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Our Master Bedroom and Newborn Set up

Excited to share the progress in our Master Bedroom! We have a newborn set up ready
to roll which just makes me feel a little more prepared for his or her arrival! (5.5 weeks to go!)
I love how simple and calming our room feels. It might be my favorite space in the house right now.
We’ve slowly been pulling together the room with new and already owned pieces.
I’m sure I’ll tweak it over time, but happy with this progress so far!
(sorry no paint color for you– this was the color on the walls when we moved in!)
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie
One of my FAVORITE parts of our room is the KING bed.
I can’t rave enough about it. I used to think noo we don’t need it.
NO. I was wrong. We needed it lol. It’s from 4Sleep and I’m a believer.
It arrives in a box at your door and crazilly puffs out into shape when opening it.
We’ve done a memory foam mattress before, but this one is way different…
Ben doesn’t notice me getting out of bed five times to pee because of baby.
Ben is so in love with this mattress that when we have company over,
somehow they end up in our bedroom checking out the mattress. lol.
4Sleep gave me a $75 Off code to share with all of you – athomewithnatalie
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie2

Our Curtains/Curtain Rod and Bedding are from IKEA.
ALINA Bedspread and (2) cushions   Small Pillow
26″x 26″ Cushion Inside     26″x26″ Cushion Pillow Cases
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie3

I used frames that we already had. Almost all from IKEA.
Had to go grab a replacement one that was broken during the move.
The prints over the bed are oldies from IKEA. I first had white frames up,
but it just felt too washed out. I am liking the contrast right now.
The Psalm 139:13 print is by The Worship Artist. I got it at a blog conference
years ago, and finally found the perfect spot for it! LOVE it.
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie4

Our nightstands are from IKEA – HEMNES.
Our lamps are from Target… that I snatched up on clearance!
Something crazy like $15 each. (that’s for the base and shade!)
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie5

Our crib is from USA BABY….we’ve had it since Sophia and it has served us well.
We hung up the sweetest baby mobile from Petit Pehr – Woodland Creatures. It is so adorable!!
I also have a blanket from Lulujo Baby for a boy..or a girl… so we shall see!
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie6

Can you spot the pregnant lady in a shirt that’s too small?? LOL.
Sophia is constantly pulling down my shirt for me.
This side of the room is still coming together. We have the dresser moved over because the door opens and hits it…
Currently loving having it blank. I need some white space in my life!
But maybe I’ll eventually do a DIY with this IKEA dresser we’ve had over the years.
I’ve seen some cute makeovers with paint and handles added.
Right now I just have some lanterns and a sweet baby basket from Petit Pehr on the dresser.
I have it loaded up with baby blankets and burb clothes!
The citrus stripe colored blanket is from Petit Pehr. The Burp Clothes are from
Witt’s End Design and feel absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to use these on our baby!
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie7

I love how our house is slowly starting to feel more like home.
Having a peaceful organized home helps me stay peaceful and organized! lol.
Plenty of days the house gets crazy and the beds aren’t made…but I sure love it when it’s clean!
Next time I share our bedroom I’ll make sure to include the 2 baskets
of clean laundry, at the base of my bed, that I need to fold. ;)
master bedroom-athomewithnatalie8

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are having a great week so far!

Our Playroom

I’m excited to share our new playroom space with you guys!
We have our main kitchen table in the kitchen’s eating area…
and I knew that having a playroom would be more helpful than a dining room…
So we turned it into this bright and cheery space just for the kids!
It’s right off the kitchen and family room…
so makes for a good space for the kids to set up shop throughout the day.
I worked up some fun and easy diy’s, used craigslist finds, and
shopped our current toy situation to pull the room together.
The key to being organized in here, is to limit the toys…and have a spot for everything!
Come on in and I’ll give you the tour! Micah was napping the other afternoon and we snapped some photos.
The girls were so excited to share their favorite spaces!

I love fostering the kids’ imaginations and creating fun areas for pretend play.
Having different play areas also helps when the kids “need” their own space to play. lol.
I love how it turned out! I’ll try to share all the details but just comment if I missed something!
The PAINT color is Aloe by Sherwin Williams (Home Depot)
The Rug is from
The Cafe sign was a DIY project I did with just a sheet of chalkboard plywood from home depot.
used my drill to poke two holes and then hung up with knotted rope!
Super easy, you can do it in minutes!

The first space I’ll share is their little market!
I used these great building plans I found on Pinterest to make it out of pvc pipes and a storage unit!
One afternoon… and I had it built. They played with it right away, and then I recently
found fabric at JoAnns (Nate Berkus line) for the awning and tablecloth!
I found baskets at the dollar store to load up their play food in.
I also got a cookie sheet and muffin tray from the dollar store.

I got this adorable chalkboard puppet show booth off of craigslist!
I think I paid $20 for it?? And it came with a dozen or so puppets!
I love the pictures the kids draw on it. And they seriously crack up when daddy
gets back there and puts on a puppet show.

I created another section on one wall with their toy bins (IKEA) and doll gear.
The girls give birth to like…two babies a day…
they are serious about motherhood around here.
I believe the crib and stroller are both from santa via walmart online.
The blue and white stripe basket is from target and is thoughtfully put there to deter micah from climbing.
It works. most of the time.

The magnet boards and white frames are from IKEA.
The bookshelf was a trash find that I cleaned up and painted.
I put two target storage bins on the shelves to hold their little people.(I’m obsessed with them)
The little dollhouse was mine when I was little. Love seeing them play with it.
(Their two big doll houses are up in the girls’ shared room. a long with the princess dolls for it.)

I love putting up their artwork on the magnet boards!
They are perfect for when school starts up again and they bring home
their projects….plus we color DAILY in our house and need a spot to show off their masterpieces!

I had made a big felt board in the past..but it didn’t work in this room because of the chair rail.
I came across the FIRST “portable” felt board I made the girls… and tacked it to the wall!
I eventually want to make a new one out of a canvas to hang up on this spot.
But this one works for now! You can see more of our felt board fun HERE.

My girls love baking and cooking in their “little house.”
I set up their IKEA play kitchen in the corner, a long with a basket(target) filled
with their dishes and other play food.
The high chair is also a santa/walmart online pick.

The teal cake stand is from target (spritz) on clearance.
They love a good cake stand… like their mama. ;)
I made the bookends years ago out of two wood blocks, target dollar bin
toy animals hot glued on and the whole thing spray painted yellow.
My mom and I, over the years, have made the girls felt food!
I love adding more to their little collection.
I’m about to start another batch of felt madness over here….
Some healthier options. haha. You can see some past felt food mentioned here and here.
I’ll be posting more details and patterns one of these days!

Like I said above, it helps for everything to have it’s place!
Micah knows exactly where to put his blocks(in the target laundry basket)…
and the puppets go in a bin behind the stand!
The play food goes in the little white baskets..which have handles that
they can hold while they go around and gather it up!

I wanted to put the kid’s art work throughout the room.
They love seeing their old and new favorites in the frames! (IKEA)
The prints in the green (IKEA) frames are from the Target dollar bins. (found them mid july 2015)

Their market has to have a spot for the customers! So I put their little ikea table in the middle of the room.
I used the leftover market awning fabric to make a little tablecloth. They LOVE it.
Makes it feel more special and like a real cafe. ;)
If only I could fit better in those chairs. lol. maybe after baby arrives??
If the room was a little bigger I would put a comfy chair for mama!
They are always taking my order and serving me yummy food.
They made fruit smoothies the other day. Delish.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I loved creating this space for them to have play together in.
Lots of fun memories to be made in here.
I’ll try to answer any other questions in the comments!

My Kitchen Bookshelves – Mixing Organization + Decor

I love our current house, but one downside is that the kitchen isn’t
very big and doesn’t offer much storage space.
I’ve learned ways of using the space to it’s fullest potential with shelves that double
with displaying my favorite decor and help me stay organized!
The key for me to stay organized, is for everything to have it’s place!
I love knowing exactly where to go to find something or to put it away.
Today I’m highlighting this corner of our kitchen and how I styled the shelves for function and pretty!
Most of these items I’ve gotten over the years and when we moved in,
I rearranged a few times to make them all work together.
I do love how bright the kitchen is… It makes the day cheery!
Kitchen Book Shelves01-athomewithnatalie

I couldn’t find a bookshelf to fit the space like I wanted! I searched high and low online.
Some are so expensive and I knew building my own from scratch just wasn’t going to happen!
So instead, I got three bookshelves from IKEA and connected them. (I also attached them to the wall to make sure it’s nice and safe for the littles.)
Before putting on the back piece I painted them a blue shade using our leftover playroom paint
(sherwin williams: aloe) and some white trim paint!
We needed more light in our kitchen eating area! I had some leftover outdoor lights from target…
so I put up two nails and strung them up.
I love the sparkle it gives the kitchen, especially at night when I’m crafting at the kitchen table!
Kitchen Book Shelves1-athomewithnatalie

The bottom three shelves are all “kid proof” items. Things that aren’t breakable.
We don’t have enough storage in our kitchen cabinets for all of our kid plates and cups.
So I found at target two bins to load up and have at their level so they
can help set the table with their own dishes. I have a bunch of different size IKEA storage boxes at the lower
levels. I was always having to go upstairs to the linen closet for kitchen towels, so instead
I filled up a basket (target) with my pretty ones. We do a lot of coloring time right now at our kitchen table.
I put a plastic tablecloth on and use that three container caddy filled with crayons!(bargain bin at target)
Kitchen Book Shelves2-athomewithnatalie

I am not always the best meal planner… as far as assigning a meal to a certain day.
Especially with me being pregnant, some days things don’t sound good
or I don’t have enough energy to pull it off.
But I like knowing and being reminded easily, what we have to make!
My little chalkboard is my reminder board… and can also be a cute spot for a quote,
bible verse or “we are out of this list!” (the silverware caddies are from target over the years.)
Kitchen Book Shelves6-athomewithnatalie

I display my favorite cook books on the shelf. I love the colors of these ones all together!
I found three tin buckets at the bargain bins of Target…loaded them up with our cookie cutters for now.
I think they’ll end up in Micah’s room as I pull that space together!
Kitchen Book Shelves4-athomewithnatalie

I found a great basket at Target months back and knew I had to have it.
It has three compartments and is perfect for holding my ziploc bags!
(gallon size, quart size and snack size.)
I’m always using them for snacks on the go or fridge storage…
love having them out of the pantry and ready to grab!
Kitchen Book Shelves5-athomewithnatalie

I had a lot of dishes I’ve collected over the years that
I wanted to have out and be able to enjoy!
I kind of have a thing for owls. I’ve reeled in the obsession.
I’ll never get over white and glass dishes though. ;)
Kitchen Book Shelves3-athomewithnatalie

I teamed up with The Maids to bring you this organization + decor inspiration.
I love their cleaning checklist for last minute company arriving! It’s brilliant.
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