space. I came across this piece at a local Good Will. I originally got it thinking I would use it for the Celebrate Motherhood Retreat we are planning (June 13th – Rock Hill, SC) I thought it would be really cute in the pop up shop area.

But then after the makeover, I knew it would be perfect to end up in the girls’ room!
A little pink paint and spray paint and good as new!
I especially love the pulls on this dresser. If the piece has good bones..grab it up!

I found it for $15.99. I already had a gallon of light pink paint for the girls’ room wall color.
and went to Home Depot for a quart of the darker pink.
I have a few projects I needed that color for so it worked out perfect!
The pulls were a brass color and in great condition. I just spray painted them gold and screwed them back on after the paint job!
Pale Pink – Behr “Cupcake Pink” (I had them color match it in Glidden Semi-Gloss)
Darker Pink – Behr “Old Flame” (again, color matched in Glidden Semi-Gloss)

Love how it turned out. My crew has been keeping me busy but these little creative projects help keep me sane! I’ll share more of their new room as we pull it together!

Family Room Progress- Making Our House a Home

We moved into our house Easter Weekend and I’ve been slowly working on making it feel like home! I had little to no budget for a room makeover. So the only things I purchased for this room was the wall paint, the two lamps and the two plants. Everything else came from me shopping our house and boxes of things we had. I’m so happy with how fresh and bright it is and I actually enjoy sitting and folding laundry in this room now. ;) It’s a work in progress…
but I thought I would share how it’s coming together so far!
family room-thebusybudgetingmama

In a perfect world, I could have built ins made for either side of the fireplace, but…that’s not gonna happen right now. So I’m working with what I have! I had ben carry down these two hand me down IKEA dressers we were given by ben’s sister…and had been using in micah’s room. The right dresser still has his clothes in them..but it’s actually SO CONVENIENT having his wardrobe right there. He’s the messy one. haha. I found some leftover blue paint in our closet that I had just unpacked and gave them a fresh coat. (I used 6484 Meander Blue, Sherwin Williams) They are originally a dark brown black color. I originally had planned on putting legs on them..and handles.. but that all costs money and for now.. they are functional and pretty enough! I really needed them because the room needed more light…so I wanted a flat surface for the lamps. I looked at every store for budget friendly lamps. they were all SO expensive..I feel like lamps jumped in price! But I found these two cute blue ones for $12/base and $7/lamp shade.. so I grabbed two of them and called it a day! I love the symmetry…it’s so relaxing! I had a lot of IKEA frames from past houses and grouped together some for either side. One day we’ll mount the tv and hide the cords. ;)
family room2-thebusybudgetingmama

We have our thermostat on the stairway wall of the room and right away
I knew I wanted to camouflage it a bit with some frames.
It’s a work in progress..probably going to add more of the plastic ikea ones below!
All of these frames/prints were used in past houses…
I will probably switch out some but I like the variety and looking back at old photos. :) Especially love the framed love note from ben back in our engaged days.
family room3-thebusybudgetingmama

Our sofas are from IKEA.. Kivik Series. They have been so great. really durable and comfy.
The coffee table is also from IKEA. it’s on wheels and we use it mostly when kids are sleeping or we have company..otherwise the kid’s white IKEA table is in the middle of the room.
It’s just the most functional thing for us right now. We moved our big coffee table into the back shed.
Our rug is from Rugs USA and was originally in the girls’ old room.
Paint on the wall really helped brighten the space up. I did a color match at home depot and of course can’t find the original card..but if you give them these numbers they can match it!
I’ll update the post when I find the card or go back and grab it at the store!
BASE – gln6411
CLRNT:0Z – 384th
CL: 2- 156
DL: 0-216
JL: 0 – 60
family room4-thebusybudgetingmama

The plants were from Lowe’s and I spray painted the one pot with some leftover gold spray paint I had. I also got a little succulent for the white ikea pot on the left dresser.
The candle sticks were wedding gifts from Pottery Barn.
One day I’ll get candles for them haha. Another super functional item in this room is our basket at the fireplace. It’s for diapers and wipes. I think I got it at Home Goods??
family room5-thebusybudgetingmama

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the progress we’ve made in the family room.
I hope it encourages you to use what you have to make your house a home!
I’m not able to buy all new but shopping what we have..doing a few DIY’S and
just plugging in a couple functional new items makes a world of difference for a space!
I’ll hopefully be sharing the playroom soon! It’s coming a long. :)