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5 Things To Do To Get Paid To Throw Your Parties

When I first started blogging I had no idea you could earn money doing it!
I shared our parties and my creative ideas… It was a hobby blog!
Eventually it clicked that it could be so much more!
I could keep on sharing our family life and the parties I already wanted to create and share…
BUT… I could earn money while doing it!
Maybe you are considering starting a blog to share your own creative ideas
or maybe you are just SO CURIOUS how this is even a possibility.
Today I wanted to share five things you can do to make your hobby of throwing parties, earn you an income!

These tips are for anyone that has a blog already – whether it’s booming with
views or only your mama and your cousin read it.
BUT… let’s say you don’t have a blog at all – you need one first lol.
Put that at the top of your list because
you can’t make money with a blog you don’t have! ;)
I have a Blog Course and Facebook Community if you want to
know where to even start and not feel alone. I gotch you.
BUT… as we continue let’s pretend you have that blog set up… and are ready to publish your party posts!
Let’s dive into the 5 things you need to start doing to get
the $$$ while you throw your parties!

1. Upload your Party Content to Other Sites.
When I first started blogging I shared our parties and I had NO one coming to my page… nada.
BUT that didn’t get me down! I knew I needed to go where the party people were –
So tip 1. Upload your parties to share sites –
Obvious choice is Pinterest…but even more than that check out party themed sites.
Example: Catch My
Everyone on that site has party planning on their mind and looking for inspiration.
Help them discover YOU and your blog! And when we get more page views…we can get some good things going.
Pinterest basics: We all know we should pin our party posts to Pinterest…
Use key words in your description, add title words to your main graphic,
and vertical is better you want it to take people longer to pass by your image.
( has Pinterest graphic templates you can use!)
Repin your pins that are already out there getting traction.
You can search your pins by going to

2. Fake it till you make it.
Maybe you REALLY want that party supply store to send you ALL the fun stuff to style your next party.
If you are just starting out with throwing parties…I suggest you get a couple under your belt:
post great photos… LINK where you got everything!
Because when you are ready and reach out to that party store they are going
to be looking for great photos and to see if you actually can represent them well and link them correctly!
That you are worth sending free stuff! Or discounted stuff!
Consider throwing a couple play dates or other themed parties to show off your talent with styling!
Then when they come to check you out they will go gaga over your work! You don’t have to go crazy with your parties…
People are looking for inspiration in big and little celebrations. Some people don’t want a huge dessert table
but want ideas on how to set up something small but thoughtful.

3. Affiliate link it up.
Properly linking items that you LOVE and naturally fit into the blog post are
a great way to earn a passive income with your blog.
You put the work into that party and that post upfront…but then it’s
there getting traction on Pinterest or as people discover your blog through your social media shares!
Amazon Affiliates is a great place to start! There are tons of Party Supplies on Amazon that
you can use in your parties and show others how to style for their own parties!
People are looking for ideas… why not share yours with them!?

4. Brand Sponsorship- $$ or free product
Reach out to those party supply companies… There are SO MANY to choose from!
Of course you might think of the big ones at first but think of all the smaller Etsy shops and stores!
You can offer a rate or start with offering the styled photos in exchange for the product.
(Think of all the extra fun experiences you can offer your kids with free product!
You got party skills and create something so fun!
Shops are looking for content creators! If you can show them you are good at it and
can produce great photos and links to their stuff… they’ll want you!
A great place to start when reaching out to shops is social media!
Go to their instagram account and turn on the post notifications for them.
Every time they post something… you’ll know and can be one of the first to like and comment on it.
Most likely the one running their account is the one that lines up influencers
or at least GETS the value in working with bloggers.
Let them know you love their stuff… and help them discover you!

5. Create digital downloads to include in your parties.
A LOT of people are looking for inspiration that they can take directly from your parties.
My first bucks from blogging came from people asking me if I would sell
them the printables I created for my own kids’ parties.
Maybe you don’t feel like a graphic designer but check out sites like
where you can get help in creating your own designs!
I use photoshop for creating my printables. I learned a lot through tutorials on youtube!
I also like to use the site to purchase fonts or graphics to use in my own designs.
You buy the license so you can use it as part of  your own designs you work up to sell.
Each product shares details and pricing.
SO MANY amazing products listed to help you create incredible party details.

I hope you found this post helpful as you jump into the world of party blogging or maybe you are
already in it and feel like you are missing the boat on an income you can bring in!
YOU PROBABLY ARE! I know there are a ton of girls who were just like me when I started out…
totally clueless about some practical and easy things you can put into place with your party posts.
These are just some of the things that can make your blog, as a whole, help bring in an income for you.
*There are affiliate links in this post – I love sharing what has worked for me! Thanks!*

If you are looking for direction and someone in your corner… I would love to help!
I created a blogging course that is filled with concrete tips and tools to
help you start or grow the blog you have!
A long with the course you gain access to our Private Facebook group where
we encourage, inspire and share each other.
The group is very active. We have ‘share days’ and also live chats with me!
It’s not a one time purchase but rather we are all growing together.
Blogging should be fun and YOUR PLACE to share your creativity and passions!


Framed Shiplap Alphabet Wall

I’ve always wanted to do an Alphabet wall in our home and I
knew that combining it with another favorite thing, shiplap, would make it even better!  ;)
I kept my eye out for a good bargain on letters and got a whole haul of them for CHEAP at Michael’s.
I get asked a lot about this project via Instagram so I wanted to put all the info into post for you guys!
It didn’t take that long and has been one of my favorite decor details of the house.
If you are thinking about creating your own alphabet wall, my tip is to start stocking up on your letters.
If you see one you like, on sale, grab it! Let’s dive right into the post with the tips and how-to!

The project was VERY simple if you have a nail gun. You could do it even without one but it made it go up in a snap.
The nail gun was a present to me haha for my birthday or Mother’s Day??
I forget! But best present ever haha.
The framed shiplap part is the same steps as the tutorial I shared here:
Framed Shiplap DIY Tutorial
You are just going to adjust the size to fit the wall you want to fill – and add letters!

1. Letters. for the alphabet. ;)

2. Plywood-  “underlayment” is the type I get for the faux shiplap


1.Use the basic tutorial to create your shiplap base.
OR..skip this part if you are just putting the alphabet wall straight to the wall.
I like how it anchors it and makes it look like one big piece of artwork.
Framed Shiplap DIY Tutorial

2. I already had some letters (from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s) so I just had to fill in the gaps to finish out my alphabet!
We kind of looked like a hot mess laying all the letters on the store floor but I needed to picture it. ;)
My kids thought it was jut the most fun thing we’ve ever done in a store. haha.

OK! So to make this project go smoothly and quickly – you need to do a little prep work.
I sat on my floor and traced all of the letters.. and cut them out.
Then I was able to tape them onto the wall to see EXACTLY where I wanted them!
made it os much easier when I was nailing them up!
Some I hung with the hooks not he letters…
others I just put a nail in and hung the hollow part on the nail.
It really is a favorite part of the house and I love walking by it every day!
Give it a try and tag me on Instagram if you share your alphabet wall!!
*This post contains an affiliate link- Love sharing our favorites! Hope you found this post helpful*

Did you like this post? Check out my original framed Shiplap Tutorial post!

A Safe and Stylish Nursery + Big Boy Room

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nationwide . The opinions are mine.

One of my favorite things to do, while I avoid the mountain of clean laundry I need to fold, is to
decorate our home! Our two older boys share a room so it’s a nursery AND big boy room. ;)
Asher is currently in a crib while Micah is in the bottom bunk! It’s been a great set up and I’m
planning on keeping Asher in that crib as LONG AS POSSIBLE. haha.
I loved setting up and decorating their nursery/big boy room and I wanted to share about how I
made the space safe and stylish at the same time!

I’m teaming up with Nationwide and their Make Safe Happen Program for this post.
I’ll be sharing a great checklist below that is a great first look or refresher for anyone preparing
to decorate and set up a nursery! Emergency rooms treated over 65,000 young children for
nursery-related injuries in 2015 (CDC)!! So as much as we want to just do the pretty part of
decorating, getting it set up safely is even more important!
We all want to keep our babes as safe as possible!


As much as I saw bumpers for the crib in all the stores… we don’t use them!
When our kids were babies the crib was totally empty.
Now that Asher’s 2.5 he uses a blanket but before he
was all snuggly in his swaddle or sleep sack!
We snipped curtain cords and always have them high enough from kids.
I put heavier bins at the bottom of the storage units and anchored them to the walls.
Nursery Decor wise I went with a grey and white color scheme.
I like how it kept things neutral and calm even with the pops of color from the toys and books!
I had fun with two main gallery walls and incorporating favorite things and special items.

Here are some tips from Make Safe Happen and experts at Nationwide
Children’s Hospital to keep in mind as you style the nursery of your dreams.
Maybe you know all this stuff… or maybe you’ll find something new.
It’s always good to take a fresh look at safety!

Furniture Checklist:

+Bookshelves, dressers and changing tables are all susceptible to tipping over, posing the
danger of injuring your infant.

+Anchor this furniture to the wall to stabilize them, and keep heavier items at the bottom on
lower shelves or in lower drawers.

+When it comes to changing tables, always use the safety
straps on the changing pad and keep a hand on
your infant whenever he or she is on the table.

+Keep the table clear of any potentially dangerous items,
like small caps, cleansers, medications or ointments, that
your infant could grab and put in his or her mouth.

+ Try to position them away from electrical outlets, and place protective covers over all plugs.

Windows Checklist:

– Window treatments can add beautiful lighting
and pops of color to your nursery, but they can also pose dangers.

+If window treatments have cords, snip the loop or
install a cord shortener to keep the cord out of the reach of little ones.

+Keep cribs, beds, and furniture away from

windows, so children cannot use them to climb up to the window.
+ Always keep windows closed and locked when you aren’t in the room.

+Install window stops to keep the windows from opening
any more than 4 inches – screens do a great job of keeping bugs out, but not keeping children in.
And babies should never sleep in an adult bed, chair or couch.
The crib or bassinet should contain only a firm, well-fitting mattress and a tightly fitted sheet.

Crib Checklist:

– Here are some more things to keep in mind when it comes to the crib.

+Keep toys and stuffed animals out of the crib

+Do not install bumpers, whether padded, mesh or breathable

+ Décor and accessories with cords or strings, such as hanging mobiles, name banners and
baby monitors should not be in or near a crib
Use a crib manufactured after 2011 that meets the most current safety standards, for instance:
o Slats should be less than 2 3/8 inches apart.
o Don’t use a crib with broken parts or chipped paint.
o Avoid cribs with decorative finials or posts
o Steer clear of drop-side models
o No more than 2 fingers should fit between the mattress and the crib itself

+ It’s important for you and any caregivers to learn the ABCs of infant sleep safety: Alone, Back, Crib

+ Experts recommend that for their first 6 months, infants should sleep in mom and dad’s room,
but not in their bed. Babies should sleep in a safe crib, bassinet or play yard – free of anything
that could block their nose and mouth or get
wrapped around their necks like blankets, pillows and quilts.
Safety: Here are some example style + safety tips for inspiration
you can also utilize within your post

+ Safety Tip: Choose a safe crib. Use a crib manufactured
after 2011, that way you know it meets the most current safety standards.

+ Style Tip: Accent your crib with bold sheets.
Dress up your empty crib by adding fitted sheets in a fun accent
color or decorative pattern that matches the room!
You can pick up a few different styles to keep it interesting.

+ Safety Tip: Prevent tip-overs. Anchor bookshelves,
dressers and changing tables to walls to
avoid tipovers; keep heavier items at the bottom.


Safety Tip: Watch blind cords. If window treatments have cords, snip the loop
or install a cord shortener to keep it out of the reach of little ones.

Thanks for reading today’s post and I hope you found it helpful! shares all sorts of tips to help make a nursery as safe as possible.
You can also check out the Make Safe Happen app that has new safe sleep,
safe nursery content and tips!