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A New Book and Activity- It’s Shoe Time!

Today’s post is sponsored by Disney-Hyperion!
We are excited to share another fun title that we have been enjoying reading!
The most recent MoMail that arrived contained the newest book in Mo Willems’ Elephant &
Piggie Like Reading! series, It’s Shoe Time! by Bryan Collier.
The Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series introduces readers to new
authors through Mo Willems’ beloved characters Elephant & Piggie.
Micah FLIPPED when he saw the socks and shoelaces that were included
in the fun box and we dove right into the book! It also inspired a little after school craft time!athomewithnatalie-shoetime4

We’ve shared other books in the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series in past posts
(The Cookie Fiasco, We Are Growing!, and The Good for Nothing Button.) This new title was
perfect for my Micah man! It’s a lyrical beginning-reader book that is all about SHOE TIME!
I always love reading new books to my kids…or watching them look through it… and seeing
their favorite parts or what makes them laugh and smile.
This one has some silly parts just like all of the Elephant & Piggie books we love!

After reading our new book, we thought it would be fun to play around with some of the shoe
laces that were also in the surprise box!
So I grabbed some cardboard from the many Christmas presents from Amazon ;) and
doodled a pair of shoes. I just used a pencil to poke some holes in it and grabbed the shoe laces.
Micah had fun lacing them up with me and tying them.
He still doesn’t have it down 100 % but this was a fun way to practice!
If you have some cardboard laying around give this little craft a try!
Kids love hands on activities and this is great for training fine motor skills!

Micah also got kind of silly with the socks that came in the box.
He is naturally a silly guy… I think that’s why he loves all of these books! ;)
I love how all of the titles draw the smiles and giggles out of my kids.
That’s a sure way to get them engaged and loving reading.athomewithnatalie-shoetime2

Exciting news… This book is in stores now!
You can get your own copy and have some shoe fun with your little ones!

If you want to find out more about It’s Shoe Time! you can visit their Official Website,
Follow Disney-Hyperion on Twitter and check out Disney Books on Facebook and Instagram!

Boston Creme Trifle

It’s that time of year where we’re looking for yummy desserts to serve our friends and family!
I love recipes that have shortcuts to make it all come together even easier and quicker!

We love eclairs in our house and this dessert has the delicious pastry as the star!
Today I’m sharing with you a Boston Creme Trifle that is pretty and can serve a crowd!
We use the Belgian Custard Cream Mini Eclairs by Delizza Patisserie for
the shortcut in this recipe! All you need to do is quickly thaw them and then serve as you wish, for any occasion.
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle5

Belgian Custard Cream Mini Eclairs by Delizza Patisserie
(You could make this with just one box, but I usually get two so the trifle is a little higher).
Two Packs of Vanilla Pudding
(Or you could make your own custard for this layer! – My kids love pudding!)
For the Ganache:
Bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1.5 Cups Heavy Cream
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle2

+Thaw your eclairs as directed on the packaging.
+Make the pudding as directed on the package and set aside.
(You’ll want it to be chilled before you start layering).
+Prepare your chocolate ganache when you are ready to start layering.
+Once your eclairs are thawed, layer them in the bottom of
your trifle bowl alternating with the vanilla pudding.
+Once you have the amount of layers you want, pour the chocolate ganache on top.
DONE! Enjoy!
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle4

My kids think this is just the most magical, delicious thing they’ve ever seen.
The recipe couldn’t be easier! I hope you enjoy this recipe and holiday dessert shortcut!
athomewithnatalie-Boston Creme Trifle5

I’m on the Cool Food Panel and love sharing meal ideas like this one with you guys!
Be sure to check out for even more ideas!

Mom to Five – The First Month

Hunter is a month this week and it feels like a blur honestly.
I don’t know how wise my words are, since I’m still in the thick of it,
but for those first time mamas about to have a baby… or about to have their second or third
(or whatever that number that feels exciting but scary to you is…)
Let yourself be helped. 
Be patient with yourself.
Slow down and love on your littles. (That slow down part can be harder than you think!)
Remind yourself that there will be a day you won’t be needed constantly by everyone…
it might be very very very far away but it’ll come haha.
These days are fleeting…we all hear it…
but I have to consciously remind myself to live like I know it.

I’ve been deep in the newborn fog…not gonna lie.
That place where everything moves in slow mo, days and nights blending together…
but then at the same time you’re grasping to slow it down as your hormones rage and
you see your baby getting bigger and bigger in front of your eyes.
ALL of your kids seem to be growing up in super speed!
I always go through a reality check stage after having babies…
where I officially feel overwhelmed with what I WANT to do and what I CAN actually do.
I have to go over in my mind all that I have to be thankful for.
Being grateful for the little things that help me relax… a shower,
a solo (just with baby) trip to store, a hubby making dinner,
sweet snuggles from my little people, a phone call from a best friend.
Sometimes you need to just look up out of the fog to see that you are
doing big things and so blessed, even in your sleep deprivation. 

I took all of the kids out by myself the other day.
(We went to Target. naturally.
It’s a safe space. haha.)
I feel like it went pretty well but not sure how the general public felt about it. haha.
We got plenty of stares but mostly smiling giggling ones because, heck… I get it!
We are a sight to see! (crazy town.)
Micah was randomly and loudly announcing, “we have a BABY!”
Soo… yeah not really able to subtly run in and out of stores anymore haha.
But I hope that people who see us don’t feel sorry for me in the crazy.
I hope they see that I have all of these people to love and take care of and yes it’s a challenge but how lucky am I?
These are my people! I get to watch them grow and have special memories with them
and live that magic of childhood all over again through their eyes!
It feels about the same crazy as when we had 4.. even 3.. just more. more everything. ;)
But at the same time I feel more capable to handle it. I’m not AS frazzled
(note that I am still a tad
This photo though cracks me up… Asher is worried and Hunter is terrified. lol.

Here’s some photos I snapped of our Hunter that I know I’ll treasure…
because I’m gonna blink and he’ll be in high school.
athomewithnatalie-hunter1 athomewithnatalie-hunter5 athomewithnatalie-hunter4

I hope you are having a wonderful December!
We have been trying to fit in festive fun as we can.
It’s been an intense health month with our family first slammed with the cold and
thennn the flu bug. As of now, everyone is healthy!!
Bring on the Christmas cheer!
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It’s been an easy outlet for me to share our family life even with the crazy.
Would love to connect there!