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Tuna Melts – An Easy Weeknight Dinner

Dear parents, we’ve survived Monday, but now it’s Tuesday
and for some reason our kids are asking for dinner! AGAIN!
Since I know I’m not alone in the adventures of weekly meal planning, or lack of meal planning,
I thought I would share a recipe that is both quick and easy.
It is a taste of my childhood!
Tuna Melts for the win! Oh the warm, toasty, cheesy goodness!
I remember my mom making these for us when I was little and
I love making them for my own kids now.
Something nostalgic about eating them.

Bays English Muffins
2 cans of tuna
White American cheese

The English muffin is an important part of the success of this recipe.
We use Bays English Muffins and they have the perfect crunch and softness!
(You can find them in the dairy case at most grocery stores.)

+Mix tuna and mayonnaise together.
I add a couple scoops of mayo, but add however
much you want to get it the way you like it.

+Top your English Muffins with the tuna mixture and a slice of cheese.
+Toast in the oven until they’re toasty warm.

IMG_4200 tunamelt-athomewithnatalie3

I love that it only takes a few ingredients to make this meal and it comes together fast.
Less time in the kitchen means more time playing OR cleaning.
But let’s keep the post happy and not talk about chores.
Let’s just look at this delicious + easy dinner option you need to pencil in for this week.

We ate our tuna melts outside today in the tree fort!
Spring is here and we are planning on spending as much time outside as possible.
I love dinner options that we can easily take outside!

I’m glad my kids love the Tuna Melts as much as I did!
Do you have a recipe that takes you back to your childhood days?

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Shrimp + Broccoli Pasta Dish


Shrimp and Broccoli sounded so good the other night, and we had linguine so I started making this recipe up,
and then kind of winged the sauce and it ended up being SO GOOD.
I shared this photo on Instagram and saw all of the requests for a recipe post…
So here you go!
If you are wanting a lighter feeling pasta, not one that is super heavy and filling, this is a great option!
The kids gobbled it up too! They ate all their trees…or as we tell Micah, the hulk smash food.
The light sauce turned out to be just what we were wanting. I think you’ll like it too!

I always buy my shrimp frozen and deveined and peeled.
Nobody’s got time for that! ;)
I also buy my broccoli frozen! Whether it’s in the bag you steam in the microwave or if you boil it on the stove.
It just makes the recipe come together fast when you aren’t deveining shrimp and chopping up broccoli.

I apologize in advance for not writing down all of the measurements,
but I really wasn’t planning on posting it until I realized how amazing it tasted.
But really, if you have all of these ingredients, and add the
garlic powder and salt to taste, you will be all set to love it as well!

+Bag of frozen deveined and peeled shrimp
(I used half of the large bag I got at the grocery)
+Bag of Frozen Broccoli
+Pasta of choice – We used Linguine
+Grated Parmesan
+Sour Cream
+Garlic Powder
+Salt + Pepper

Put your pasta water on to boil.
While you’re making the shrimp and broccoli just check the pasta
and make it as normal except don’t drain it yet!! (we use that pasta water later!)
Heat a skillet, add oil and heat- add frozen shrimp.
You’re going to sautee the frozen shrimp (you can follow instructions on the shrimp bag too)
I added in 2 TB Butter, a good shake of garlic powder and salt and pepper.
If you are boiling broccoli, get that going – OR to make it even easier..
just pop the steam bag variety into the microwave.
You don’t want to overcook the shrimp, so keep an eye on that.
When the pasta is done the way you like it, your shrimp should be done as well….
Use tongs and just grab the pasta and drop it into your shrimp/butter/spices pan.
Stir it around..keep adding the pasta till it fills up your pan or is enough.
You’ll naturally get water into your shrimp pan to help make the sauce.
Then take two big scoops of sour cream, a few shakes of parmesan and stir.
)You could use heavy cream, but I was wanting something lighter!)
Add the broccoli and more seasonings.
(again, sorry I don’t have exact spice measurements!)
That’s it! you are ready to fill up bowls and enjoy!

Do you have a funny name for broccoli in your house?
I’m happy to say the kids all asked for seconds of everything – including the trees. ;)

After School Snack Idea- Quick + Energy Packed

I’m so excited to be joining the NFRA Cool Food Panel of Bloggers!
Lots of fun and easy recipes coming your way this year with them!
It’s March and that means it’s Frozen Food Month, I’ve been loving shopping my
freezer aisle to find convenient and fresh food options for my family.
This is one of the items I’ve loved discovering this month!
Most days, my kids come home from school like a starving tornado.
I’ve found that our afternoons go best when I feed the kids something that will fill
them up and isn’t just empty calories. They need energy to cope with being children. It’s a hard life.
I discovered these in my freezer aisle… Sandwich Bros. Chicken Melts!
I love them because they are easy, tasty, fast and have protein to keep them fuller longer.
Otherwise they come back 5 minutes later asking for another snack.
I know we all deal with that! 

The girls think they are fun because they are little pockets!
They can stuff lettuce inside with the cheesy chicken melt and feel like little chefs.
(My kids LOVE watching cooking shows, especially the kid episodes!)
The Sandwich Bros. Chicken Melts are great because the kids (or you) can
get creative with your toppings and what you pair them with.


Here is how I prepare the melts: I put a paper towel down, unwrap the chicken melts and fold the other paper towel on top,
heat up and with little mess and fuss I have a meal they can grab and go!

This is the packaging so you know what to look for!

Spring is officially here, so we don’t stay inside long once they are home from school.
We like to enjoy the sunshine and they can grab these sandwiches and head right outside.
I call that a win at life; everyone is happy. Until of course someone else uses the pink shovel
they wanted in the sandbox and their world officially crumbles.
If they had an empty stomach it would be a million times more dramatic. ;)

If you’re looking for a quick snack idea that’s satisfying, gives a long-lasting energy boost and is a
great portion size for your kids, try the Sandwich Bros. Chicken Melts! My kids love them!
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