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Holiday Party Planning- Ideas and Inspiration

Here’s some images for inspiration! plenty of ideas to get you thinking!
and if you weren’t planning on having a party before Christmas maybe now you will. :)

 I saw some photos of a cookie exchange and was like ok..we are doing one of those this year!!! hehe. any party with a lot of cookies sounds good to me. details on that planning process soon!


Love the toasty details at this party! any party that involves marshmallows…. i’m there. ;)
this was a marshmallow roast and red wine toast! they had just moved into their new home.
 love the idea. a great way to use your fire pit or fire place during the chilly christmas time!

Some sweet treat ideas found on party frosting

My Holiday Printable Collection is coming soon! My parents were visiting over Thanksgiving and my mom and i have been busy with sewing! my husband bought me a sewing machine for christmas over black friday. The sales at Joann’s were crazy! so impressed. we went again on sunday hehe. 
My mom gave me a crash course in sewing while she was still here…i made a pillowcase. because she was leaving today though, we were up till 2 am!! so, feeling a bit exhausted but very domesticated. ;)
be prepared to be in awe of my sewing skills. haha. hey gotta start somewhere! :) right now i’m working on a mama-daughter christmas-y apron. so fun!