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My Coffee Favorites – Espresso Maker + Coffee Brand

Baby number four arrived and Ben told my mombie self it was time to force myself to like coffee. haha.
I thought it was seriously going to be a plug your nose and drink it moment…
But the new espresso maker I got Ben for Christmas..mixed with the brand of ground coffee we get…
made it AMAZING!
It’s a much gentler(?) taste than the regular coffee I had been trying.
Now I actually love the taste! And I think I’ve been broken in enough
where I can drink most brands, but prefer the way we make it!
I TOTALLY get it now. WHY people drink coffee. haha.
We make Caffe Americanos every morning.
I haven’t had Starbucks since Christmas because I prefer how we make it.
coffee favorites-athomewithnatalie
We use this Espresso Maker:
De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
and order this ground Coffee off of Amazon:
Lavazza Crema e Gusto – Ground Coffee, 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4)
How do you take your coffee??
I like mine with a little sugar and creamer.
Ben has his coffee black. He’s a real man. lol.
It’s been nice when we have company over, to be able to offer espressos!
The machine also has a frother on it but we haven’t used it yet.
I did a lot of research when I was looking for what espresso maker to get Ben for Christmas…
and heard great things about this one.
We have been using it non stop since December and it’s been great.

 This is the mug holder I mentioned on my Periscope the other day!
Ben got it for me for my Birthday.
(Pottery Barn. On Clearance….Which made me love it even more.)
We can’t do a total kitchen makeover…but I’ve been adding in pieces that are more the style I like.
The rustic farmhouse look. Baby steps!

I designed these Coffee Mugs to have at the shop table at my Moms’ Night Out Event.
I listed some of them in my Blog’s Etsy Shop…so mamas far away can get in on the fun!

Ben and I cheers our mugs in the morning… “we got this!”
Whether you are home wrangling kids or heading out the door..we could all use a little pep talk in the morning.
Morning Pep Talk.

It’s a mom rule.. if the kids nap, YOU nap!
I always joke about how the dishes can wait…so now it’s on a mug and official.
Naptime before Dishes! always.

IT’S FRIDAY. Andd that doesn’t really mean much for parents of young kids… haha
I like it none the less. It just feels like I can exhale and breathe a little easier friday nights.
I have my whole crew home and that makes me happy.
We are doing family movie night and pizza. Always a good friday plan. :)
What are your plans for this weekend???

Moms’ Night Out

So I’m making a dream come true and planning a party and inviting all the moms.
But no seriously. I am. Come!


I’m planning A Party for all the Moms and YOU should be there!
 Rock Hill, SC February 27th. The full schedule and speaker list is now live!
We’ll be crafting and chatting and eating and winning at life.

We have moms flying in, driving in.. load up your mini van and join us!
I’ve been working hard on all of the fun details to make the night extra special.
I love community and I’ve always been a gatherer.
I love to connect people. I love to meet new people.
I love to create approachable and friendly environments for people.
Motherhood is hard…life in general is hard!! and it’s so important that we
take the time to re-boost… but also that we reach out to others and not try to go it alone.
Do you ever feel isolated or alone? I know that I have.
Some days you just want to talk to someone above the age of 7! ;)
I’m excited to encourage all of the women coming to take advantage of the time we have
together and ask for their instagrams and really connect!
I’m excited about the crafty aspect of the night. We are daughters of a Creator.
We are made in His image so whether you like it or DO have a creative bone in your body!
We can glorify Him in all we do..but even more than the DIY’S we will actually be doing (which are awesome)
It’s more the act of doing it together and connecting that I’m so excited about.
I know this is what a lot of women need. It’s what I need.
A night to celebrate each other and focus on the joy of motherhood, complain about the crazy of course,
but lift each other up and talk about how amazing it is to be mothers.
We have big jobs. like….we are raising little humans and fingers crossed we don’t screw up too bad.
But the great thing is, it’s not all on us. Some of the best advice my mom gave
me, during those first weeks of having four kids…
Give your kids Jesus. If you just give them you… it will never be enough.
So I’m looking forward to having a night where we can recharge, be encouraged and
inspired, and connect with women around us!

I’m so excited about the lineup for our Power Hour! These mamas are some of
the most brilliant, kind, stylish mamas I know.
They love the Lord, are rocking at motherhood and I can’t wait to hear their hearts!
We are going to cover topics like Mom Guilt, Learning how to not rush through life and better manage our time,
tips for staying stylish and fit as busy moms, How to throw insecurities and comparison out the window…
it’s going to be so so good.
I also CANT WAIT for you all to see the amazing styled Raffle Prize Table!!
It’s incredible the brands we have to share with you.
Our swag bags are pretty much full!
Not to pressure you… But only first 70 tickets get swag bags.




Color with Me! Episode 1 – Fairies and Mermaids

My kids LOVE to color.
For Christmas they got some fun “learn to draw” books and
we have been working our way through them!
This is the one we are using in this video. I found it on Amazon and we LOVE it!
It’s Fun to Draw Fairies and Mermaids
I just got a fresh stack of paper and crayons. GOLD to the girls!

My kids love to watch me or other kids draw.
So I thought it would be fun to share a new Video Series…
Color with Me!

We’ll be doing different episodes of our coloring time, drawing different things.
If you need a few moments of sanity…this is something your little kids could watch!
I love seeing them learn new things to draw and maybe your kids will think it’s fun and draw with them!


I’ll be grabbing my camera and capturing some of our coloring…
But most of our coloring times are set aside for mom and kid time. no distractions!
This past week, I was making a point to have some fun creative time with my girls.
I’ve been setting everything aside (if it works out with the little boys) and coloring with them.
We’ve been taking turns picking a theme each day. So far we’ve done Ocean, Princess, Ballerina and Garden. ;)

Sitting and coloring with them makes moments happen;
Moments to teach them or witness them being kind to each other…complementing or encouraging their sister,
Moments to hear funny stories from school and their day,
Moments to love on them!
I highly recommend setting aside your to do list and phone and tapping
into your sweet little ones creativity and tender hearts.
Sometimes as busy mamas it’s hard to just stop and PLAY. and maybe this won’t be drawing with
your kids but sitting and playing legos (that’s the way to Micah’s heart)
But putting that effort in has really made a difference. Not that I didn’t do it before…
but now I’m very conscience of my decision to tune into them and them alone!

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