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Christmas Gift Guide 2015 VIDEO

I LOVE gift giving and am excited to share with you some
of my favorite items for Christmas presents this year!
Like I share in the video, all of these items are ones that I love and
have myself, or I have recently gotten to give to my family and friends this year.
Hope you enjoy the video!
Mom and dad..don’t watch this video!
I already warned you with a text…no present peeking! ;)

Use code NATALIE20 for 20% OFF your order!

Noah’s Ark
Honeybake Mixer Set
Wooden Toy Garage
Christmas Cookie Set
Magnetic Daily Calendar



(limited quantity – selling at my own pace.)

HUGE Black friday sale…check their instagram and website for info!

Little Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup

This is one of my favorite toys out there right now!
Little Cosmetics…mess free pretend makeup!!
It’s absolutely adorable and offers hours of play for the girls.
Even Micah gets in on it though haha.
He gives me makeovers…It’s a little scarier when he does my makeup.
(oops there goes an eyeball.)
Ever since I shared this company on my Instagram, a bunch of my “in real life” friends
ordered some and joined me in being obsessed with it as a gift idea!
They just launched their newest set and my girls love it!!

Their favorite item in the new set has to be the extra eye shadows
and the lipstick that they can twist up and down…
Oohhh how many lipsticks have been ruined because of makeovers. lol. too many.
But now they have their own that does the same fun thing, just without the mess!
I think they like this even more than the real makeup because they
know I’ll say YES go do makeovers! The real stuff is saved for dress up parties and halloween!
They had a little after school makeover session. ;)

They also sell these limited edition stocking stuffer sets
I got a few of those for Christmas gifts for my nieces. Super cute!
If you have some little makeup lovers in your life, these make great gifts!

This post contains affiliate links.
As always, I only share items I love and use!
I’m seriously obsessed with Little Cosmetics and am so excited to support them.

FREE Printable – Baked Goods Gifting

Let’s kick off monday with a little free printable for gift giving!
I shared this on instagram last week and had some people asking for it, so here you go!
I was in a total funk last week, having a complete pitty party for myself and
how exhausted and worn down I was feeling.
But I wanted to shake that off and so I decided to get out of myself, bake up some treats
and deliver some baked goods to my mama friends who I knew were in the thick of things too!
It helped lift my spirit so much! The boys slept in the car while I delivered the goodies.
I was so happy to see my friends (even for a few minutes) and have a conversation with someone above the age of 7.
If you are feeling a little burnt out, I highly suggest that you do this too.
Everyone loves a brown paper bag tied up with string! Download the printable below!

I love baking right now.
The kids go to bed and it’s my me time! (either bed time or nap time.)
I love gifting baked goods…something so simple but special about it.
These recipes are on my blog. I used the apple crisp recipe and the banana bread recipe.

I had some brown paper bags from past craft projects and field trip lunch bags.
Found some sparkly string from a past project.
I used some clear cellophane bags that were from a past party.
A cute tag was all that was missing, so I hopped on my computer and worked it up in Photoshop.
You can DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE and simply cut and tape to your treats.
For the apple crisps, I just taped one to the top of the covered pie dish.

This is all I had to post the other day on social media.
Messy bun, baby carrier on, wearing husband’s tee shirt,
cute baby and the messy back back/school papers everywhere situation.
Life isn’t always picture perfect, but life is good.
I didn’t have a cute outfit post or styled house photo or cute succulent to share
But I figured this was the same situation for a lot of mamas. Let’s be real.
These days won’t last forever…and I’m sure I’ll miss them when they are gone.

This is what life looks like right now.
How do I feel about having four kids now??
It’s a good mix of oh my gosh I love my life- oh my gosh when will I ever sleep again.
haha. ;)

The three big kids during that
‘sweaty we love each other /  we are arch enemies’ time
right before dinner + bed.
I love that now when Asher smiles his neck dissapears haha.
I have a feeling it’s going to be gone for a while. ;)

Sometimes they play so nice together!
They were playing house last night in the girls’ room.
It was free donut day! I think Micah had one too many felt donuts. #sugarhigh
Plan for this week…get their room set up. We already went through toys and purged a lot!
Now, to have a better system to store all the toys that we are keeping.
I’ll blog the progress!

I hope that you put this printable to use and bake up some treats for gifting!
I’m going to be be using these agin and again.
Download it and you’ll have it to print off anytime you need it.
Share the post with your friends..maybe you’ll get some baked goods too haha!