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Dino Egg Rice Krispie Treats

Micah came home from school one day and somehow convinced me
that we should make something fun Dinosaur themed!
A quick dig through the pantry and I found we had some
leftover bags of mini marshmallows and some Rice Krispies!
BOOM. Dino Eggs.
You most likely already have the ingredients for this treat too!
It didn’t take much to work up this cute Dino themed treat and my boys were freaking over them.
We had sone skittles from another fun project and they each helped put some inside of the eggs.
Sometimes it just feels good to say YES to the crazy and jump in- Play big!

Micah quickly gathered up all his Dino books and toys and we set them up on the table.
I had gotten some Dino containers from the Target Bargain bins
to use in the boys’ room…BUT they looked like the perfect snack containers in their eyes. haha.
We filled them up with popcorn booty and it was a party!
Micah announced it was officially Dinosaur Day and you better believe we are going to go all out for that! ;)
We made an afternoon of it and I was so glad I chose making Dino eggs and
having ‘over the top’ boy time with my kids instead of the
to do list that I was focused one earlier. This was way more fun!

You know what really sparked all this??
Those little Dino toys were in the bargain bins at target and I got them for a later day.
The boys found them and thought they were just amazing.
Hence… all the Dino themed talking started and we ended up here!
Not mad about it one bit. ;)

Plenty of skittles were snuck during this treat making session.
I asked them to say cheese for a photo and that right shot is what I got.
Pure pain lol. But they survived it. phew. close one. haha.
They felt like such big helpers as they used their sticky little fingers to put the skittles in.
I’m a pretty chill mama but plenty of times I’ll take over to make it go easier or quicker…
But this day was one of those days I made a decision to say nope… time to slow down and make a sticky mess.
It can’t be my choice every day… or else the house would go bonkers…
but some days it’s the BEST CHOICE.

I made the Rice Krispies using the classic recipe by Kellogg’s
When the marshmallows were melting I dropped in some green food coloring and just kept on stirring.

Then add in the Rice Krispies like normal and mix together.
I lightly buttered up a bowl and let the Rice Krispie goodness cool down a bit.
Then I just made a little nest for the boys to lay the skittles in and then smooshed it over and into an egg shape.
We were thinking of putting the Dinos inside but felt like the eggs would have to be too big.
(Boys didn’t object to that but mama said too big. lol.)

These are an easy treat to make up for your own Dino themed birthday parties or play dates.
Or maybe you want to just have some fun time with your kids like I did.
They grow up so fast…I love creating these whimsical special moments with them
Micah came out of the laundry room with the white crate and greenery garland.
(like the little party planning apprentice he is. hehe.)
 I’ll never forget their faces as we played dinosaurs together
and snuggled up on the sofa to read the books.
The boys wanted to roar like Dinos but…
Asher’s Dino roar turned a little zombie on us…..scary. haha.
Also Sienna won’t turn down a photo op. haha she jumped right in with the fun at this point!

FREE Meal Gifting Printable

I’m excited to share with you today a little freebie that you can put to use
with EVERYONE you know having the flu.
Don’t go inside. just drop the meal at the door and run. fast. haha.
I’m a strong believer in loving on the people in your life…
even if that means dropping off a bag of grapes and
store bought cookies transferred to a tin when someone has a baby!
Sometimes you can go all out when delivering food…
and sometimes you just need to go the easy route but make it special.
I use this printable to UP my meal delivery game a bit. ;)
I usually sell it in my Etsy Shop, but I would love to share it
with you today for free!  Grab the download below!

You will receive a PDF File.
You are able to re-use with the blank recipe and directions area.
Just download and print out your printable! Have fun making your gifting extra special.

Boston Creme Trifle

It’s that time of year where we’re looking for yummy desserts to serve our friends and family!
I love recipes that have shortcuts to make it all come together even easier and quicker!

We love eclairs in our house and this dessert has the delicious pastry as the star!
Today I’m sharing with you a Boston Creme Trifle that is pretty and can serve a crowd!
We use the Belgian Custard Cream Mini Eclairs by Delizza Patisserie for
the shortcut in this recipe! All you need to do is quickly thaw them and then serve as you wish, for any occasion.
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle5

Belgian Custard Cream Mini Eclairs by Delizza Patisserie
(You could make this with just one box, but I usually get two so the trifle is a little higher).
Two Packs of Vanilla Pudding
(Or you could make your own custard for this layer! – My kids love pudding!)
For the Ganache:
Bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1.5 Cups Heavy Cream
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle2

+Thaw your eclairs as directed on the packaging.
+Make the pudding as directed on the package and set aside.
(You’ll want it to be chilled before you start layering).
+Prepare your chocolate ganache when you are ready to start layering.
+Once your eclairs are thawed, layer them in the bottom of
your trifle bowl alternating with the vanilla pudding.
+Once you have the amount of layers you want, pour the chocolate ganache on top.
DONE! Enjoy!
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle4

My kids think this is just the most magical, delicious thing they’ve ever seen.
The recipe couldn’t be easier! I hope you enjoy this recipe and holiday dessert shortcut!
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle5

I’m on the Cool Food Panel and love sharing meal ideas like this one with you guys!
Be sure to check out for even more ideas!