Mexican Felt Food – Printable Patterns!

I’m excited to share a little project that I’ve been working on!
I love making felt food for my kids to play with and randomly create new items ever so often.
We LOVE Mexican food so it only seemed fitting that we added some to their play kitchen!
I’m offering my Mexican Felt Food Patterns for FREE!
If you have been wanting a little inspiration to get started, here you go! You can for sure make these!
All of the felt food you see in this set I did with a simple hand stitch.
All of my felt is inexpensive ones from Michael’s.
I love felt food because it is such an inexpensive craft and DIY project!
You can download my patterns for that extra help or check out the photos in this post to get inspired!
There really is something relaxing about sitting and sewing…
I was able to do it at random times and then just put it up and away when life was busy.

So I started off by making a taco. Because Sienna LOVES tacos.
(She also requested a felt mocha frap but that’s coming later. haha.)
Then I knew I had to make quesadillas with sour cream!
Enchiladas seemed like the next appropriate item… and can’t forget guacamole and nachos!
I was pretty much starving for real Mexican food the entire time I made these. haha.
I had chips a lot when working on these and watching a show with the hubby. hehe.

Once you download the patterns all you do is
print them out, cut the patterns out, trace on the back of felt,
cut out your felt and do a simple hand stitch!
Done and done!
I even include a supplies list so you know what color felt and thread you need to grab.

I’ll share some photos and basic steps to get you going and feeling inspired!
You can make these and your kids will love them!
Up first, tacos! We have a ground beef and a chicken taco.
I created the pieces for the felt taco…folded it over and then stitched it in a few spots to keep it all together.
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie4

Side of Guac and Sour Cream please! Both of these are just two pieces stitched together and flipped.
You take the top of the guac..add the toppings.. then put it face down together with the other piece..
stitch to almost shut and tie off.
Then flip inside out…stuff with batting material and then hand stitch closed.
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie9
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie8

I took three cut outs with my pattern for the grilled chicken…
the top and bottom piece get the grill marks stitched on.. then all stitch it together.
I made two grilled chicken strips for the taco.Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie10
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie3

I took the base shape of the shredded cheese and attached little rectangles of light and dark yellow felt!

 I just took two pieces of my ground beef pattern and stitched together.
I didn’t even flip it inside out…so simple!
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie13Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie11   
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie2 

All I did was use the chip pattern (or you could do the tortilla pattern folded over!)
and put two pieces of yellow felt in between
Simple hand stitch around the outside and done!
I’ve seen some people put little light brown spots of felt for the grill marks but I
thought this looked prettier so I didn’t worry about that step!
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie 1 Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie7 

I love white chicken enchiladas… so we made that version first!
But you can use the same idea to create all sorts of recipes. :)
The general idea is you take the tortilla shape…and wrap it around the enchilada filling…
stitch that together…. the cheese sauce you cut out and attach the shredded cheese too…
and then attach that to the top of the closed up tortilla
The filling itself is just a tube pretty much. nothing fancy!
 Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie6 

I feel like this was the most time consuming one..because there are just a couple extra steps.
But SO worth it! We have been cracking up over these babies.
All you do is take the chip pattern and use two pieces per chip.
You cut out yellow cheese for the toppings and attach that first to the chip.
Then if you want, you can add green circles or little specks like I did for jalepenos!
THEN you take the two chips…on top of each other and do a simple hand stitch around the outside!
When you wrap the thread around the outside you’ll see that it helps
make the chips curl up and get that chippy look. ;)
Mexican Felt Food-AtHomeWithNatalie5


I love making felt food because ALL of my kids play with it!
Ages 8 all the way to the 1.5 year old!

Don’t mind slobbery Asher. haha.
If you don’t have the salt and paper shaker from Melissa and Doug.. you need it.
He does this all day long.
Just seasoning the Mexican food.

Don’t we all make this face when we are adding salt and pepper?

I hope that this post is helpful if you want to create some of your own Mexican felt food!
CLICK HERE TO GET MY FREE PATTERNS if you want a little more help…
or look at these photos for inspiration!
Thanks for the felt food love and shares. I appreciate it so much! Have fun crafting!

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  • Holly
    March 19, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    These are super cute! If only my little one was still little enough to enjoy these!