Date Your Husband

date your husband-thebusybudgetingmamaFollow a long as Ben and I share our ‘Date from Home’ Series! So often we can put our marriages on the back burner and focus on work, home chores and kids. When in reality, your marriage should take priority! With busy schedules it can be hard to set aside time for your spouse.Β Don’t have a babysitter? Don’t have any new ideas? Ben and I are putting this at the top of our list and will be sharing our dates here with you!
(PG people PG! ;) Grandma you can keep reading this post.)

We are going to be sharing some budget friendly and easy ideas to help you put effort into your marriage! Have easy from home date ideas?? Please share!


Our role as married couples is to love each otherΒ through good times and bad and to help the other person get to heaven! As married couples we are supposed to be each other’s rock and a team.Β Ben and I don’t want to lose site of where we began, those butterflies and the time and effortΒ we put into our relationship.

First things first.. PHOTOS. find them. print them. hang them. It’s important to look back.. it gives me butterflies just looking back and remembering! ** Check back soon for the series to begin! **

ben and natalie-thebusybudgetingmama

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