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My Top Mama Picks – Favorite Blogs

This blog is full of inspiration…. 
i see her inspiration boards and picture ideas for a room color scheme..or party details. she is amazing. 
you should go check out her blog!
this board is so fresh and lovely!
 i like the menu card with the lemon..i think i’ve seen some striped yellow fabric like that at ikea! pretty.
i love green..and i love the artichoke place cards. so cute.
i love these colors!! a room with these rose and mocha shades would be so yummy. i mean pretty.
i love the silverware tied with the ribbon and the little potted moss! and how cute is that bird cage veil??
 i need an occasion to wear one of those…haha.
hope you have a lovely sunday! i’m off to pick up a few things for our gender reveal party tomorrow night! just having a few close friends over to make the reveal a little fun..i will use this baby in my womb as a reason to throw a party…i have no shame. ;)