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Our Autumn Scavanger Hunt – Printable


Last weekend, my husband said, “Hey! Let’s plan a nature hunt for the kids!”
I pictured tired happy kids ready for nap time…..YESSS!
So after the kids went to bed friday night, we created this fun list for the kids!
The weather is still nice here in Rock Hill, SC…so we wanted to take full advantage of the sunshine
and get some energy out while being all together as a family.
Asher loved being in the carrier and Micah loved all the sticks he found. ;)

We tried to make it last as long as possible…
and use up as much energy as possible. haha.
They had a blast sticking together and finding the items on their list and
then we all went home for lunch and NAP.
My kind of saturday. :)

The kids found the stump on the list and daddy wanted a picture.

I added the printable to my etsy shop!
If you have your own nature lovers, download my Autumn Scavenger Hunt Printable
and go on your own family nature hunt!
This would also be perfect for a nature themed birthday party.
The lady bug is for any bug…and the stump could be a stick too.
We couldn’t find pinecones at the park, but ended up finding one in our yard.
Everyone won! ;)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
We plan on getting out in the sunshine again
anddd having family nap time tomorrow. haha.

Road Map Massage Shirt For Dad!

Β For Father’s Day this year, we made a massage shirt for Ben!
The kids were so excited about it and it came together really easily.
We grabbed a new white shirt and a pack of Iron on transfers from the store, then used a couple cars from micah’s toy bin! They were giddy to give him his present and his first car massage! ;)
Road Massage Shirt-TheBusyBudgetingMama

I created the little town in photoshop! Then sized it to fit two regular iron on transfer papers. (8.5×11) I printed them and trimmed to line up close, and ironed them on! A trick is to add a lot of pressure and heat..and then put in the freezer. Let it cool for a minute or so before you pull the shirt out and peel back the transfer paper. It makes it go a lot smoother.
Road Massage Shirt2-TheBusyBudgetingMama

Daddy got to lay down and the kids got to drive all over his back.
This is the perfect gift for Father’s Day or daddy’s birthday!
The girls and I had fun working this up during Micah’s nap time one day.
We created our dream town. ;)
Park and Coffee/Ice Cream Shop across from our house!Β yes please!
PS. I’m going to be stealing his shirt. haha.

Road Massage Shirt3-TheBusyBudgetingMama

I uploaded the PDF files to my Etsy Shop.Β ($2)
Enjoy and please share a photo if you end up using it!!

Our 2014 Cookie + Whiskey Exchange Party!

I’ve thrown a couple cookie exchange parties over the years.. (2010. 2011.)
and my husband and I said that the next one I do should be a couples one!
He said we should do a whiskey exchange for the guys. BRILLIANT.
Everyone we talked too loved the idea and we decided to try and fit it in
before Christmas came this year! It was so fun!thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange1

All the girls were told to bring 6 dozen cookies and the guys bring a bottle of whiskey.
They had to text ben a photo of what they got so they didn’t have duplicates. We weren’t so serious about the cookie exchange part. I let everyone bring whatever they felt like making and we ended up with no duplicates! Some couldn’t bring 6 dozen and some made we just winged it and it ended up being great! this was a no stress cookie exchange…
only rule was to bring some cookies and a bottle of whiskey.
I love baking and cookie dough probably more than I like the cookies themselves ;)
I couldn’t live without my scooper though! Makes making cookes so much easier.
Everyone needs this tool in their kitchen!
I didn’t have much time to decorate or plan a big party so I focused on the food…
and printed out my printables that I made for a party a few years ago… just a different color.
Instantly made the party feel festive and put together!
I made Oatmeal Scotchies. :)thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange2
For the table I put out the prizes on a cake stand and our little plates for the girls to put their “sample” cookies on. Each of them put 6 cookies down and marked on the card a number. On the inside they put the name of their cookie and how many they brought.
We cut the cookies up on the plate so everyone could sample a bit of each!
I loved seeing the table fill up with all the cookies!thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange3

For the Whiskey Exchange, ben had gotten a bunch of
mason jars and lined them up on the table. The guys lined up their whiskey
and each jar got 100ml . 7 jars per bottle, with 50ml left in bottle for sampling .
They did the exchange via fantasy football draft style and
picked in order of beard length with longest beard first haha!
We were surrounded by a lot of beards, plaid and whiskey.

Everyone started sampling the cookies and casting their votes using my ballot cards!
It’s fun seeing everyone get into it. focus.. serious decision making going on.

Lots of chatting, snacking and cookie eating going on!
I made some dips: buffallo chick dip..spinach dip. We had french onion dip ranch dip and all sorts of things to dip with! bread pretzels carrots peppers pita chips and wavy chips and tostitos chips. and pigs in a blanket. a classic holiday food in our house ;)
I’m a fan of snacking and talking!thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange10Here are the four winners! They won for Most Creative,
Best Looking, Most Unique and Best Tasting.
Everyone won in the end because we all got trays of cookies though!
The prize was a cute mug filled with treats and a whiskey flavored chocolate bar.
Saw it at target and had to have it. haha.thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange9I usually get trays but couldn’t find any cute ones this year that were big enough!
So instead we used these big paper platters from Walmart to load up cookies on!
Used the CLING saran wrap to send them home! Β it’s amazing.
why did I ever buy the other kind???

I loved the variety of cookies we ended up with!
Thankful for a night of friendship and fun.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Throw your own party!!
Doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to pull together something fun
for your friends and family to enjoy!
my instant download cookie exchange printable package