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2011- Popular & Favorite Posts!

If you are a blogger..
you need to check out
It really helps in giving you all the background info on your page views/content
I just clicked for the first time to see my yearly stats..
2010 – Page Loads…353,528
2011 – Page Loads…966,564
?!?!?! Soo excited!! Might not be a lot compared to
some of the big time bloggas but it’s big for me! :)

I thought I would share some of
the popular posts people viewed!
I had fun sharing them with you..
These are some of my favorites!

Felt Food – Favorite Tutorials
My mom and I made these and a bunch of other fun ones for my sophia’s 2nd birthday.
the key was to give her a present that year that was veryyy soft
since she had a newborn sister. :)

Free Baby Shower Printable- Baby Jeopardy
Made this for my friends’ shower that I threw.. it’s been downloaded 1,103 times!
Happy to be a part of all those baby showers! 

Storybook Princess Party-
(spent $4 on that DIY castle!)

Most Popular Inspiration Board –

Saw a lot of clicks going to the button at the top for Recipes!
I can see a lot of you are like me..always looking for new ones to try!
Also saw a lot of clicks going to the button at the top for Tutorials!
Here’s some of my favorites..

Sweet Shoppe Party ThemeSweetopia Village
Sophia’s 2nd Birthday Party

Pamper the Mommy Baby Shower
Threw it for 3 friends of mine who were pregnant.
I especially loved making up these We heart babies We heart mommies cupcake toppers..
and teaming up with my friend to create a bath bomb bar!

Always a favorite topic on the blog..
a lot of clicks went to the button at the top for DIY projects!
Here’s a recent favorite…Glitter Votives

One of the most personal posts I’ve done was sharing
about my best friend’s murder..She was A Victim of Domestic Violence
It was a great source of healing for me to blog about it. And I have been so blessed by all of your prayers and support through this hard time. I was also amazed by the vast reach that domestic violence has in our many people know of, or are, someone affected by it. Please join me in this new year to pray for the end of violence..and for all those affected by domestic violence. I especially pray that every woman knows how amazing and worthy of love she is. And I pray that we may help stand up for those we know being told otherwise.

Thanks for making this year such a wonderful one on my blog..
for following my journey as a wife, mother and woman of God.
and for those of you who blog yourself..thanks for sharing YOU with us!
My family and I wish you many many blessings for this new year!
Have a fun and safe night!

My Life Lately…

My Life Lately.
1. baby snuggles and paper crafting. 

2. catching up on doing the dishes and laundry that i was avoiding.

3. blogging and working up party printable orders for clients.

4. hiding out in the mall play land waiting for a crazy hail storm to pass. 

5. sophia is fascinated with ice cubes right now..
i’m just waiting to walk into the kitchen one day and see her
 chubby little finger pressing the fridge ice dispenser with the floor covered..
it’s inevitable. 

6. i remember myself being much more patient when i had just 1 baby…haha. 
they say having children causes your heart to grow. this week i’ve been experiencing growing PAINS. tough couple days with whiney/not wanting to sleep babies..but we get through those times and are lucky to have “wow i am awesome at parenting/this isn’t too bad” moments to help us not have complete melt downs. :) although melt downs do happen.

7. Been busy creating new Patterns & Printables for my
I’ll be showcasing them in the Baby Shower i’m throwing for 3 girlfriends of mine!
More party details to come.

8. I’ll be putting together all the fun budget friendly tutorials for the baby shower i’m throwing so you can create the same details yourself!

Hope you are having a wonderful thursday!
I can’t wait to share with you more of the Baby Shower Party planning.
loving it. 
not loving the burning my finger with the hot glue gun 
because i obviously can’t watch american idol and hot glue at the same time.
just not that skilled.