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My Go-To Comfy and Stylish Shoes

This post is sponsored by BΓΈrn Footwear, as always, thoughts are my own!

My style has changed over time, and now as a mama I’m pretty confident in saying, I’m a casual girl.
If I’m going to wear shoes with height, they better be comfy!
I need to be able to chase kiddos in them!
If I’m going out on a date night with Ben I still want comfy shoes because
I’m already thinking, “I’m exhausted. Why am I even going out this late?
Can we nap on our date? no? ok Let’s go eat.”
I was SO EXCITED when I tried these two pairs of shoes on by BΓΈrn Footwear and realized
how COMFORTABLE they were.. and I felt beautiful! That’s a good combo to me.
Sometimes a little wedge can make you feel like a new woman.
I know I’m not alone with wanting to feel stylish but comfortable at the same time.
That’s why I’m so excited about this post and sharing
two shoe options that are pretty & smart for women on the go like us!

The first style is the Emmy! YOU GUYS…
I slipped these on and was like BEN…these are amazing!
He didn’t share my exact level of excitement but he did love them.
They make your rear look good…there you go. in plain english. haha.
It comes in different colors but I chose the tan suede.
Love how it’s a neutral and can work with everything!BORN SHOES-COMFY SHOES-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE1

This is my front porch pose while my kids look out from
the front door behind me, wondering why on earth mom is sitting down.
We all know moms don’t sit!!IMG_3715


The next shoe style is the Stephane, in gold.
Some days you don’t want any height, you just want a pretty shoe that feels fancier
than a flip flop but still is easy and comfortable to wear. This is your shoe!
I didn’t realize it until I tried them on myself, but the sole is padded just enough to feel amazing.
I feel like I need to periscope these shoes, so you can see my excitement better. ha.

I went with the gold color option on these flats because
I was wanting a new neutral flat. I don’t have a lot of time to pull together the perfect outfits,
so having neutral classic show options is super helpful.
I feel like I just hit the jackpot of shoe discovery!
Comfortable and cute.
I only end up using a handful of the shoes regularly…
and these are for sure going to be one of my go-to’s.

Check out BΓΈrn Footwear for all the fun styles they offer!
use #WeWearBorn and see how others are wearing their shoes.
Thank you BΓΈrn Shoes for sponsoring this post, and as always thoughts are my own!
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How to Style Dirty Hair – Favorite Curling Wand, Dry Shampoo + Hairspray


First of all? Who washes their hair anymore?? We has time for that?? ;)
But seriously… sometimes life gets crazy and a quick shower is happening
more often then full blown washing and styling hair.
With four kids….uh nope.
Just use a baby wipe to get the baby throw up out and keep going girl.
I knew I wanted to up my dirty hair game though, and thus entered the curling wand!

OK….I’ve tried curling wands before and they NEVER WORKED.
I struggled to keep my wild hair on the wands. It would always want to slip around on the ceramic ones.
I was so confused…youtube made it look so easy!! lol.
My hair would also never hold the curl. pointless to put all that effort in if it’s not going to hold.
BUT…I thought I would give it one last try when I saw at the store one that had a Silicone barrel!
Infiniti Pro by Conair Silicon Shine Curling Wand.
I thought my hair would stick to it better…
thus making it easier for me to do. and I needed easy.
I also loved how this curling wand was tapered. It helped give me the natural curls I wanted.
And of course it’s clampless so no line. I know plenty of you were like me and destroyed the curling iron
you had trying to make a curling wand…stop it. don’t do it. just get this one it’s so much better haha.
You can get different size curls and waves by how big a chunk of hair you curl.
I’m still learning how to get my favorite look..sometimes I curl and
then pull it all down with my hands a bit mess it up.
Toss my head upside down for a minute. Sometimes I don’t. (below I did.)

I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos.
Gone are the days of putting baby powder in my hair to absorb the oils.
We are so advanced now ladies.
I tried the couple brands I’ve heard great things about, Psssssst. and Batiste.
But I have to admit I cam back to my favorite!!
Dove Dry Shampoo. I, personally, like the smell better and how it holds up.
I use it on my scalp..rubbing it in. Sometimes tossing my hair upside down and brushing it.
If you have thin hair..adding it to all of your hair can help give it texture and volume!
The texture aka “dirt” makes it easier for you hair to hold the curls!

The last important product for rocking dirty hair…Hairspray!
This… has been a game changer for me. it helps the hair look piecey?? if that makes sense. and smooth out friz.
I usually start with Dove Style + Care Hairspray. Extra strength. That’s important.
I got one less than extra strength and it had too much moisture in it..just frizzed it out.
THEN, I use L’Oreal’s Elnett. This is THE BEST.  It helps finish off your look and I like the smell a lot too.
The Elnett helps get the piecey look and volume. The Dove helps with creating even more of a curl/wave.
I put the hairspray in after my hair has dried a little (not all the way) and then touch it up a little later as well.
Kind of scrunching and smoothing as I spray.
Tote bag is from my Etsy Shop!

I hope this post was helpful!
I saw a request on Instagram so thought I would put all the info here!