My Maternity Wardrobe Staples

Today is my due date! So of course instead of giving birth,
I’m going to blog my maternity wardrobe staples!
This is our fourth baby, so I had some staples already, and then got a few new tees and dresses.
I’m all about comfort and classic pieces you can mix up.
I’m not too fancy when pregnant. I like my wardrobe to be feminine, slimming and EASY.
So…plenty of black and dark wash skinnies! I like tops that define my bump so I don’t feel washed out.
These are some of my favorite items that I most frequently asked about on social media.
Hope this post is helpful for any mamas trying to survive the pregnancy wardrobe crisis.
The struggle is real.

I’ve loved sharing my growing bump and having the photos to remember this pregnancy.
It really is a crazy thing, thinking there is a little baby human
in there and soon he or she will be in our arms!
I know I’ll miss my bump, but so anxious to find out what we are having and snuggle up with this baby!MATERNITY STAPLES-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE04

Links and details on each item below!
A lot of these are on clearance..so go check them out!
Hope it’s helpful!
1. Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans – Motherhood Maternity (Indigo Rein brand!!)
I loveee these maternity jeans. And good ones are hard to come by.
The brand is Indigo Rein and I’m pretty sure I got them at Motherhood Maternity or Marshalls.
I live in these. wash and wear wash and wear.
Have had these jeans through multiple pregnancies and was SO
happy when I opened my maternity bin and saw them again…a good pair of jeans is a must.

2. BLANQI Bodystyler Support Tank
I wore my size medium throughout my pregnancy.
It’s amazing the support it gives your bump and how it helps smooth you out.
Now that I’m at the end of my pregnancy, sometimes I just
wear this and pajama pants around the house lol.  It’s a must have for your pregnancy wardrobe.
(and I’m not just saying that because it’s my sister’s company! I wear it every day!)

3. Knit Maxi dress (similar dress)
This non maternity dress is similar to the one I have.
Just a soft knit long maxi dress. Comfortable and slimming!
Don’t just look in the maternity aisles… target has some great non maternity options with stretch!

4. Liz Lange Striped Sleeveless Dress
This was a maternity dress that was SO comfortable.
You need some knit dresses with stretch! I loved the length of this one.

5. Scoop Neck Short sleeve Tee
Basic tee with a nice scoop. I usually end up getting a few new tees over the pregnancy as I grow.

6. Fringe Kimono (similar kimono)
LOVED wearing my BLANQI support tank and my kimono!
This is another non maternity item from target’s jr section and it was comfortable
and I always got compliments on it. I had a different color, but same idea.
Great layering piece!

7. Knot Detail Top
I loved how this top cinched in around my belly… helps define where the bump stops and
the rest of you continues, so you don’t feel so much like a blob. ;)

8. Basic Cami
In the early weeks of my pregnancy, when I didn’t need as much support from my BLANQI tank,
I would wear these basic camis to add a little length and layering to smooth me out.
I wear these all the time in my non pregnancy wardrobe.

9. BLANQI Leggings
It’s like wearing pajama pants but being able to call them pants. haha.
I usually like wearing something to cover my bum in them, but they are great for layering.
Put them with a tunic and a sweater and it’s the perfect comfortable fall pregnancy outfit!

10. Liz Lange Soft Textured Tee
This tee is SO soft. I wish it was a little tighter under my belly, but at the same time, it is comfortable!
It’s nice having a few types of tees, some more fitted and some a little looser.

11. Pleated Maxi Dress (non maternity)
This is one of my most asked about wardrobe items.
It’s a non maternity dress from target that I got in the middle of my pregnancy and I
was able to wear it through the 9 months! It’s pleated, and slowly the pleats were stretched out haha.
But it was really comfortable and feminine. Loved wearing it.
Nice flowy coverage. (wore with a strapless bra. I have a t-shirt soft one from target that is great.)

12. Fitted Blazer (similar option)
Another great layering piece to have… Near the end of my pregnancy, I’ve been wearing my BLANQI tank
and a blazer and feeling pulled together! It helps slim you down and emphasize the bump only.

This dress has been one of my favorites, and it wasn’t even maternity!
It’s from target and is on clearance RIGHT NOW for 9 bucks on target.com!
Pleated Maxi Dress.

Hopefully the next post is a baby announcement!! eek! ;)
I’ll be sure to share updates on social media.

My Baby #4 Must Haves

Baby should be arriving soon, so I thought I would share my Baby #4 Must Haves!
I picked some items for baby and items for mama in my round up.
It’s really all for mama in the end…haha. Happy baby is a happy mama!
Some are new favorites, and some are “I used this with all my babies” items.
If you are trying to figure out what you really need after baby arrives, hopefully my list helps!baby#4musthaves-athomewithnatalie

1. Little Giraffe – Chenille Baby Blanket
Ok first up is a baby essential…for comfort but also for photos!
I just added this blanket to my hospital bag so I can snap some sweet newborn photos
of baby in this fuzzy blanket. It’s SO soft and pretty. I went with white
(for either boy or girl) but you can find colored ones.

2. 4moms- mamaRoo
This is  a MUST. It’s a game changer.
When we had our first baby 7 years ago, someone gave us a different version of this but it worked wonders.
It’s kicked the bucket but I wasn’t able to find one similar until now!
Mamas don’t swing our babies…we sway and do other motions and the mamaRoo mimics those motions.
I’ve heard amazing things about this one and so many of my instagram mama friends have one for their new babies!
We just put ours together and it went up like a breeze and fits in great with our space.
Doesn’t take up much room at all!

3. Printastic App – Photo Books for Phone photos
This is a must if you are like me and take a million photos on your phone but want to
be able to enjoy them long after your phone fills up and you dump them on your computer.
I used the Printastic App to create a photo book of our Outer Banks
trip this summer and LOVED how it turned out.
You can use Code: NATALIE20 to get 20% OFF!
I’ll be using this app for the baby’s baby book! I’ve made books like this for
all my kids and they love looking through it.
It’s something you can make happen even in the delirious sleep
deprived first few weeks. You won’t regret it.

4. DockATot – Deluxe Dock (with Chevron Cover)
I am SOOOO excited about using this with our baby.
I’ve heard incredible things about it’s sleeping baby magic.
It arrived and is made so well and I love the chevron cover I picked out for it.

5. BLANQI High-Waist Maternity + Postpartum Leggings
First time mamas…I’m going to speak some truth to you…
After you have a baby, you will have a tummy. for a while.
Sometimes longer than you want. But these postpartum leggings are EVERYTHING.
They smooth you out and offer you that support you want.
Great to wear with a long tunic. You’ll be comfy and feel “pulled together.”
If you are having a baby in the fall or chillier seasons..this is a must.
GUESS WHAT? You can snag them at 50% off!!
Use CODE: NATALIE50. Expires 9/25/15

6. Gilligan and O’Malley Nursing Cotton Cami
This is probably my most recommended new baby suggestion.
I have lived in these, the first few months, with ALL of my babies.
They are amazing nursing tanks that are functional and comfortable.
I have 3 of them. one grey, one white and one black. yup. Just cycle through these and you’re set.
I have one in my hospital bag!

7. MAC’s Mineralize Concealer
Ok ladies…..two words for you.
I use this daily, but it’s especially essential during those first months of newborn baby.
This under eye concealer immediately brightens your face and makes you look
like you’ve actually slept and haven’t been crying off and on for weeks from your crazy hormones. haha.
I’ve tried other cheaper options…but always come back to this one. It’s worth it and lasts a long time.

8. BLANQI Bodystyler, Maternity High Performance Belly Support Tank Top.
I wear this during my pregnancy…but after you have baby you are
still going to want some help in that tummy area.
It smooths and supports and is easy to nurse in.
I use a size medium through most of my pregnancy and keep wearing it till I’m too small for it.
It’s a good maternity piece because it can last you for a long time in both seasons.
(I’m wearing mine below at 37 weeks and 6 days)
athomewithnatalie-37 weeks

I hope this post was helpful! I always love seeing what other mamas love and swear by.
Follow me on INSTAGRAM to see all of these items in action.
Hopefully SOON! I’m 38 weeks and 5 days right now.
athomewithnatalie-38 weeks

My world is currently being rocked with prodromal labor, but hanging in there.
Soaking up the moments with my three littles, but can’t wait to find out what we are having!
Almost EVERYONE tells me I’m having a boy….but we shall see!
Praying for a healthy baby and good delivery experience.
Have you checked out my hospital bag post?
It’s been one of my most popular posts this year!

My System for Saving School Projects

My Sienna’s Preschool teacher, last year, gave us a binder at the
end of the school year filled with all her work and fun projects.
It was SO AWESOME having it all in one place and able to see how much she learned and grew in that year.
I am taking that same idea and putting it to use with my girls’ school projects this year!
I have a system made up to help me stay on top of all the papers that are coming through the door!
They LOVE their binders and it’s going to be something special to look at throughout the year.school projects-athomewithnatalie

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the idea of doing this all year, but if you have
a good system in place it’ll help you stay on top of it!
Here’s how I’ve been doing it…

+Two Binders. (try to grab on clearance with the end of back to school supplies up!)
+3 Hole Puncher
+Card stock paper
+Container for school projects/papers as they come in
+Label for binders.
(I made one in photoshop. You could have your kids draw

something or create something on your computer.)
school projects2-athomewithnatalie

I have a metal tray that goes on top of the fridge, when I check their backpacks I
pull ones that I think I should include in their binder.
Not everything makes the cut….. There is SO MUCH.
TIP: If you do toss some of the extra papers, make sure your kids don’t see you. lol.
I gather the papers in the tray and then at some point during the week pop them into their binders.
I use the card stock for any of the smaller projects. Just stapling them to the
paper and then using the 3 hole puncher to pop them in.
For the pages of construction paper that are too wide for the binders,
I just use scissors to trim off the extra parts.
Or, like my Sienna’s old teacher did, just use the 3 hole puncher on part
of the large piece and fold up the rest of the paper to fit.
Sophia does a weekly spelling test. she is SUPER into it and loves practicing her sight words.
I made a page for the little test sheets and I’ll be adding them to it
for a while before starting another page of them. My baby bump crashed the photo. ;)
school projects3-athomewithnatalie

When I finish, I just pack up the stapler, card stock paper and hole punch into the
tray and put it back on top of the fridge for the next time.
We also keep their Faith Formation books in their since it’s a once a week thing.
If it was down on their level, they would always be pulling their books and folders out.
Helps keep my sanity in check that one day a week we actually need those books and folders!
school projects4-athomewithnatalie

I hope you give it a try! With a system in place, you’ll be able to tackle this project with no problem
at all and have some great memories all in one place!
So proud of my girls and how much they are learning and growing.
I really enjoy this little time where I can sit down and look at their hard work.
school projects5-athomewithnatalie