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Farmhouse Inspired Family Room Makeover: The Paint + Curtains

We’ve been working on a little family room makeover! Farmhouse Inspired!
I thought people could relate to this project
because we aren’t able to totally makeover the whole room all at once, but are slowly
adding and changing things in the space to get the look we want! It’s amazing what paint and curtains can do!
Excited to share more progress on this room but for now we took a big first step with painting
the walls a neutral color and adding the cozy with the curtains!
Details below!

Paint can make a huge difference when you are wanting to get that Farmhouse Inspired look.
I actually had this color upstairs waiting to be used in the boys’ shared room.
Then one day I decided that I would use it in the family room since it’s what we had and was a good shade.
PAINT COLOR: Doeskin Gray (Danskin Gray on the can but I think it’s a typo.)
Purchased at Home Depot. I got it in Glidden.

I ended up LOVING IT! I seriously love love it. It’s a great gray…
not too cold and cool, but also not too warm/beige.
It does change with the sunshine coming in. One of the photos
below was taken at night and you can see it looks cooler.
You’ll be able to see the difference but I still love it.
It immediately made the room feel bigger and brighter!

Next up… Curtains!
I purchased two packs of curtains and the curtain rod and hardware at IKEA.
The curtains are the cheapest most basic ones they offer. They are great.
I might hem them.. I might not.
They immediately made the room feel cozy and larger since it draws your eye upwards!
(This photo below was at night…so you can see the wall color difference.)
I started working a little on this corner of the family room.
The IKEA dresser units we had been using in our bedroom as our side tables weren’t enjoyed enough!
I pulled them out to the family room since that’s where I spend most of my time anyways.
I wanted to be able to see them because I really love how they look.
I also brought out the lamps that were on them in our room. (from target)
A couple months back I had gotten two seed rays for $7 while out junking with my family.
I finally hung them up side by side and put up a magnolia wreath with ribbon over them.
The wreath was a clearance buy from Joanns. and the Ribbon was from Michaels with a coupon.
The metal tray piece was from Hobby Lobby.
They had half off all metal and wood decor that day…the best day. haha.
I puttered around the house looking for items to fill up the the trays!
This is life right now….
I can’t have it exactly how I want it, I have kids. they have stuff. Our space needs to be functional.
So I have the diaper basket…
the kid table (from IKEA) and the run around toy. (around we go activity center)
I have the most amazing chair from La-Z-Boy  that I can’t part with because it’s incredible for nursing.
Plus the kids love piling into it and watching a show together.
I’m happy with how the space is coming together.
Tweaking and changing things here and there but this is our first steps.

The mirror is from Michaels! I had been wanting it since they first got it, so when
it went on sale for 60% off and then the 20% off your entire order…had to get it!
I think it’s the perfect touch at the door!
I hope you feel inspired and motivated to take the first steps to
makeover a space you’ve been wanting to change up!
Paint and curtains can make a big difference. Shop the sales.
Start enjoying your home today!

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DIY IKEA Shelving Unit Farmhouse Makeover



I love the farmhouse style, and have slowly been working it into my home decor.
I had a metal IKEA shelf already, and decided to give it a little
farmhouse makeover and put it to use in my kitchen!
The IKEA MULIG Shelving Unit comes in a few different sizes and prices. I had the biggest one and it’s $59.99
I knew I wanted to warm it up and get some wood into my kitchen!
I considered spray painting the metal dark since I already had the spray paint, but
ended up leaving it because I liked the pop and that it was bright and cheery!
I think that if it was in a different room, I would have gone for the dark metal look.
I have one more shelf, so I’ll probably go that route and put it in the boys’ shared room!
It would look SO CUTE that way too.

This DIY project was way easier than you might think.
You can really use any metal shelving unit you have, just measure them and head to Home Depot!

I picked out a piece of plywood and they cut my shelves to size for me.
My shelf measurements were—- length: 46 1/4th and depth: 12 7/8th
(I ended up with some wood left over that I plan on using to cover my IKEA buffet table!)

Use Sandpaper and do a quick once over of your shelves.

Just stain the wood with one coat. (I used Special Walnut stain – 1 qt size)

Then use construction adhesive to attach the wood to the metal.
My husband grabbed this brand and it worked SO MUCH easier than past ones I’ve tried.
It’s a little more, price wise, but totally worth it.

I put some bricks on the wood to help it stick down to the metal.
Not all the shelves needed the weight though.
Attach the shelving unit to the wall and you are good to go!

I really needed a place to store my Le Creuset pans.
They kept getting moved around from the top of the fridge to the oven to the counter.
Not functional. But this is the perfect spot for them! Keeping the lids on and wipe the lid before using of course,
But it just makes the shelving unit pop and I love being able to see them throughout the day.


I grabbed these hooks at Target to update our little backpack station.
Added two on the other side for my tote bags.
Love how they ended up matching the shelves perfectly.
I’ll share more about this little area another day!

 I love the pops of color mixed in with the white dishes and wood.
A part of me really wants to have a house with only neutrals and natural textures…
but that’s not happening these days.
I’m working with a lot of what I already have and life with kids.
They love bright plates. lol. So bright plates it is!
I’m learning to mix the styles and enjoy both at the same time.
As I’m adding pieces to our decor, I’m going more for the neutral farmhouse but classic pieces.
So over time I’m gathering these pieces that I love and can use as I makeover our house!
I love the containers I had found last month at Michaels and used for the kid plates and cups.
Took the plates to the farmhouse style I like!
It’s at their level so they can grab them and help set the table.
It just makes my heart and mind happy when everything has a place. haha.

So I kind of have a globe thing.
It’s definitely a thing, ask my hubby.
Whenever he goes to good will I’m like “Look for globes!”…haha.
Which he replies, “always do!” He’s a good man. ;)


 Can we talk about this plant for a quick second.
OK. farmhouse style plants can get PRICEY.
I love joanna and chip gaines like everyone else, but I don’t have the budget for their store…just yet.
I just can’t swing it for most of the items. I’m a world market, target, hobby lobby,
IKEA and michaels kind of girl in this season of life!
I found this plant at IKEA. $9.99 and then found this pot which I LOVE at Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks!
Not on sale it’s $4. which is insane to begin with. It looks so cool. They had a bunch of fun sizes.

The YUM sign was a project I made with things we already had around the house!
I had gotten the letters for 70 percent off at Michaels and used a
pallet board that was left in our backyard when we moved in!
I’ll share a full tutorial on that later this week.


I’m so happy with how it turned out! It really brings that farmhouse style into the kitchen in a big way.
I love that with shelving units you have the freedom and fun of changing things around over time.
Decorating for different seasons, and enjoying items that might otherwise be hidden away in a pantry or cabinet!

Follow me on Instagram too where I share our family life each day, project updates
and when I find fun items to make our house a home!
(If I find a good deal when I’m out, I share the details with my people!)

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Easter Morning 2016 Video

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
Here’s a little recap of photos and a video of our day.
The Easter Bunny brought lots of sugar to get the party for Jesus started!!!
We went to Dinner at my parents’ house and an Asher dance party started. (see end of video.)

The Easter bunny left a little message on our chalkboard!
The kids thought it was UH.mazing.
Like I said on instagram, He needs to work on his lettering…
but I’m sure he was sleep deprived and running on jelly beans

 Every year the Easter Bunny comes and we wake up to all
our stuffed bunnies in the house having a tea party!
More Jelly Beans please!

The Easter Bunny filled the eggs with some candy and one blind bag toy!
The girls got elsa eggs and Micah got a ninja turtle egg.
Everyone got bunnies and bunny ears.



My mom made an amazing dinner and my dad washed the dishes it took to make it.
They’re pretty much the dream team.


Earlier in the week my friend Riley hosted a little Egg Hunt Picnic Play date!
It was adorable and Micah was an easter egg hunting champ.
Silent and Speedy. Like a boss.
Please notice Asher smiling in the background of the group photo…
He is a ham. a big old heavy ham.
easter 2016-3


easter 2016-5     


Happy Easter from our Family to yours!