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How to Make Gifting Meals Actually Happen

Life can fill up fast. We have our own stuff going on and then sometimes
we have friends that are off giving birth to babies or adopting little ones and they need some extra love from us!
How can we get food to them without losing our sanity? 1. gift card.
totally acceptable. email it.. drop it off.. they’ll love you.
BUT if you want to make something yourself, because you enjoy it, but just
don’t know what to bring that’s easy… here you go!

I have four kids, running a business and trying to not lose my mind….
but I knew I really want to make it a priority to get a meal to my friend Angela from This Gathered Nest.
They just adopted a sweet little girl, Rosie, from China and I knew just what I wanted to make them!
It all came together pretty easily and quickly and so I thought I would pass
on my tricks for making gifting meals actually happen!
Processed with Rookie Cam

First thing you need to know about delivering meals… the guys want meat.
A loaf of meat delivered to their door, usuallyyyyy, goes across pretty well.
“Holy meatloaf batman” was the facebook comment I got this morning from Angela’s hubby.
See? Meatloaf works.
THIS one to be exact.
That’s an important piece of info… THISSS MEATLOAF. you’re welcome.

I had made up a meal gifting printable years ago, but I wanted to make an updated one to use.
You can find it in my Etsy Shop if you want to use it too!
(You get the download and can print as many and as often as you want.
It can be your go to label for when you make meals!)

When I deliver meals, I like to encourage the parents to use the dessert as bribery or keep totally for themselves.
Kids don’t need dessert..we are the ones having to adult!
I LOVE the Nestle Chocolate chip or chunk cookie recipes.
I just cook them for 7 minutes or so…taking them out kind of soft so they end up being soft and chewy!Gifting Meals-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE  

I usually make the cookie dough the night before. Then just pull it out and let it sit a minute and
use my cookie scoop to put on parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
I don’t even wash the cookie sheet I just toss the parchment paper. not sure if that is allowed haha.
But it makes clean up a breeze!
And having a not destroyed kitchen is helpful.

Cheesy Potatoes is always a hearty yummy comfort food!
Make it super easy for yourself by grabbing the steamable potatoes (by the regular potatoes!)
and kick it up a notch by sending it with sour cream and cheese.
Loaded potaotes. boom. done.
I love the steamable veggies. They make it super easy and they keep things cold when you are delivering!

I love including something small for the big siblings when I drop off a meal.
Sometimes some fresh crayons and a coloring book or activity place mat is all
a mama needs for a few moments of sanity! And that’s what we are trying to provide right?
Just a fewww moments of sanity.
I always go to the dollar tree and grab paper plates, crayons, place mats or
coloring books and ALWAYS containers for the food.
Sending a meal with throw away or “do not return to me” packaging is important!Gifting Meals7-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE


If you are looking for an Easy Meal to drop off…
Here’s the list of what you need:

Potatoes (Steaming kind)
Small Sour Cream
Pack of Fancy Shredded Cheese
Steamable Frozen Whole Green Beans
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
(You could also include a bag of grapes….and wine. ;)

I hope this helpful for those of you WANTING to be the friend who delivers a meal, but don’t think you can handle it.
You got this! I love gift giving…but sometimes with my whole crew it’s hard to make it happen.
But having a plan and knowing what works helps a lot in making it happen.
Community is so important to me and I love putting this at the top of my to do list.
It takes a village ladies!

My Favorite Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

There are two important ingredients to make an amazing Chicken Salad Sandwich…
the mayo and the bread!
This is my go-to recipe that I’ve been making myself over the years. It’s simple but yummy.
Thought I would share because some of you might be picky chicken salad eaters like me! ;)
This has been on the weekly meal plan the past two weeks.
I make it one day and have it ready for later in the week for lunches.
If you want to get my weekly newsletter/meal plan that goes out..sign up HERE.
I send it out once a week so sign up and don’t miss next week’s!
On to the chicken salad goodness!
chicken salad - athomewithnatalie
I have the full recipe below for easy pinning and printing.
But a couple key things that I love about this recipe…..
I LOVE how quickly it can come together.
You can either bake or boil up some chicken the day before and pull it out to chop up.
Or you can buy a bag of grilled chicken ready to go. I grabbed Tyson’s brand the other day
because I wanted to eat it right after our grocery trip for lunch.
I was a little late in the full grocery trip for this week’s meal plan.
Was grabbing the last things I needed for the rest of the week during that trip.

The Mayo you use is super important. I swear by Hellmanns. don’t do the fat free. just don’t.
I’ve tried it and it’s not good. But the original….delicious.
I was a little heavy handed with the mayo in this shot. I was wearing and bouncing
a baby and keeping Micah from picking out the grapes..sooo…yeah.
When I add a tad more mayo then I wanted, I usually just load up my sandwich with lots of lettuce.
It helps tone down the flavor. Plus I love the crunch of it!
I love the grapes and sweet onion in my chicken salad.
Sometimes the red onion overpowers the salad…that’s why I like a sweet onion.
Sometimes I add fresh Dill to my Chicken Salad. But this day I had
a great herbed bread and didn’t want to go crazy. 
chicken salad3 - athomewithnatalie

The bread is super important for a FANTASTIC chicken salad sandwich.
I went to the my grocery store’s bakery section (Harris Teeter) and found an olive oil rosemary bread… AMAZING.
I mean…It was so good it made the phone call conversation with multiple people that day. haha.
Maybe your grocery will have something similar. grab it up. 
chicken salad4 - athomewithnatalie 

My cute lunch date. Micah Man.
He likes to sit on our kitchen stools and taste test with me.
He was all about making sure we had the best grapes. eating most of the ones I washed for the recipe…
chicken salad5 - athomewithnatalie

Sometimes with meal planning, lunch can be tricky for me!
But this is a recipe that I love and think you will too.
It’s also really yummy on crackers and with slices of cucumbers.
chicken salad2 - athomewithnatalie

Chicken Salad Sandwich


  • 2 Spoons of Hellmanns Mayonnaise
  • 2 Boiled Chicken Breasts/Diced (Or already prepared, Tyson's grilled chicken breasts)
  • 1/4 Cup Sweet Onion/Diced
  • 17 Red Grapes/Halved
  • Salt + Pepper to taste
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • GOOD Bread (I love my bakery's olive oil and rosemary bread!)


  1. Prepare Chicken by Boiling, grilling or baking! Or use, already prepared, Tyson's grilled chicken breasts.
  2. Dice Sweet Onion and Red Grapes.
  3. Chop or shred prepared Chicken.
  4. Add all chopped ingredients to a bowl.
  5. Dollop on two spoons of Hellmanns mayonnaise. (more or less depending on how much chicken you make!)
  6. Salt and Pepper to taste.
  7. Mix and spread onto bread.
  8. Add lettuce and enjoy!

Operation Eat Out Less

I’m so excited about this new family goal!
I’ve shared a bit on social media about Operation Eat Out Less, and had a great response!
We are trying to eat out less and make home cooked meals a priority in our house.
I’m pretty good at multi-tasking a lot of to do’s. But for some reason, making
home cookedΒ meals doesn’t always end up at the top of my to do list!
That is going to change. I think a big road block to staying on top of meal planning, is the recipes themselves!
I usually get stuck in the same recipes over and over(and get bored), or I feel like I don’t have
enough time to make really good ones and end up with boxed mac n cheese.
(which isn’t the worst thing in the world!)
Operation Eat Out Less is in full swing this week. We aren’t going extreme and
stopping eating out all together, (I love my chick-fil-a and friday pizza night)
But the regular will be eating at home and consciously putting it at the top of my list.
I enjoy cooking and baking! But sometimes I let other stresses of life turn
making dinner into a job I try to avoid instead of enjoying it again.
If you are like me, and want to put more effort into whipping up home
cooked meals that are doable and yummy…join me!
I created a Pinterest Board for this project, and I want you to join it!
Comment with your emailΒ and I’ll invite you to join the Pinterest Board.
The Board is full for now but please go check it and save recipes you love!
It’ll be the perfect place for all of us to go
for some inspiration when we are meal planning!


Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll be sharing my own weekly meal plan for you to check out each week!

I’m excited to see all of the recipes that you guys pin!
I’ll be closing the board eventually, but for now it’s open for invites, so leave
your email below if you want to be a part of it.
I’ll be doing more recipe posts as well… which my family always loves. ;)
Happy Monday!