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Framed Shiplap DIY Tutorial


If you are like me, and want to affordably and quickly add some shiplap
touches to your home, this is a great project for you!

I have Chip and Joanna to thank for this obsession.
We aren’t going to be doing an entire room in shiplap,
(even though I WANT too..haha.) So this was a good option for us!
This project is a lot easier than you think too. I went to Home Depot and had them cut most of the wood for me!
The kids think it’s so fun watching them cut it. They know me at my store now….I go in there weekly. ;)
“Hey..didn’t you build something last week?”  “YES! Want to see my instagram of it??” hahaha.
I haven’t shared an officially finished mantle photo yet but I have been getting asked
about a tutorial so I really wanted to pull this together for you guys and share it!

You don’t need much to make this!
1. A Piece of plywood. I got the smooth $12 version!
It’s called Underlayment
You could also use this kind.

2. Paint.
I used Sherwin Williams Alabaster White

And grabbed one of those small trim tray kits to make it super easy.
(roller and tray combined!)

3. Your trim wood! I used the 1/2 x 1 wood. It was 97 cents or something ridiculous like that.
Make sure you pick straight pieces. lol. I didn’t.
We just had to work with it a bit more to make it fit the best around the frame.
It’s rusticccc…
so…it doesn’t have to be perfectly perfect! ;)

4. Nails. or a Nail Gun.

5. A Nickel.

6. A Level.

7. Stain for Trim.
I got Varathane in Dark Walnut.
LOVED it. I grabbed it because it said it dries faster and with only one coat.
And it actually did that! I think it’s my new favorite stain.

This project really is can do this!!!
It only takes a few steps to get that Fixer Upper look in your home.

Step One.
Decide the size you want! I measured above my fireplace and figured out how big I wanted.
I wanted mine to be around 51 inches wide and 29 inches tall.
But work with the space you have and use the basic material I share below, to get the look you want!

Step Two.
Cut your wood. The plywood comes in 4×8 sheets.
I needed the width to be 4 feet… so I just had Home Depot cut my plywood into 6 inch planks.
SUPER EASY! And the best part about having them cut it is that you can easily fit it into your car!
Even with all the kiddos. :)
(I had two projects going so for my other plywood board I had
them cut the board from 8 to 6 feet… and thenn cut it into 6 inch planks.
I’ll share that playroom project soon!)

Step Three.
Putting it up is ways easier with a partner. So ask for another set of hands to help!
Ben and I worked together and finished this SO FAST.
Just figure out where you want the first one to go.. level it.. and nail it in.
Then stick your nickel in there.
and put the next piece on the wall.
Then level… nail!
You just repeat the process over and over until you
have all of the planks up that you want!

Step Four.
Paint! I decided it would be easiest if I got the planks on the wall and then painted!
I put on two coats and it was ready to roll!

Step Five.
Time to trim it out! If you want to frame out the shiplap like I did, you want to have the
top and pieces be flush to the width you have up.
So cut and stain those first pieces.
Nail them to the wall, and then you can measure
to see how long your side pieces need to be!
Cut those, stain them and nail them to the wall.

You are done! YAY SHIPLAP!
I loved how it added that farmhouse feel to the space!
I can’t do much about the fireplace for now, but this gave it that cozy touch I was wanting.

I’m still working on what I’ll put on my mantle…but I had this magnolia wreath from JoAnns.
(a sweet clearance find last year!) and I hung it right up with some ribbon and a nail at the top of the trim.
I’m excited to have a mantle to decorate!! In our last house the tv was on it…not pretty.
I’m excited to share the full mantle once I decorate it for fall! For now I put some of my favorite pieces and some candles up there.
Are you going to try this DIY?? Tag me on INSTAGRAM if you do!!

How I Edit My Phone Photos: POOL EDITION

editing pool photos

I’m always using my phone to capture family memories and sometimes
the photos don’t always turn out as bright or clear as I wish!
I’ve learned ways to use my favorite apps to make them more like the fun bright moments they were!
I’ve shared editing tutorials before, but I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my steps.
I though I would share my new favorite ways since people sometimes ask on Instagram!
I found a new app a while back called Color Story and it has a few filters I
love but one is especially great for pool photos!
OF COURSE, start with Snapseed! It is the biggest game changer for your phone photos.
It brightens everything up so much! I like how the ColorStory filter then makes the color so saturated and crisp!

If you are filling up your summer with pool days, like us, use
these steps to make your photos even better!
I love being able to see all of their sweet faces!
Here’s some before and afters before I jump into the screen shot steps.athomewithnatalie2athomewithnatalie1athomewithnatalie3

I like this one because ben looks like a mer-man. bahaha.
He’s gonna love this blog post.


1. Download two apps: Snapseed and ColorStory.
My favorite feature of Snapseed is the Drama and Tune Image options.
ColorStory has free filters, but I ended up getting the in app purchase set…GOOD VIBES.
The filter I love is all the way at the end… POP SONG.

Ok first things first…open the photo in Snapseed.
Click on Drama.
You’ll see there are different options under drama.
Start with Drama 1.
When you tap on the screen and push up and down you can adjust filter strength and saturation.
Mess with it a bit, but it will look darker than you want at first. Just make sure you bump the saturation up.
Click save and it’ll take you back to the main screen.
You want to click on Drama again but this time go to Bright 1!
Again, you can mess with the filter strength and saturation.
Save the photo!
This is what you’ll end up with just with Snapseed.
Plenty of times I’ve just used this app.

OK! Now open up Colorstory and the photo you just edited in Snapseed!
I make my photos square for instagram using the frame option.
Then I click on Filters.
Like I said above, they have free filters…
But after a while I ended up getting their “Good Vibes” Set.
I scroll all the way across to the end and use POP SONG.
You can adjust the strength of the filter here as well.
I like this filter..but you can try out any of them till you find one you love.
Sometimes, I’ll go to the Tool section and click adjust.
Then I can use the curves button or contrast to get the brightness
and contrast just the way I want it.
With this photo I barely raised up the levels in curves…
to make it a tad brighter. (remove some shadows)
It was barely anything really. So you can totally skip this step.
Click save and you’re done!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful when you go to
edit your own pool photos you took with your phone!

Be sure to tag me on INSTAGRAM if you end up trying it out and posting!
I love seeing your great photos!


Farmers Market Stand Tutorial

I love dramatic play for kids! I love giving them toys or activities where they can be creative in pretend play!
You might have seen my blog post a while back where I shared this lemonade stand I made them.
We brought it inside to use for their market/grocery store in their room. Micah Man broke it the other day. He was apparently too strong for his own good. He Hulk Smashed it pretty good. It was a sit down and come to Jesus moment for the little guy. But I realized I needed to make it a little more sturdy when I fixed it.
I’m throwing a Garden themed party this week as one of the featured parties in my Video Party Course!
(eek so excited!! filming and editing all week long! launching in June!)
SOO… I decided to get some wood at the store and create a sturdier version using
the existing cubbies from the previous project. I love how it turned out!!
You could work up the same idea with your own cubbies and measurements.
More details below.

This was the previous set up… it was awesome but not as sturdy as I
needed and the pvc pipes were too easily taken out and used as swords. lol.
This is real life guys.IMG_0088


A few products made this project come together really easily and finished it off nicely!
I was originally going to just paint the chalkboard part on…but then Fancy-Fix sent these
amazing Adhesive Chalkboard Rolls and they made it look so much more polished!
They also sent me some chalkboard markers that ACTUALLY wipe off with WATER.
I tested ladies. Because I know so many of you are looking for ones that don’t take all of
your elbow strength and some weird pinterest concoction to wipe it off.

They write like a dream! I’m excited to be able to change it up for whatever the kids are playing.
Farmer Market, Bakery, Workshop, Lemonade stand… Super hero store.
We have lots of ideas for how to use this stand. ;)

I’m writing this post giving you the general inspiration!
You can take it away from here!

I used the original cubbies that I already had as the base.
I got ours at Home Depot.
They have similar designs at ALL the stores.
IKEA, Target, Walmart, Kmart etc etc.
Measure the tops and sides of your cubbies.
I got one big panel of plywood. (Over by the smaller panels of wood.)
I was able to use that sheet to make all my cuts at home, but if you don’t have a saw
you can give them your measurements at Home Depot and they can help you out!
I would have made my measurements and cuts a little differently
(let the top be longer and hang over the side pieces)
BUT.. we had four kids hovering around us and it was a-get it done now we have to do
other things like make them dinner-kind of moment.
I was able to use the whole panel for my cuts of wood.
I then used two 6 foot pieces of wood to hold up the sign.
I trimmed four or so inches off of those to get the height I wanted.
Ben screwed the big pieces in and then we found our nail gun battery, and finished off the rest with that.
I gave everything a quick sanding with a sanding block. Didn’t go crazy.
Then I gave a quick coat to the new wood with my Rust-oleum Chalk Paint in Linen.
I had some leftover from a previous project. Doesn’t take much!

Next I took my chalkboard adhesive and just cut out the size I needed and stuck it to the board!
It was pretty forgiving as I was lining it up and laying it onto the piece of wood.
I feel like it looks better than if I would have painted it…just a more polished look.
Then we hung it up behind the two tall pieces and nail gunned it on.
IMG_1000 IMG_1003

Done! Let the playing begin!
I ordered some toy vegetables on Amazon and they arrived earlier today.
Perfect timing!

Makes my heart happy seeing how much the kids love playing with it.
They take turns being the customers and worker.
I know it will be put to use often for different things.
Summer is around the corner, so I’m thinking a lemonade stand is in our near future.

Have a great weekend!
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Party Planning course and can see the garden party set up and fun!