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New Favorite Pair of Born Shoes!

When shoe shopping, I’m needing comfortable but cute these days!
Today I teamed up with Born to share another style of theirs
that I love— both for me and my hubby!
My favorite wedges are Born shoes and I’ve shared them before because I’m obsessed!
I won’t buy another brand when it comes to wedges for me! If you’ve been wanting shoes
that you can comfortably wear, wrangle kids in, and are still pretty, these are for you.
You can find your own pairs at Dillards!
athomewithnatalie-born shoes athomewithnatalie-born shoes5
Ben was excited to get in on the shoe action.
His shoe is the ALLAN in color, Ebano
I think he looks so cute, but I’m biased.
They are a great shoe style to have!
IMG_1640 IMG_1635 
The style I’m wearing is the HENNING in white.
They are SO cute and comfortable! I could do a light jog in these babies. If I wanted too. haha.
Or…like if I had to chase Asher in the back of church..these are good for that. ;)
The rubber sole helps grip to the ground more than a traditional leather bottom and makes it easier to move.
I’m in a season of motherhood exhaustion. with baby bumping and four big kids to take care of,
but I still want to feel pretty and enjoy dressing up!
athomewithnatalie-born shoes2 athomewithnatalie-born shoes4
When I look at the sandals I see that there is a unique stitching around the toe up to the heel that is sewn by hand.
This hand sewn construction technique is unique to Born and allows the shoe to flex and move with the foot for a natural feel!
Glue isn’t what keeps the bottoms of these shoes together, but carefully placed stitches.
This means the shoe will be way more flexible, and last much longer than shoes that have been glued together.
This is why my shoes that I’ve gotten from them over the years are still holding up great!
These shoes can keep up with your  busy schedule… whether your running errands,
chasing kids or enjoying a night out with your girlfriends!
Born is the shoe you can rely on from 7AM to 9PM.
When I go to pack for trips, I always bring my Born shoes.
And when I know I’m going to be out with the kids but still want a pretty wedge…
I always go for my Born shoes!athomewithnatalie-born shoes3
Today’s post was sponsored by Born, but as always, thoughts are my own.
I genuinely love these shoes and hope you guys try them!
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Our March Usborne Books Haul

We love our Usborne Books and the kids are sharing their March Haul with you guys!
Every month we end up with a box of books I’ve earned for free…sometimes twice a month!
The kids get giddy when we open it and then we have
silence…for a longgg time while they dive into the books. It’s the best.
I’m a consultant with Usborne Books & More and earn free books…
a weekly paycheck… but ALSO… Disney Tickets!
There would be times I would be working (throwing an online party!)
and Micah would come over to my desk and ask if I won his ticket to Disney. ;)
I was able to earn the FULL trip this year from the company!! There were only 30 of us in the company
to earn all five tickets offered so I was soooo excited I made it!
A 6 days 6 nights stay at Disney World with daily Park Passes and $1200 towards Travel expenses!
We have ALWAYS wanted to take the kids…and working with Usborne made it possible!
I registered for the trip yesterday and my total was $0. INSANE!
I can’t wait for this summer and making memories with them.
I just signed up with Usborne this past May after someone threw me a party….
and it’s changing our life!

I had this footage from March and finally got to editing it.
I love how it really captures the personalities of our kids and their excitement for the books.
Maybe you are thinking about ordering some for your little ones…
here’s some of my kid’s picks that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on!
If you are wanting to order… You can always shop through my link and
choose the ‘Natalie Lesnefsky’ party while shopping.
Want to have our own party?? I’m throwing parties every week for girls via Facebook!
They invite friends.. I run it.. and based off sales you earn free books. It’s as simple as that.
I just had a Mystery Hostess Party (I do one every few months) and someone who
attends and participates in the party ends up winning ALL the hostess rewards… Free books!
Our girl last time walked away with over $300 in Free books!!!

I hope you enjoyed the video!
Maybe you are obsessed with Usborne like us… or maybe you are a total newbie.
Either way, would love to connect! Throw you a party or answer your questions about joining my team.
I have over 80 girls under me and we have an incredible Facebook group where we connect
and help each other grow! Our main team is called Hustle & Heart and I’m
so thankful for all of the leaders in our group who work together to help everyone reach goals.
We chat about the books, share graphics, scripts, and what has worked for us!
Want to know more? Email me!
Our March Usborne Books Haul-post graphic
Our March Usborne Books Haul-post graphic 2  
Our March Usborne Books Haul-post graphic 3

Baby on the Way!

We are very excited to share…
that we are expecting!
Ben and I tried to keep it a secret but my horrible all day-morning sickness
and my bloated tummy made that impossible!
(My body is like ohhh yeah I remember this. Hormones are going crazy over here. haha.)
Our girls kept asking questions about why I kept throwing up and was so sick…
I would wake up and eat a cracker while they got off to school, “Mom, why do you like crackers so much now?”
It was ok at first… but then we could tell they started getting worried
about me because of how horrible I felt (and LOOKED)
so we let them in on the secret when I was around 7 weeks.
We had had our ultrasound done that day and the heartbeat was strong!!
I cried like a baby! So grateful.
baby on the way-announcement-athomewithnatalie
In between throwing up we filmed a little video to
share with our family far away, and now with you!
We were pretty sure Sophia already knew because she kept making comments.
One day I loaded the kids up in the car to grab dinner.
“Mama wants fried chicken!”
Sophia looks over at me, “…do you want…. pickles???”
It was hilarious.
Having a large family, each child adds to the joy and crazy.
But seeing the big kids experience a new baby… is an incredible thing!
Love how excited they are! Asher will be two and ready to be a big bro!

We told our families the same day as our kids. My older brother and his wife had just had a baby…
and my little brother and his wife shared a few weeks earlier they were expecting…
so it was fun announcing this batch of cousins would be so close in age!


Kids can’t keep secrets…
and It’s been hard to explain to people why I’ve been such a hot mess lately…
So we decided to let everyone in on the secret!
Baby is due this November and I’m 8 weeks!
We found out very early and I immediately had horrible nausea.
I was very anxious about the pregnancy because of our past miscarriages…
and thought my stress and fear was why I was so sick.
But I quickly realized that it was more than that…
that I had horrible morning sickness and we counted it as a blessing!
It felt like a very good sign! I’ve been pretty much not functional, and just getting by.
But I’ve never been so happy about having constant nausea!

I’m on medicine and it’s starting to help me keep food and liquid down.
Not feeling as woozy and eating more when I can.
The fatigue is incredible and I feel like a total mombie these days!
Ben has been incredible helping and keeping us afloat.
My mom came into town to save us this past week, doing TONS of laundry and cooking
and helping with the kids and grocery shopping. LOVE her and miss her already!
Finding out we were pregnant was such a crazy mix of emotions.
Before our past two early miscarriages, we never really thought of what could happen.
We had four smooth sailing pregnancies.
But this time around, we are way more anxious and trying to just trust in
God! I started on Hormone pills soon after we found out.
We know that at any moment something could happen, but we are grateful for this life in me.
We are hopeful and moving forward… wanting to celebrate this life
and enjoy all the excitement that goes with it.
Thanks for rejoicing with us!
We can’t wait to see who this little person is that is supposed to be in our family!
We are excited to share this next adventure with all of you!
We have two girls ready to be little mamas!
Our tie breaker baby… the girls want a girl and the boys want a boy.
Well, Micah decided that for Asher. ;)
Thanks for celebrating with us. Please pray for this sweet babe! xoxo.