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Our Usborne Books: Two new videos!

I have loved opening up the world of reading to my kids through our Usborne Books!
AND sharing them with you guys! Every time I share something either
on Instagram or on the blog I get asked A LOT of questions…
like how do you earn free books??  How do you join??
What are your favorite books?
I LOVE all of the inquiries and it makes my heart happy that we all want to raise readers!
Sharing the books comes naturally for us and it has been such a great fit for our family…
It’s even better that you guys seem to love them too!
I made a goal this week to create two videos on topics that I thought would be helpful for those interested.
One is all about why you NEED these books and why we love them.
The second video is sharing about my story of being an Usborne Books & More Consultant.
Keep scrolling to see the two new videos or CLICK HERE to see my updated Info page!

Here’s just some of the fun we’ve had with our books!
They’ve inspired a lot of family activities….and tasty treats. ;)
Do you have a book you love and want to see some crafts and snacks themed with it??
We are always up for a challenge. ;)

Another goal I had this week was to work with the Leaders on our team
to create a Book Lady Training Course for our new girls! (Similar to my Blogging E-Course)
I’m SO excited to be able to offer this resource to our new team members and help them dive right in.
One of the best parts of being on this team is that not only do we get to earn a weekly paycheck and free books and TRIPS…
But we have the opportunity to bring other women a long with us to reach their goals.
Here’s the video on my own story as a Consultant.


Week 16 – Baby #5 Bump Update

Yesterday we found out that baby #5 is a boy!
We are so excited to have a tribe of three boys so close in age!!
Last night we took some backyard photos. I ran over to party city and grabbed 5 balloons
while the kids watched Up with dad.
They all took naps (it was a family nap day!) so everyone wasn’t ready for bed anyways!
7:30 is the best lighting in our backyard… I grabbed some clothes that sort of matched
and the kids threw them on excited to get their balloons!
Of course within two photos… Asher escaped his balloon on his wrist.
We changed the photoshoot plan to one balloon for baby. haha. Classic life with a crew of kids. You roll with it!
gender reveal-athomewithnatalie

The ultrasound photos always make it feel even more real!
I was excited to hear that our new doctor’s office did gender scans earlier than I remember! (16 weeks!)
It was elective so $60 but so worth it! And they’ve never been wrong!
I went in worried that it would be too early… or that baby might not cooperate.
He wiggled around but they were able to get some great photos and confirmed baby boy!
In four weeks I’ll have the anatomy scan done where they check everything a little bit closer
since they are able to see so much during that window. Soon baby gets too big and it’s hard to see everything.
There was no denying baby boy in the ultrasound shots!
Ben guessed by and he’s never been wrong. He’s pretty proud of his baby whisperer self haha.
(sources: Bunny. Camera. Blanket.)
athomewithnatalie-baby five

Baby # 5 you are 16 weeks and the size of an avocado.
Seems fitting since I can eat guacamole again… πŸ˜‚ Thank you for that.
You’re starting to listen to my voice and the crazies that you soon will join.
I can promise you lots of kisses, loud giggles and aggressively lovey snuggles when you arrive. athomewithnatalie-genderreveal 7
athomewithnatalie-baby five-1athomewithnatalie-genderreveal 8

Sophia is holding out hope that baby boy will have curly blonde hair like her!
So far we have two boy recipes and I can’t wait to see who we end up with. A mini Asher or mini Micah!
The kids have been chatting names. Sophia wants Hunter and Micah wants Mike. “Micah and Mike!” πŸ˜‚
 Or “grow-dy” (He meant to say brody) πŸ˜‚

We are so excited to be adding another boy to our family! He is already so loved!
To celebrate, I’m bringing back my “Yes, they are all mine!” Tote bags!!
You can grab one this weekend if you want one this summer! (Doing one batch!)
I love seeing the shares of you and your crews with the bag out adventuring at Disney, the beach or road trips!
We are celebrating the joy that comes from all these sweet faces! And also celebrating bed time tonight.haha.
It’s a boy!!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
athomewithnatalie-baby five-2

 Thank you for sharing in our joy! It’s so fun having you guys be a part of this adventure with us
as we blog our growing family. I’m pretty sure your name suggestions
via instagram are going to help me pick in the end.
Baby boy names are so tough! Especially third time around!
Yesterday I was trying to picture our family after baby arrives.
It’s crazy because I never pictured our family quite like this,
but looking at it I am just so thankful God had this in store for us.
That He had this master plan! Trust in Him because He wants joy for you He wants good for you.
And when you trust and live for Him in all the daily tasks, you are able to find so much joy.
even in the exhausting moments! I couldn’t picture this crew years ago,
but how happy I am that He blessed us with them!
athomewithnatalie-genderreveal 10

Baby # 5 Gender Reveal!

Today we found out if baby #5 was a boy or girl!!!
We can’t wait to spill the beans with all of you!
The kids requested we spray them with silly string…blue or pink!
Being able to spray us was part of the deal too. ;)
It was an exciting day finding out this big news about baby!

 Micah suggested we name the baby Mike. “Micah and Mike!” lol.
Sophia is holding out that baby boy will have curly blonde hair like her!
Sienna is still processing that it is NOT in fact a girl she can dress up.
I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m going to give birth to a 4 yr old ready to torment her.
But she’s quickly facing the facts and coming to terms with the boy tribe under her.
I’m going to be taking her boy clothes shopping so she can look at how cute and tiny all the baby clothes are!
Asher is all together confused… but loved the silly string after the initial shock. haha.
Ben is already excited about two on two football games in the yard.
I’m loving the idea of our boy tribe growing up together close in age!
God knew exactly who should be a part of our family and finding out a little bit more
about the baby has made us all even more excited for November!