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Albertsons Stock Up Sale + Sweepstakes

Thank you to Albertsons for sponsoring today’s post!
My kids come home from school starving! Ready to devour everything in sight. I like
to have some options in our pantry to feed my crew, and myself. If we are being honest. ;)

I’m excited to share with you guys about Albertsons Stock Up Sale! If you aren’t
checking it out already, you should! You can get a bunch of your favorite items for a
bargain! This is just part of my haul. My kids are going to be happy campers when
they get home and I’m loving my price at checkout!

I know I can always count on great deals at Albertsons, but here are some of the
great items I grabbed today! Shopping their Stock Up Sale means I can get all my
favorite staples from General Mills, Betty Crocker, Yoplait and Nabisco at a great value.
These brands are all kid and pregnant mama approved. ;)

I love using their app to get extra savings.
Be sure to check out these great products at your local Albertsons Companies
grocery stores including Albertsons, Safeway, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Vons,
Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market, United Express,
United and Carrs/Safeway.
You can also enter the sweepstakes they have going on!

Albertsons is giving away groceries for a year to one lucky winner. Between 10/4-
10/19, show them how you how you stock up your pantry and share a photo of how
you’ve loaded up with your favorite items, including those below, from #StockUpSale2017.
Asher approved what I picked out. ;)

Entry is as easy as 1-2- 3:
1. Take a photo featuring two or more of the participating Stock Up Sale products below
2. Share the photo on Twitter or Instagram or at this link by 10/19
3. Use #StockUpSale2017 and #Sweepstakes in your caption and complete entry form
Click here for official rules and details!
Participating products:
 Honey Nut Cheerios™
 Cheerios™ 8.90oz.
 Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ 12.20oz.
  Progresso™ Traditional, Rich & Hearty, Reduced Sodium, Light Soup,
Vegetable Classic, selected varieties 18-19oz
  Nature Valley™ Granola Bars 7.44oz-8.44oz
 Yoplait® Traditional Yogurt, 4-6oz, selected varieties
 Oui™ by Yoplait® Strawberry French Style Yogurt 5oz.
 Annie’s™ Natural Mac & Cheese 6oz; selected varieties
 Old El Paso™ Shells
 Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls 15ct, Totino Party Pizza 9.8-10.4oz, selected varieties
 Betty Crocker™ Hamburger Helpers, 4.7-8.7oz, selected varieties
 Betty  Crocker™ Fruit Snacks, 4.5-8oz, selected varieties
 Chex Mix™ 8-8.75oz, selected varieties
 Betty Crocker™ Super Moist™ Cake Mix, 15.25 – 16.25oz., select varieties
 Betty Crocker™ Whipped Frosting, Milk Chocolate 12oz.
 Betty Crocker™ Brownie Mix, Chocolate 18.40oz.
 Pillsbury™ Apple Toaster Strudel™, 6ct., 11.70oz.
 Coca-Cola MiniCans
 Dasani Sparkling Black Cherry
 Classico Tomato Basil
 Heinz Ketchup
 OREO 14.3 oz
 Ritz 13.7 oz


Thank you to Albertsons for sponsoring today’s post!
I hope you guys take advantage of the Stock Up Sale. Lots of savings and good deals!
If the items listed above are ones you typically
purchase anyways, it’s a no brainer! Have fun saving!

Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe

This past weekend I really wanted to do an easy festive activity with the kids.
Pumpkin Playdoh for the win!
It was a quick and easy recipe that gave us hours of fun all weekend long.
I’m sure it’ll be played with today too. My kids have voted it their favorite playdoh recipe yet!
This one smells like Pumpkin to make it extra fun! Your house will smell amazing!
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe-AtHomeWithNatalie
This recipe is batman approved! And his sidekicks approved it too. ;)
I love activities where all of them can get involved together.
My 2 year old  all the way to my 9 year old loved playing with the play doh!
It was so much fun seeing them play with it.
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe5-AtHomeWithNatalie

2 Cups Flour
4 TB Cream of Tartar
1 Cup Salt
3 TB Vegetable Oil
2 Cups Water
Orange Gel food coloring (that’s what I had but you can use
regular food coloring and mix till you get the colors you want!)
2 TB Pumpkin Pie Spice or make up your own!
(I put in a dash of Cinnamon, Ground Cloves and Ground Nutmeg.
You can’t go wrong here just go for it!)

1. Combine the dry ingredients (flour, cream of tartar, spices and salt) in your pot.
2. Add the wet ingredients (water, food coloring and vegetable oil)
3. Stir over medium heat until it starts forming a play doh consistency.
4. Remove from heat and allow to cool…I just tossed it onto a cutting board for this part.
5. Once it’s cooled a bit just knead it together for a while to get the right consistency and color.
Time to play!

Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe7-AtHomeWithNatalie
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe8-AtHomeWithNatalie

One of the best parts about playdoh is that you can get creative with how you play with it!
You can get dollar store cookie trays and let them work up “real cookies.”
I pulled out our rolling pin and it was THE BEST seeing Asher try to roll it out.
He legit was convinced he was doing it right and amazingly.
(If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the clips in my insta-stories.)
The cookie cutters were a mix of metal fall themed ones and plastic letters that we had in the pantry.
I think I got the orange pumpkin one at Michael’s.
The small metal ones were actually a wedding shower present!
The plastic letters were from Hobby Lobby. 
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe2-AtHomeWithNatalie

They were SO into it.
Spelling out their names and making fun shapes.
SOMEONE had to spell BUTT….and the giggling was over the top.
(We are in a potty words are hilarious phase… help me. lol.)
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe6-AtHomeWithNatalie    

Brothers! Showing off their muscles.
It’s been fun seeing the age gap (3 years) close as they have gotten older.
And baby #5 is going to be 2 years from Asher so I can see lots of
muscle flexing in my future with all my boys! ;)
Love seeing their personalities shine!
The batman costume was Micah’s two years ago….he just can’t let it go. haha.
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe3-AtHomeWithNatalie
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe4-AtHomeWithNatalie

We hope you give the pumpkin
play doh a try in your house too!
This was the perfect fall weekend activity.
Pumpkin Playdoh Recipe9-AtHomeWithNatalie

Art fun with Mo Willem – We are in an ART-ivity Book!

We love Mo Willems books and are so excited to be sponsored by Disney-Hyperion
for the #ReadMo Ambassador program! Excited for today’s post and book feature!
art-ivitybook 5 at home with natalie

My three big kids feel especially big these days.
I love the conversations we have and a great time to chat with them is when we are doing art together!
They LOVE craft time at our house and have recently been diving into our
new FAVORITE book by Mo Willems, We Are in an ART-ivity book!
art-ivitybook at home with natalie    

It’s SO CUTE!! Filled with craft time inspiration you can draw and doodle right in the book.
There’s things to cut out and create, color by numbers, lessons in drawing and more!
It’s going to take us a while to work through the whole book but I’m seeing lots of fun with it in our future!
art-ivitybook 8 at home with natalie
art-ivitybook 3 at home with natalie

We like to do craft time on the afternoons we don’t have after school activities!
We put out paper and work on something before dinner.
It’s the best time to get the low down on what’s on their minds… and get some good giggles out of them.
I was so impressed with their drawings. The book broke down how to draw the
Elephant and Piggie characters and gave the kids the confidence to draw them! 
art-ivitybook 6 at home with natalie art-ivitybook 2 at home with natalie     

It’s created by the same team behind Don’t Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book!,
this fun-filled, hands-on book features an interactive narrative that
invites kids into an exciting, original Elephant & Piggie adventure!
art-ivitybook 7 at home with natalie

It was a hit with my crew.
The book is in stores now and you can find out more about the books on their Official Website.
Drawing! Coloring! Sculpting! Gaming! Puzzling! LOLing!
It’s all here in the first-ever Elephant & Piggie ART-ivity book.
art-ivitybook 4 at home with natalie

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