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6.5 Month Asher- One Chubby Baby!

Asher is my squeezy guy. There’s something about a chubby baby that just makes everyone
smile and then proceed to tell me how much their 2 yr olds weigh. haha.
He is a jolly baby just like his brother Micah was.
Both of my boys were 20 pounds by 4 months.
They were each born at 7 pounds something but just chunked up FAST.
Asher is compared to large baby animals by strangers/friends on a daily basis,
in an endearing way of course. lol.
He is such a blessing to our family and the joy he has brought us!
I put him on our bed the other day and snapped some photos so I
can always remember these chubby baby days.
And since he gets all the love on Instgram I thought I would share some of the photos here!
Sorry in advance to all the ovaries of the world.

I love that he is sitting up now!
His neck is still mysteriously hidden away.
No sharp edges on this kid. All curved and smooshy. lol.
I love how he is just so fascinated with his fingers and toes.
I am too. They are ridiculous how they pop out of his feet and hands.
I, also, am equally in awe of his arm rolls.

Off the charts babe. Off the charts.
Sometimes we let him just be
nakey in a diaper and let his rolls breathe.
No restrictions! haha. ;)
IMG_3873IMG_3919-BW IMG_3900

He loves his toes. and fist.
I mean really he tries to eat/gnaw anything he can.

If you just can’t I totally get it. I just can’t either.
can’t even handle it.

Thankful for this sweet healthy babe.
Thanks for stopping by to giggle at Asher.
He says you’re welcome.

Shrimp + Broccoli Pasta Dish


Shrimp and Broccoli sounded so good the other night, and we had linguine so I started making this recipe up,
and then kind of winged the sauce and it ended up being SO GOOD.
I shared this photo on Instagram and saw all of the requests for a recipe post…
So here you go!
If you are wanting a lighter feeling pasta, not one that is super heavy and filling, this is a great option!
The kids gobbled it up too! They ate all their trees…or as we tell Micah, the hulk smash food.
The light sauce turned out to be just what we were wanting. I think you’ll like it too!

I always buy my shrimp frozen and deveined and peeled.
Nobody’s got time for that! ;)
I also buy my broccoli frozen! Whether it’s in the bag you steam in the microwave or if you boil it on the stove.
It just makes the recipe come together fast when you aren’t deveining shrimp and chopping up broccoli.

I apologize in advance for not writing down all of the measurements,
but I really wasn’t planning on posting it until I realized how amazing it tasted.
But really, if you have all of these ingredients, and add the
garlic powder and salt to taste, you will be all set to love it as well!

+Bag of frozen deveined and peeled shrimp
(I used half of the large bag I got at the grocery)
+Bag of Frozen Broccoli
+Pasta of choice – We used Linguine
+Grated Parmesan
+Sour Cream
+Garlic Powder
+Salt + Pepper

Put your pasta water on to boil.
While you’re making the shrimp and broccoli just check the pasta
and make it as normal except don’t drain it yet!! (we use that pasta water later!)
Heat a skillet, add oil and heat- add frozen shrimp.
You’re going to sautee the frozen shrimp (you can follow instructions on the shrimp bag too)
I added in 2 TB Butter, a good shake of garlic powder and salt and pepper.
If you are boiling broccoli, get that going – OR to make it even easier..
just pop the steam bag variety into the microwave.
You don’t want to overcook the shrimp, so keep an eye on that.
When the pasta is done the way you like it, your shrimp should be done as well….
Use tongs and just grab the pasta and drop it into your shrimp/butter/spices pan.
Stir it around..keep adding the pasta till it fills up your pan or is enough.
You’ll naturally get water into your shrimp pan to help make the sauce.
Then take two big scoops of sour cream, a few shakes of parmesan and stir.
)You could use heavy cream, but I was wanting something lighter!)
Add the broccoli and more seasonings.
(again, sorry I don’t have exact spice measurements!)
That’s it! you are ready to fill up bowls and enjoy!

Do you have a funny name for broccoli in your house?
I’m happy to say the kids all asked for seconds of everything – including the trees. ;)

My Go-To Comfy and Stylish Shoes

This post is sponsored by BΓΈrn Footwear, as always, thoughts are my own!

My style has changed over time, and now as a mama I’m pretty confident in saying, I’m a casual girl.
If I’m going to wear shoes with height, they better be comfy!
I need to be able to chase kiddos in them!
If I’m going out on a date night with Ben I still want comfy shoes because
I’m already thinking, “I’m exhausted. Why am I even going out this late?
Can we nap on our date? no? ok Let’s go eat.”
I was SO EXCITED when I tried these two pairs of shoes on by BΓΈrn Footwear and realized
how COMFORTABLE they were.. and I felt beautiful! That’s a good combo to me.
Sometimes a little wedge can make you feel like a new woman.
I know I’m not alone with wanting to feel stylish but comfortable at the same time.
That’s why I’m so excited about this post and sharing
two shoe options that are pretty & smart for women on the go like us!

The first style is the Emmy! YOU GUYS…
I slipped these on and was like BEN…these are amazing!
He didn’t share my exact level of excitement but he did love them.
They make your rear look good…there you go. in plain english. haha.
It comes in different colors but I chose the tan suede.
Love how it’s a neutral and can work with everything!BORN SHOES-COMFY SHOES-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE1

This is my front porch pose while my kids look out from
the front door behind me, wondering why on earth mom is sitting down.
We all know moms don’t sit!!IMG_3715


The next shoe style is the Stephane, in gold.
Some days you don’t want any height, you just want a pretty shoe that feels fancier
than a flip flop but still is easy and comfortable to wear. This is your shoe!
I didn’t realize it until I tried them on myself, but the sole is padded just enough to feel amazing.
I feel like I need to periscope these shoes, so you can see my excitement better. ha.

I went with the gold color option on these flats because
I was wanting a new neutral flat. I don’t have a lot of time to pull together the perfect outfits,
so having neutral classic show options is super helpful.
I feel like I just hit the jackpot of shoe discovery!
Comfortable and cute.
I only end up using a handful of the shoes regularly…
and these are for sure going to be one of my go-to’s.

Check out BΓΈrn Footwear for all the fun styles they offer!
use #WeWearBorn and see how others are wearing their shoes.
Thank you BΓΈrn Shoes for sponsoring this post, and as always thoughts are my own!
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