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My System for Saving School Projects

My Sienna’s Preschool teacher, last year, gave us a binder at the
end of the school year filled with all her work and fun projects.
It was SO AWESOME having it all in one place and able to see how much she learned and grew in that year.
I am taking that same idea and putting it to use with my girls’ school projects this year!
I have a system made up to help me stay on top of all the papers that are coming through the door!
They LOVE their binders and it’s going to be something special to look at throughout the projects-athomewithnatalie

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the idea of doing this all year, but if you have
a good system in place it’ll help you stay on top of it!
Here’s how I’ve been doing it…

+Two Binders. (try to grab on clearance with the end of back to school supplies up!)
+3 Hole Puncher
+Card stock paper
+Container for school projects/papers as they come in
+Label for binders.
(I made one in photoshop. You could have your kids draw

something or create something on your computer.)
school projects2-athomewithnatalie

I have a metal tray that goes on top of the fridge, when I check their backpacks I
pull ones that I think I should include in their binder.
Not everything makes the cut….. There is SO MUCH.
TIP: If you do toss some of the extra papers, make sure your kids don’t see you. lol.
I gather the papers in the tray and then at some point during the week pop them into their binders.
I use the card stock for any of the smaller projects. Just stapling them to the
paper and then using the 3 hole puncher to pop them in.
For the pages of construction paper that are too wide for the binders,
I just use scissors to trim off the extra parts.
Or, like my Sienna’s old teacher did, just use the 3 hole puncher on part
of the large piece and fold up the rest of the paper to fit.
Sophia does a weekly spelling test. she is SUPER into it and loves practicing her sight words.
I made a page for the little test sheets and I’ll be adding them to it
for a while before starting another page of them. My baby bump crashed the photo. ;)
school projects3-athomewithnatalie

When I finish, I just pack up the stapler, card stock paper and hole punch into the
tray and put it back on top of the fridge for the next time.
We also keep their Faith Formation books in their since it’s a once a week thing.
If it was down on their level, they would always be pulling their books and folders out.
Helps keep my sanity in check that one day a week we actually need those books and folders!
school projects4-athomewithnatalie

I hope you give it a try! With a system in place, you’ll be able to tackle this project with no problem
at all and have some great memories all in one place!
So proud of my girls and how much they are learning and growing.
I really enjoy this little time where I can sit down and look at their hard work.
school projects5-athomewithnatalie

Princess Castle Wall Backdrop- VIDEO Tutorial

For my Sophia’s Princess + Knight Birthday Party, I created
a fun whimsical backdrop for the dessert table.
I was inspired by my daughter’s drawing of a castle, that we turned into the invite!
I had such a great response via social media that I thought I would share a video
with just how easy and affordable this DIY detail really is!
Castle Backdrop Tutorial-AtHomeWithNatalie

+ Foam Board (Home Depot Lumber Section)
+Scrap Cardboard with scissors to cut rough stone shapes.
+Floral Pins (Craft Store.)
+Paint (I used leftover paint from a DIY project.)
+Florals (Grab greenery and flowers)
(For the banner: pre cut pennants, pink glitter foam with sticky backside and ribbon.)

+I wanted the whole foam board..but you could cut with a utility knife to fit your table or space
+ Cut out stone shapes from cardboard
+Attach cardboard stones to foam board with floral pins or glue.
+Paint entire board
+Use floral pins to attach florals to board!
+Hang on wall with nails (we did two on each side.)
Castle Backdrop Tutorial2-AtHomeWithNatalie

I’m so happy with how the backdrop turned out. We left it up for a few days. ;)
The girls thought it was just the most magical thing ever once it was all set up.
Totally worth the effort seeing the smiles on their faces! It really made the party!
Castle Backdrop Tutorial3-AtHomeWithNatalie

Hope this post gives you some inspiration if you are planning your own Princess party!
Let me know if you end up making one, would love to see yours!
Castle Backdrop Tutorial4-AtHomeWithNatalie

To see more fun details from the party, check out the full party post!
Sophia’s Princess and Knight 7th Birthday Party

Labor + Delivery Nurse Gifts – DIY + Printable

When I had my other babies, I brought a little treat for my nurses.
It was a hit!!! I created this new printable to refresh the printable I originally created.
I offer both in my etsy shop! We aren’t finding out what we are having, so I went with a neutral yellow!
This DIY is super easy to work up and is a fun way to say thank you to your hard working nurses.
Andddd…possibly have you become their favorite patient. ;)
nurse gifts-athomewithnatalie1

Snack Size Ziploc Bags
Packaged Fun Size Candy
Printable (Or make your own!)
Card Stock Paper (Found at Target,
Walmart or your office supply store!)


First things first..bag your candy.
Sienna helped me with this part of the project!
You could also do gum, lifesavers, trail mix… whatever you want!
I just suggest that it’s prepackaged.

If you are using my printable, You’ll click “print full size” (or full page) in your settings.
Print…cut them out…fold them in half…
and staple them to your bags of candy!
nurse gifts-athomewithnatalie4

Your nurses will love you!
And, if you have any extras…you can have some sweet treats
while you snuggle that babe of yours!
I also end up giving them to any hospital room guests or the kids when
they come to see their new baby brother or sister.
My printable doesn’t say nurses on it..just that we want to pass on the sweetness!
nurse gifts-athomewithnatalie2

I loaded a storage size ziploc bag up with
these goodies and put it in my Hospital Bag.
(I’ll be sharing my entire Hospital bag soon!)nurse gifts-athomewithnatalie3

I hope you make these gifts for your nurses.
They are amazing and I’m sure would appreciate a little love!