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FREE Printable – Baked Goods Gifting

Let’s kick off monday with a little free printable for gift giving!
I shared this on instagram last week and had some people asking for it, so here you go!
I was in a total funk last week, having a complete pitty party for myself and
how exhausted and worn down I was feeling.
But I wanted to shake that off and so I decided to get out of myself, bake up some treats
and deliver some baked goods to my mama friends who I knew were in the thick of things too!
It helped lift my spirit so much! The boys slept in the car while I delivered the goodies.
I was so happy to see my friends (even for a few minutes) and have a conversation with someone above the age of 7.
If you are feeling a little burnt out, I highly suggest that you do this too.
Everyone loves a brown paper bag tied up with string! Download the printable below!

I love baking right now.
The kids go to bed and it’s my me time! (either bed time or nap time.)
I love gifting baked goods…something so simple but special about it.
These recipes are on my blog. I used the apple crisp recipe and the banana bread recipe.

I had some brown paper bags from past craft projects and field trip lunch bags.
Found some sparkly string from a past project.
I used some clear cellophane bags that were from a past party.
A cute tag was all that was missing, so I hopped on my computer and worked it up in Photoshop.
You can DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE and simply cut and tape to your treats.
For the apple crisps, I just taped one to the top of the covered pie dish.

This is all I had to post the other day on social media.
Messy bun, baby carrier on, wearing husband’s tee shirt,
cute baby and the messy back back/school papers everywhere situation.
Life isn’t always picture perfect, but life is good.
I didn’t have a cute outfit post or styled house photo or cute succulent to share
But I figured this was the same situation for a lot of mamas. Let’s be real.
These days won’t last forever…and I’m sure I’ll miss them when they are gone.

This is what life looks like right now.
How do I feel about having four kids now??
It’s a good mix of oh my gosh I love my life- oh my gosh when will I ever sleep again.
haha. ;)

The three big kids during that
‘sweaty we love each other /  we are arch enemies’ time
right before dinner + bed.
I love that now when Asher smiles his neck dissapears haha.
I have a feeling it’s going to be gone for a while. ;)

Sometimes they play so nice together!
They were playing house last night in the girls’ room.
It was free donut day! I think Micah had one too many felt donuts. #sugarhigh
Plan for this week…get their room set up. We already went through toys and purged a lot!
Now, to have a better system to store all the toys that we are keeping.
I’ll blog the progress!

I hope that you put this printable to use and bake up some treats for gifting!
I’m going to be be using these agin and again.
Download it and you’ll have it to print off anytime you need it.
Share the post with your friends..maybe you’ll get some baked goods too haha!

How I Make Photo Books with My Phone Photos

I take a ton of photos with my phone. Every day…
Big occasions and the random cute moments I never want to forget!
I really want to enjoy the photos I take..not just dump them
onto my computer when my phone fills up! Which is often. haha.
I have found a great app that helps me create photo books using my phone photos!
I use Printastic to create the books..and within days it arrives!
I made one this summer from our Outer Banks Beach trip and then
another one last week for Asher’s baby book! LOVE THEM!
I kind of want to show them to everyone who comes over haha. (I don’t.)
BUT you guys might want to check them out because they would make great Christmas presents!
I even have a discount code for you to use! NATALIE20

I have started a little spot for them on my Dining Room Shelf.
I like to pull them out frequently and look at them!
The kids love them just as much as me. I remember my mom would
have photo albums, and I still love looking at them!
I’m trying to get my act together and create a little collection of these books for memories!

So once you download the app…
If you want to do it like me, just follow these steps.
When going through your phone photos…click the heart icon at the bottom of your favorite ones.
That’ll take it to a favorites folder. I take a lot of the same photo… (kids move fast……)
So that makes it easier to pick the best ones.
I’ll grab those photos from the favorite folder (where I have favorites from all my albums)
and move them to a specific folder… For example.. “Asher”!
I put all my favorite photos of his first two weeks in that folder, to use in my photo book!
(you could put the photos directly into your “Asher” album, but I like just hearting
and moving quickly through them then batch moving them.
Then I went in and edited those photos..having them there ready to drop into the app.
I’ll open the app and they make it really easy to pick layouts for your pages and zoom in on photos.
I’ve tried other photo books… and on my phone with apps..and this one by far is the easiest.
I can make it up really quick. Usually editing photos one night while nursing on sofa…
then plugging them into the album the next night or two. If I didn’t have cute
little distractions I probably could do it all in one sitting lol.

I am so in love with Asher’s baby book!
My mom was here when it arrived and together we gushed over how cute he was. ;)
I love having these memories all together in one place! Look how little! PHOTOBOOKS-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE4

The beach trip was the first photo book I made with Printastic.
I had heard good things about the app, but it was kind of a, hmm
let’s test it out to see the quality, book.
Best I’ve used so far!

If you want to know how I edit my phone photos you can see my step by step tutorial
to help you get your photos just right before you order a book.
They also have a great discount if you order more than one of the same book.
So let’s say you want to send the book to all the grandparents…
you’ll save there and you can use the discount code!

Micah….”This is my book. that’s me.. with my hat…and my shoes…and my shirt….”
This goes on and on…haha.

I hope you find this post helpful if you are trying to choose a way to make up your own photo books!
I think it’s a great way to enjoy all those photos we take on our phones!
I plan on ordering a photo book of our Christmas 2015!
(Affiliate links are in this post. As always, I only share products I love and use!)

DIY Chalkboard – The Easiest Project

This DIY Chalkboard was one of the quickest and easiest DIY’s I’ve ever done.
It’s a project for the people who say they can’t DIY!
I hung it in our kitchen nook space that I’ve been turning into our
mudroom/office/kitchen storage area. The space was too small for our kitchen table…
and I needed more space to get 4 kids out and in the door. It’s a work in progress, but way more functional for us!
I’ll blog more on this space soon. I have a makeover in the works on the table…and I’ll source things for you guys!
I’m all about making your space work for you and using what you already have as much as possible!
Now, back to the chalkboard! It’s a favorite thing in my kitchen!
I love having this spot for daily encouragement!

The best part about this project…the black chalkboard panel I bought at Home Depot!
No lumber to painting or spray painting.
I just pulled that baby off the shelf and strategically put it in my cart with Micah man.
(I was pregnant at the time.) Micah thought it was the most fun trip ever.
He loves to “build stuff.”

Black Chalkboard Panel – Home Depot $9.95
Rope (cut to size you want.) – Home Depot
Drill (for holes. I used a small drill bit from a past project)
Large Chalkboard Marker
(It’s the best craft tool!! I got mine at Hobby Lobby.)

1. Buy Panel.
2. Drill Holes in panel corners. (whichever corners you want!)
3. String rope through holes and double knot on front side.
4. Hang on nail and Enjoy!

I loved the rustic look to it…and how I can have a place to put quotes and verses.
I am currently loving this quote from Francesca Battistelli’s song, Holy Spirit.
The other morning Sienna looked at me and said, “wowww mom, you look TIRED.” haha.
The whole day I was leaning into this prayer that I wrote on my chalkboard.
Those words were on repeat every time I walked through my kitchen.
Your glory God! I can really see where, right now, my vocation
as a mom is how I’m supposed to glorify God…
So many moments where I can say no to myself and yes to Him!
Viewing it like that, helps me get through the daily grind of dishes,
laundry, diaper changes, time outs, etc.
And it helps me to focus on the good and beautiful around me.