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Creative Learning Book Series- Peek Inside The Farm

The show Fixer Upper has seriously fed my I want a farm obsession…
Ben already wants chickens and the girls have been doing horse riding lessons.
I’m pretty sure that’s not our calling during this particular season…
SO instead I got them this book. hehe. It is so adorable!

I love making learning fun for my kids.
My goal this year has been to add more books to our shelves
and I love seeing how they have really taken off with reading
and WANTING to learn! Sienna read a whole book to me yesterday and
was SO PROUD of herself. It’s one of those magical experiences you get to witness.
A child putting all the peices together and realizng there is this whole world in books.
They just dive into these books and It’s been fun getting creative and doing fun activities together. 
I made a Creative Learning Book Series where my kids
and I have combined our favorite things to do… reading, snacking and crafting.
We were inspired by our favorite Usborne Books and are sharing new videos every week!
FARM BOOK-Creative Learning Book Video Series

The Farmer’s Market page is my absolute favorite.
The book takes you all around the farm…even opening up the chicken coop to see what’s inside!
Our snack couldn’t have been easier but it was a HIT with the kids.
I just got store bought pudding cups, crumbled up Oreos on top,
and put the carrot gummies I found at World Market!
They were something crazy like 70 cents after Easter! I always grab
up “themed” gummies if I see them. You can always find a good use for them. ;)
The Lamb masks were SO simple to make. and inexpensive. so win win.
You don’t have to go crazy when it comes to crafting with little ones…
kids like simple. Mine love masks or puppets!
So paper plates are a great craft product to have in the house.
I tried to do easy crafts in this series to make it very doable for everyone.
Paper plates and cotton balls are pretty cheap at the store…. then all you need is glue and
scissors and you are ready to make these fun lamb masks!
These would be cute if you were doing a farm birthday party theme too.
This book is just so adorable… it makes me want to throw a party or play date around it.
LOVE the beautiful pages. and when you are reading to kids, it’s
nice having a book that YOU enjoy too.
My kids used to get stuck on one book…and we would just read it over and over.
Since I joined Usborne and then recently became a team leader,
we are adding new books to our shelves regularly!
When my mom was last here she kept looking through them and was so
excited about what the kids got to read.
The quality and content are amazing…and I totally just ordered her the
Lift the Flap How do Flowers Grow Book we have because she
didn’t want to put it down. She needed it for Grandma’s bookshelves.
I’m hoping my kids get green thumbs from her. ;)
Ok. enough chit chat, here’s the video!! Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by for another post
of my Creative Learning Book Series!
We are sharing more videos every week
so be sure to hop back over again.
I’m loving all of the FARM THEMED BOOKS Usborne has right now.
I have these on my wish list for Asher.

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Happy National Dog Day! – Micah’s Puppy Party

It’s National Dog Day, apparently. (I was informed by ALL of Instagram. haha.)
So it seems fitting to share the Puppy Party we threw Micah when he turned 3!
Check out the post for all the fun puppy DIY details.
My favorite part was making the puppy oreo truffles the kids LOVED them
…and the oreo puppy bark. YUM.
Asher was born the month before, so it’s all kind of a fog…haha…
But we had a blast and Micah man was a happy boy with all the balloons and puppy fun.
athomewithnatalie-puppyparty6 athomewithnatalie - puppyparty3

We do these balloons every year now.
it’s become a thing. and I love it.
They get the cutest photos because they are so excited about their huge number balloon.
plenty of blurry photos….but good ones too.

Micah is still puppy obsessed.
He has a little pack of puppy stuffed animals forming.
athomewithnatalie - puppyparty5 athomewithnatalie-puppyparty4 athomewithnatallie-puppyparty6

Happy National Dog Day!
No puppies in our house right now… Maybe one day!
But for now, my kids are my little pack of puppies at my feet.
They are always all together, falling over each other…
drooling and snuggling
and ripping into packets of food with their teeth. ;)

Check out the Puppy Birthday Party Post for all the DIY details.
It was a kid’s party that came together easy with DIY’s and smart party choices!
(I share more in the post… but choosing one party color helps
it all come together fast and pretty.)

Family Game Night – Pie Face!

Sienna turned 6 right in the middle of our first week of moving to Louisiana!
She is pretty easy when it comes to birthdays… sing and presents and she’s happy!
We had a fun family game night after we ate her favorite dinner – Raviolis!
game night video

She didn’t even really want to eat the cookie cake, just decorate it! haha.
(she’s more of a salty girl over sugar. ;)
She was SO HAPPY about how it turned out though…
“Mom I made it so they are all able to look at each other. And I’m the crown in the middle.”
haha. Six is awesome.
family game night 10 - athomewithnatalie family game night 11 - athomewithnatalie

I had my eye on the game Pie Face for a while. I saw how much fun it was via social media and wanted
to save it for a special occasion! Moving, a birthday, and starting a new school the next day…
seemed like a good occasion!
My parents were still in town so it was an extra fun night.
They were equal parts scared and excited about the whole thing haha.
Mom, Dad, Grandpa and even Grandma got in on the fun! Video below. :)
Please note ben’s on purpose dorky laugh turned super creepy in slo- mo. haha.
Micah’s face after it hits him just cracks me up.
Like, “why would you make me play this game? wait.. this is awesome!”
Also, my parents…are adorable.

For her birthday gifts we had something from mom and dad (the game),
something from Sophia (the puppy) and something from Micah (shopkins)!
family game night5 - athomewithnatalie family game night 3 - athomewithnatalie family game night 6 - athomewithnatalie famil game night 2 - athomewithnatalie family game night - athomewithnatalie

 This is how Sienna woke me up on her birthday.
Ready to celebrate every single moment of her day.
She click clacked and shuffled all over the house. You could hear her coming…. Lol.

Also, I discovered the purpose for Shopkins— Math Counters.
You better believe the high heel made the cut!

Happy Birthday sweet Sienna!
We love you and all of the joy you’ve brought into our life!
You had a sparkle in your big brown eyes from the moment we met you.

It’s been such a blessing to watch you grow and your personality blossom before us.
You are SO smart and kind and fiesty and “fashion” ;)
family game night 7 - athomewithnatalie