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Family Game Night – Pie Face!

Sienna turned 6 right in the middle of our first week of moving to Louisiana!
She is pretty easy when it comes to birthdays… sing and presents and she’s happy!
We had a fun family game night after we ate her favorite dinner – Raviolis!
game night video

She didn’t even really want to eat the cookie cake, just decorate it! haha.
(she’s more of a salty girl over sugar. ;)
She was SO HAPPY about how it turned out though…
“Mom I made it so they are all able to look at each other. And I’m the crown in the middle.”
haha. Six is awesome.
family game night 10 - athomewithnatalie family game night 11 - athomewithnatalie

I had my eye on the game Pie Face for a while. I saw how much fun it was via social media and wanted
to save it for a special occasion! Moving, a birthday, and starting a new school the next day…
seemed like a good occasion!
My parents were still in town so it was an extra fun night.
They were equal parts scared and excited about the whole thing haha.
Mom, Dad, Grandpa and even Grandma got in on the fun! Video below. :)
Please note ben’s on purpose dorky laugh turned super creepy in slo- mo. haha.
Micah’s face after it hits him just cracks me up.
Like, “why would you make me play this game? wait.. this is awesome!”
Also, my parents…are adorable.

For her birthday gifts we had something from mom and dad (the game),
something from Sophia (the puppy) and something from Micah (shopkins)!
family game night5 - athomewithnatalie family game night 3 - athomewithnatalie family game night 6 - athomewithnatalie famil game night 2 - athomewithnatalie family game night - athomewithnatalie

 This is how Sienna woke me up on her birthday.
Ready to celebrate every single moment of her day.
She click clacked and shuffled all over the house. You could hear her coming…. Lol.

Also, I discovered the purpose for Shopkins— Math Counters.
You better believe the high heel made the cut!

Happy Birthday sweet Sienna!
We love you and all of the joy you’ve brought into our life!
You had a sparkle in your big brown eyes from the moment we met you.

It’s been such a blessing to watch you grow and your personality blossom before us.
You are SO smart and kind and fiesty and “fashion” ;)
family game night 7 - athomewithnatalie

Metal Ikea Shelves Get Farmhouse Makeover

metal ikea shelves get farmhouse makeover-athomewithnatalie

We are settling into our new place…
and one of the things on my must do list was
to do the same DIY on our other Metal IKEA shelving unit!

The project is SO easy…and I really wanted to get my favorite dishes out to enjoy!
I first posted about my DIY IKEA Shelving Unit Farmhouse Makover in our old house!

I went to Home Depot and had them cut the wood to my sizes.
I stained it and then glued them down.
This tie around the cuts were so perfect I didn’t even have to glue them..they fit right in nice and snug!
I attached the units to the wall (finding the studs!) and then went to my happy place and arranged white dishes. ;)
This long wall was the perfect spot to put both IKEA Shelving units!
Knowing me, I’ll be rearranging but for now..this is the set up!

The key to decorating with little ones is to find
non breakable items that are PRETTY or have the same LOOK as the fragile ones! sneaky sneaky.
That way it all looks cohesive but it’s ok if the baskets are taken down and stuffed with shopkins………
I seriously love when I find things that LOOK breakable..but aren’t.
For example…
The ceramic looking container on the left next to the basket is plastic and is from world market.
The three clear containers at the far right look like glass but are plastic and are the spritz line from target!
Every time they come out with a new one..I snag it. usually waiting justttt until they go on sale.
I love the metal tins from Walmart too! (You don’t have to go super pricey for cute.)
A lot of the other dishes are from pottery barn (Wedding registry) or Target..TJ Maxx…
just random pieces I’ve gotten over the years that all look good together.
A lot of the greenery is from IKEA or Michaels.
The garden section of Michaels has really upped their game lately! And you can’t beat the prices when you have a coupon.

When styling my shelves, I use similar materials. I used glass, white ceramic, metal and woven baskets.
It looks pleasing to the eye seeing them all gathered up and grouped together!
When you are shopping, look for pieces to add to collections you already have.
I love having these items out so I can enjoy them. Luckily, I don’t have climbers in the house.
Micah’s main 3 year old boy issue is the volume. SO LOUD. we are working on it.

You could spray paint the white metal to be a a darker color, but I wanted
the keep the white so it stayed nice and bright in this space.
It is open to the kitchen that has white cabinets…
so I loved the flow between the two rooms!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I’ll try to do a video soon of our “semi-moved in” home tour!
It’s coming together around here…
I find a lot of peace when my surroundings are homie feeling…
so I always end up diving right into getting things set up, even if I don’t have the total finished look I want…
I start somewhere! Loving it so far.

Check out the original post of this DIY Project to get all the details!
DIY IKEA Shelving Unit Farmhouse Makover

Creative Learning Book Series: That’s Not My Puppy

I love children’s books… encouraging my kids to read… and making learning fun!
I made a Creative Learning Book Series where my kids
and I have combined our favorite things to do… reading, snacking and crafting!
If you like those things too… you’ll love these videos!
We were inspired by our favorite Usborne Books and can’t wait to share all of the videos in this series!

What I’m sharing would be great for:
+ After school activities.
My kids love a project! Sometimes giving them something to
focus in on helps stop the afternoon craziness.

+ Homeschooling lessons –
Dive deeper into the lesson by doing a craft and snack and reading another book on the topic!

+ Or this would be great if you have little ones not ready for school but
you want to encourage them to love reading and learning!
+OR if you have little ones that are obsessed with other kids on youtube like mine
and think it’s fun to watch them craft and peek inside their favorite books!
I did crafts using basic crafting supplies! Things you probably already have
in your house or are simple and cheap enough to get so you can do it.
If you end up making any of these crafts or snacks or buying and
reading the book to your little one…please tag me or message me! I would love it!

Today’s Book is for all the doggie lovers out there!
We are puppy obsessed in our house!
puppy craft-athomewithnatalie

Because of the dog love around here, one of the first books I picked
out from Usborne was the ‘That’s Not My Puppy’ book and Micah LOVES it.
This whole “That’s Not My…” Series is great for little kids (babies and toddlers!)
because of how they can follow a long touching the pages.
They start associating words with the things they are feeling. Micah always calls the words out… fluffy! Bumpy!
If you are looking for new reading material, all of these are great.
You can choose a favorite animal of your little one and really have fun with it!
We just added the puppy, squirrel, dinosaur and kitten ones to our shelves!

You can get the ‘That’s Not My Puppy Book through my website!
Or use our snack and craft ideas to go a long with a puppy book you already have!

I’m such a fan of paper plate crafts! My kids love them..and the price is awesome.
I could just do paper plate crafts all day and they would be thrilled.
It was cute seeing how they each personalized their puppies.
Their favorite part of this craft was the craft stick that turned them into puppets!
Walmart has great prices on those!
AND not all the stores carry Scooby Snacks.. but if your grocery store does.
You hit the snack jackpot.
My kids thought they were just amazing. Dog snacks?! That taste good?!
Now they can pretend to be puppies all day long.
lol. Well not all day. don’t let them eat them all day.

I’m obsessed with the quality of every book.
They’re gorgeous, make reading fun and are super engaging for my kids!
I just was able to go on a $300 shopping spree for free books just from being a consultant.
(I earn $$ and free books! Comment or email me if you want to learn more!)
If you want me to throw a Facebook party for you, where you are the hostess
and earn a bunch of free books-based off the sales of the party, comment or email me!
I LOVE sharing the books with your friends… all you do is invite and I do the rest.
The books practically sell themselves. And I LOVE letting you know how much you earned for free after the party!
If you love kid books… Join my Facebook Group!
Natalie’s Kid Book Club
You can click here to see all of the posts in my Creative Learning Book Series!

Do you have any of the books in this series??
I’ve heard the truck and mermaid ones are super fun too!