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My Weekend in Atlanta: Photo Recap + Comment Fun-leave one and get featured!

A few weeks ago i went home to atlanta for a friend’s wedding. it was such a great weekend. here’s some photos of all the fun! i knew i would eventually get around to sharing these even if it’s a few weeks late. hehe. sooo busy right now!
 i am experiencing major urges to nest right now in my pregnancy…but i can’t yet!! because we haven’t moved. so instead i’m just feeling anxious. it’s the worst. trying to focus on packing up and cleaning/getting organized. while finishing up stuff for work. i’m on overload. and to top it all off the past few days sophia has been prepping us for the terrible two’s! if it weren’t for the snuggles, random smoochies and trips to go pray at church i would have lost it a long time ago. haha. the other day ben and i just took turns praying while the other chased our wild sophia around the back of church. :) 
leave a comment with a link to your blog and i’ll come check you out! looking for a couple blogs to feature in my upcoming “Day in the Life: Random Mama Moments” feature.