GIveaway Winner- 3 Month Subscription to E-MEALZ

I love this part of blogging and giveaways… :)
Congrats to Laura for winning the Giveaway!
Enjoy your 3 Month Subscription to E-MEALZ!

For those of you wanting to cash in on the 10%
off for all new subscribers…
 It ends today! (January 15th)
You can Click the Banner below and type in code 2012 at time of purchase
Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!

PS. I have such a sweet husband!
he threw me a surprise party last night. I’m still in shock. ;)
I turn 26 on tuesdayyyy. but I stopped counting at 24.
You would think I would be suspicious that he TOTALLY CLEANED OUR KITCHEN..
left it sparkly. and he picked up the playroom too..AND he got the girls down for a nap and let me take one. how did I NOT see that he had a party planned?? ;) I’m so spoiled. you must be thinking what did she do yesterday?? haha. The hubby is making me look bad. ;)
Yay for a fun night with family and friends!
I might jump on the “birthday week” festivity band wagon.

Hope you are all having a great sunday! 
Just got home from Church..had lunch..
Girls are sleeping…It’s family nap time..

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