How I Clean with Vinegar

Thank you to Four Monks for sponsoring today’s post! As always, thoughts are my own!

 I prefer to use non-toxic cleaners in our house….So I was excited to try out Four Monks™ Cleaning Vinegar!
I need to do more cleaning themed blog posts… our kitchen has never been cleaner haha.
Unlike ordinary vinegar, it’s aroma controlled so still has the awesome stain fighting but without the strong odor!
I kind of feel pretty awesome right now about how clean my kitchen is. ;)

We are coffee drinkers here! And spills happen. Especially when you are trying to make coffee
while bouncing your 20 pound 4 month old baby in the baby carrier.
Our stove is also usually just quickly wiped down but it needed a good clean.
I was impressed with how little elbow grease I needed to use!
Happy to see the results are so good!

They have different scents… the Citrus Mint…
2016-02-11 12.25.15

And the Aroma controlled scent.
I used both and still not sure which I prefer best, but both worked great!
 2016-02-11 12.25.53

If you want to try it out for yourself… check out their website and grab a coupon!
I know we all want to have a safer better way to clean! There is something so amazing about about
a clean kitchen counter sink and stove! It also works wonders in the bathroom but I just am loving
how clean my home base is right now… Helps set a positive mama mood! ;)

Thank you to Four Monks for sponsoring today’s post! As always, thoughts are my own!

Large Felt Board Tutorial

I love felt crafts! Our smaller felt board has been one of my favorite DIY’s for the kids!
Every time I shared pictures of it, people commented on how they were wanting to make one.
So I thought I would put together a Large Felt Board Tutorial
so you can see how easy and doable this project really is!
The best part of this project is that it’s both art and fun for the kids’ room!
If you’ve been thinking about making one… go for it!
If you have a sewing machine you can easily sew the blue and green felt together,
or to make this project EVEN easier, just do green! You need three things to get started:
Canvas, Felt and a staple gun!
Try to grab your canvas when it’s on sale or with a coupon. The Craft stores I shop at always have them.
I got this one at Michael’s for 40 percent off and then 25 percent off my total order!
So plan ahead and grab those canvases if you have this project in mind.FELTBOARD-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE1

You can use any size you want!
Just make sure to get enough felt to cover and wrap around edges.

Staple Gun
Heavy duty but no need to go crazy! Grab a basic one from a craft store or home depot!

I get felt off the bolt. and when I make the pieces I suggest Michael’s or JoAnns felt. NOT Hobby Lobby’s.
They just feel like bad quality to me.
Here are the dimesions I used for this project.
(I had a yard of each color but that is WAY more than you need.)
Blue felt Dimensions: 37.5in x 23 in
Green Felt Dimensions: 30.5 in x 37.5 in

1. Lay out felt so that blue and green overlap slightly. You can do straight across, or add hills!
Have fun with this part! It doesn’t have to be perfect….as spoken by my 7 year old to me haha.
2. Run the two through your sewing machine. Skip this part if you are doing one color felt!
3. Unwrap your canvas and arrange felt on it, turn over on floor.
4. Pull tight and staple gun around edges of canvas. Do a nice fold in the corners to make it smooth.
trim any extra felt off the back. (but don’t cut where you sewed them together!)

And you are done!
You can hang it up on the wall or leave it leaning against the wall.

This is where we are putting the felt board right now… in the girls’ room! 
The kids play in both rooms..and this was a good size wall for it.
I like having it up… and might end up hanging it with a
couple nails, so that I can pull it down when it’s time to play with it, and then put it back up.

The first felt board I made was damaged during our move, so a new and improved one was on my to do list!
We decided to put a littleeeeee hill on this one so we could put Elsa’s Castle on it.
A frozen theme of felt board pieces is our next project!
I already have the felt for it and have doodled up some of the patterns on card stock.
I’ll be sure to share it with all of you!
If you want to know how I made these, most I freehanded…
but a lot I end up doodling on card stock paper, cutting out, and pinning to the felt.
It makes it easy to cut out the exact shape you want!

Every time I walk by it, it makes me smile! Sienna was little when I made most
of these felt pieces, so it’s been fun seeing Micah experience them.
He really appreciates the fire truck and stop light more than my girls ever did. haha.

The original road I made fit the size of our old felt board, which was a little shorter and wider.
But the great part about felt is that it really works well together!
I just folded the longer road a little bit around the edges of the canvas.
I can’t wait to make more pieces for our new board!

Tag me on INSTAGRAM if you end up making one and share it!
I love seeing everyone’s felt creations… have fun crafting and be sure to sign up for my bog posts
and newsletter so you don’t miss out on the Frozen Theme Felt Board Set!
If you are looking for some inspiration on what to make for your felt board…
check out this old post where I shared all the pieces I made for the kids.
Have FUN!

My Coffee Favorites – Espresso Maker + Coffee Brand

Baby number four arrived and Ben told my mombie self it was time to force myself to like coffee. haha.
I thought it was seriously going to be a plug your nose and drink it moment…
But the new espresso maker I got Ben for Christmas..mixed with the brand of ground coffee we get…
made it AMAZING!
It’s a much gentler(?) taste than the regular coffee I had been trying.
Now I actually love the taste! And I think I’ve been broken in enough
where I can drink most brands, but prefer the way we make it!
I TOTALLY get it now. WHY people drink coffee. haha.
We make Caffe Americanos every morning.
I haven’t had Starbucks since Christmas because I prefer how we make it.
coffee favorites-athomewithnatalie
We use this Espresso Maker:
De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
and order this ground Coffee off of Amazon:
Lavazza Crema e Gusto – Ground Coffee, 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4)
How do you take your coffee??
I like mine with a little sugar and creamer.
Ben has his coffee black. He’s a real man. lol.
It’s been nice when we have company over, to be able to offer espressos!
The machine also has a frother on it but we haven’t used it yet.
I did a lot of research when I was looking for what espresso maker to get Ben for Christmas…
and heard great things about this one.
We have been using it non stop since December and it’s been great.

 This is the mug holder I mentioned on my Periscope the other day!
Ben got it for me for my Birthday.
(Pottery Barn. On Clearance….Which made me love it even more.)
We can’t do a total kitchen makeover…but I’ve been adding in pieces that are more the style I like.
The rustic farmhouse look. Baby steps!

I designed these Coffee Mugs to have at the shop table at my Moms’ Night Out Event.
I listed some of them in my Blog’s Etsy Shop…so mamas far away can get in on the fun!

Ben and I cheers our mugs in the morning… “we got this!”
Whether you are home wrangling kids or heading out the door..we could all use a little pep talk in the morning.
Morning Pep Talk.

It’s a mom rule.. if the kids nap, YOU nap!
I always joke about how the dishes can wait…so now it’s on a mug and official.
Naptime before Dishes! always.

IT’S FRIDAY. Andd that doesn’t really mean much for parents of young kids… haha
I like it none the less. It just feels like I can exhale and breathe a little easier friday nights.
I have my whole crew home and that makes me happy.
We are doing family movie night and pizza. Always a good friday plan. :)
What are your plans for this weekend???