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Sophia + Sienna Favorites: Bath time

thebusybudgetingmama-dolphin organics

The girls wanted to share beauty ideas on ‘their” blog!
So we decided to share their hair products first! Bath time favorites!
I smell their hair all day long.
I’m their mom I’m allowed too.

We are currently using and loving Dolphin Organics Products.
I first discovered them when they e-mailed wanting to send some goodies our way.
It’s now a must have. They are natural and organic and leave the kids’ hair feeling great.
We use the DO Natural- Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner and it smells… like heaven.
We also use the Just Berry Body Wash. My favorite scent is the vanilla though out of both.thebusybudgetingmama-dolphin organics2

The girls love the hot pink bottles.
Their hair products need to coordinate with their every day attire. of course.

I love the story behind the company. Family owned and operated. The founders are parents of twin girls who wanted a better option for their family and made it a reality!
Nothing man made..nothing artificial. the products are vegan,
gluten free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, natural skin care, toxin-free and gentle.
Micah gets in on this too..and he has super
sensitive skin and so far it’s working great.
thebusybudgetingmama-dolphin organics3

The girls can’t wait to share some fun hair styles with you!
Coming soon!!thebusybudgetingmama-dolphin organics4
Thanks to Dolphin Organics for letting us try
out and get hooked on their products!

Baby #3-What’s in my Diaper Bag + $200 Walgreens Gift Card via Dr. Smith’s!

Since having kids, I’ve realized that I had to make a CHOICE….
to be brave and go out in public with my whole crew.
I had to not fear the poopy explosions…
or the target dollar bin pre-lunch/nap time meltdowns…
or the crying in the car…
or the holding of two children while trapping the 3rd with your legs while
you try and look at the prices of that last grocery item on your list. 

I’ve learned that In order to face my fear…I have to be PREPARED.
So I’m sharing what’s in my diaper bag! (which is actually my purse-from H&M)
With this being my third baby… I have narrowed it down to the
basics of survival when out n about.
1. I usually can get away with just packing 3 diapers. Down to one child in diapers.. so two are for micah and one backup.. for that moment your 2 yr old needs to pee at the park and there is NO WAY you are going in that nasty park bathroom. strap that diaper on her baby. (we do what we gotta do)

2. Bottle. soon to be a sippy cup. Filled with water for micah. He nurses..but sometimes he will let me zoom and keep him in the stroller/car seat if I give him the bottle of water.

3. Puffs! Love these things.. except for that moment you get home and realize you ran errands all day with “puff goo” on your shoulder. lovely. but seriously. they are life savers for micah. He likes to pick them up from his tray. (good for fine motor skills!) Make sure to keep an eye on your 2 yr old who will try to sneak and eat ALL OF THEM.

4. Change of clothes. I used to pack one for 2 of my littles..
but now I’m just down to micah. The day you don’t pack a change of clothes..
you will have a poopy explosion of your nightmares.
you have been warned………..

5. Wipes! I love the Up&Up from Target. (sensitive unscented version)

6. Mommy sustenance. I am loving Austin Cheese Crackers right now.
But the idea is to just pack something that you can easily snack to
refuel so you can combat the mutiny going on in the backseat.

7. Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment. My micah has a sensitive little tooshy.
And when he has a little rash, If I put this on every diaper change, it clears up quickly!
My problem is remembering to put it on! So I make sure
I have a tube of this in my bag when I’m out…and a tube in my
basket in our family room (which is also filled with diapers/wipes)

8. Nursing cover. (the design I use is no longer being sold..but this one is similar.)
I sometimes nurse like a champ in the front seat of the car in the parking lot without a cover(only accidently flashed a handful of people)..but I’m most comfortable nursing with a cover. Even if it’s just a blanket or a shirt! This cover though makes it easy to nurse modestly and privately while still having easy motion to juggle your other two kids.

9. OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup. Great container to hold BRIBERY. A snack cup full of goldfish has the power to turn your children into angels. ( work fast)
The lid’s flaps make it so you don’t end up with gold fish swimming around
and getting crushed in your diaper bag.
It’s a twist off lid too so it wont pop up.

10. My K’tan Baby Carrier! LOVEEE it. Used it with Micah since he was little.
Still use it with him being 23 pounds. It saves me. I have the basic black..
 Heard great things about the breeze stye as well.

11. Makeup bag. Because I try to not look like a hot mess while out in public.

That is what is in my bag…
Sienna’s bag??
Who knows. AND YES. my husband took her to the grocery store like this.
Do not fear taking children in public!!
Pack what you need… expect a little crazy…
and enjoy your fresh air and compliments on your CUTE kids…
Ignore any crazy looks and take lightly the parenting advice from older ladies…
You are doing awesome! :)

Dr. Smith’s has a fun giveaway going on now to celebrate that they are now available nationwide at Walgreens!
You can find a retailer nearest you on
The Giveaway includes a $200 Walgreens Gift Card for 1st place and two runners ups can win a $50 Walgreens Gift Card. All three winners also get a supply of Dr. Smith’s as well!
Enter to win below!

New Year Beauty Boost- My Favorite Items!

I’ve had a few readers e-mail me asking for my makeup routine..
So re-sharing the items in my makeup bag. :)
With the start of a new year…maybe you are wanting to try out some new products.
These are my favorites..and maybe, this year, they’ll become yours!
I swear by the mac under eye cream…and the urban decay
cream to powder foundation. (all items linked below!)
As far as a cleansers/moisturizers…
1. E.l.f. Eyelid Primer – Target
I got this in an eye shadow set from E.l.f. at target. (a mini version) and I love it! I never used primer before… it works magic. Makes sure you don’t get those creases.. and some days when I don’t have time for eye shadow I just put the primer on for a nice matte finish.

I went into Ulta not knowing what type of foundation I was going to get..But I wanted something new. I AM IN LOVE with this product. A little goes a long way. I don’t use the brush that it comes with..instead I use a big brush from E.l.f. I got at target. It makes putting it on a lot easier. It goes on as a cream..dries almost immediately to a foundation..and leaves your skin covered and lovely. For those of you who are blessed with perfect skin..don’t both with this.. but I need it to make me look alive/decent. ;) Love it.

I don’t wear a lot of lipstick or lip gloss. why? the husband doesn’t really like it.. and you want to make the man you are smooching happy. ;) So that’s why I love this lip balm. gives you a hint of color and moisture..without any sticky feeling.

ALLELLLUIAAAAAA..that’s what the angels in heaven were singing around me when I discovered this product. As a mom who barely gets enough sleep. barely sleeps through the night because of babies crying or babies pushing on my bladder in my womb…this is a God Send. It brightens you up. a little goes a long way. A couple times I was in a rush and didn’t pay looked in the mirror and I looked like a doll. But..when used right it makes you look like you actually did sleep in till whenever you wanted like you did in college. ;)

I am not a fan of loose powder..I don’t know why..maybe I’ve used the wrong kind. But after I put on my foundations and concealer I do a light dap with this powder..and use it throughout the day for touch ups. Leaves you looking matte. which I like. shiny… bad.

Again..same as the comments above for the color riche lip balm..
love the hint of color and moisture..without a stickiness or harsh color.
husband approved.

I have used this forever. I used to use this along without the Urban Decay Foundation.. but I would always have to use more concealer on my blemishes/red spots etc…. But the day I used both foundations (as seen by a youtube makeup girl with different products) I found I barely had to use any concealer to touch up.. it was way better of coverage. I put on very little of this though but preps the skin nice.

Ok…. I used to have no time for eye shadow. and I never liked the shine of them..But when I tried this (with the eyelid primer) I fell in love! I love being able to mix up the shades. some days I just use the light..some days I do a smoky eye. I like options. It lasts a long time.. and goes on beautifully. it’s CHEAP. try it.

Been using this since high school…..seriously…I won’t wear anything else.
I’ve tried other mascaras..but this one is the best.
It makes your eyelashes look so long..and it lasts.. You can get lots of drama with multiple coats..or the perfect darkness and length with a quick quote before a toddler tries to put their baby on(IN) the potty. sienna-“poopy!”

10. Sonia Kashuk Blush -Target
Big fan of these products. Still a blush hopper..trying to find one I love. But I’ve been using this for a couple years.. so…that means something. ;)
I love the shade…makes me look alive.
alive looking is always nice when you are going on a date after a long day.

OH..MY GOSH! LOVE! If you need a concealer stick….this…. is the one!
I used to use a wand one from clinique..and then a pot one from mac..
but this one beats them all. don’t use the others anymore. don’t need nearly as much.
It goes on way better..covers better.. and lasts longer. Plus it’s more fun with a cute pencil.

Eye brow magic.. A little dark shade on my eyebrows frames the eyes..
I used to pluck my eyebrows more..but the past couple years I’ve been letting them grow in..(still keeping them groomed) and I think that it makes you look a lot younger if they are thicker rather than thin lines. So.. something to think about. A little shadow on them fills them in and helps the shape.

Cosmetic Tools:

I love maybelline full n soft. you should try it.

If you are wanting some more Beauty Boost Products..
I posted last year a 1 Week Beauty Boost!