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At Home Date Night – Dinner Recipe Idea with Yoplait!

Life with four kids doesn’t always make dating my husband easy!
But we still try to make the effort to have special time together!
Sometimes that’s just popcorn and a movie, but sometimes we try to
put a little more effort into our at-home date nights!

The other night we planned a yummy dinner, set the table pretty and dressed up.
I was so excited about the menu for the night! Ben grilled some amazing chicken, and
I made a cucumber salad with a special ingredient!
I love the crunch of this salad and the mix of the sweetness and tang!
Wait till you see what made this so creamy and delicious!

June is National Dairy Month, and my secret ingredient is a popular dairy item! Yoplait Light Vanilla  !
I already have it in my fridge for breakfast or snacks, so it was an easy addition to my salad!
It added just the right amount of sweetness and mixed with the tang of the scoop of mayonnaise, it was the perfect combo!

We are always looking for ways to eat healthier and this dressing for the salad was a great, light option.
Skip the mayo and it’s even better for you! You can add whatever vegetables you want to this salad.
It started off as a cucumber salad on my grocery list, but then I saw
the broccoli and cauliflower and it sounded so good all together!

I knew I wanted to make something with vegetables where we could enjoy it and not be convincing children
that it actually tastes really good or that it will turn them into hulk smash.
We could just sit and chat and eat ALL while sitting down. Craziness.

I love being a part of the NFRA Cool Food Panel!
Always fun working together to bring you yummy recipes.
You can find more recipes at EasyHomeMeals.com!

Party with Me! – My Party Course is LIVE!

I love gathering people together and building community.
My love language is creating magical moments for my friends and
family to experience and feel loved and appreciated!
I think that the creativity that my mom really instilled in me as a child
has just kept bubbling over over these years of my own motherhood.
I love helping my kids use their imaginations and making fun memories with them.
Throwing parties isn’t always about how big or elaborate, but the thought and care that you put into it.
For me, it’s a way to bless the people around me and have them leave with a little more joy.
But it’s not even just about them…I LOVE doing creative things and gathering people together.
It’s something I enjoy and have found that I’m a better and happier mama when
I choose to do things that make me happy mixed in with the must do’s of life. I MUST do the laundry…
but I ENJOY baking cookies for a cookie exchange party. haha.
I think both are important in life. ;)

Community is important! Even if you are investing time and energy into two other families/friends.
We weren’t put on this earth to be set in our track and go from point a to point b and mark to do lists off.
We were made for so much more. We have a pretty incredible God who
wants us to be joyful and love each other. To seek out ways to bless other people and lead them to Him.
So that’s what I try to do. Through it all. I choose to follow this
path that He set out for me and has marked on my heart.
And it’s on your’s too. You are the son or daughter of a Creator.
He wants good for you and for you to spread joy.
So maybe you don’t feel super domesticated or crafty, but it’s not about that in the end.
I’m offering tips and ideas for those who want to feel encouraged and inspired.
If that’s you… you are gonna love my Party Course!
I wanted to put together a Course for people like me, who love to be creative,
build community and make joyful memories!
Natalie-Party Course

I first started blogging soon after I had my first daughter.
I loved having this space where I could share our family life and my creative ideas!
My Course is filled with things I’ve learned over these years…
Tips and tricks for how I pull together parties (big and small)
even when I don’t have a lot of extra time or money.
This was a cardboard castle I made for my daughters’ Storybook Princess birthday party
and it only cost me $4! Now she’s all grown up and we are deep in Shopkins obsession. I don’t get it. haha.
cardboard castle

It’s been months of work…
but I’m excited to announce the launch of Natalie’s Party Course !

Do you want to use your creativity and gather people together?
Let’s Party!
The Course includes:
+4 Sample Party Videos where I share the Planning, Setup and Party Fun!
+Practical and Fun Printables to help with Planning and Creative Details!
+ A 40 Page Party Handbook filled with Concrete Tips and Inspiration!
printables graphic 2

I wrote this Course for the girl who loves being creative and has a passion for building community.
It’s for the girl who feels like she doesn’t have enough
time, money or energy to create the special moments she wants.
It’s for the girl who is a party planning pro but loves
picking up new tricks and getting party inspiration!
My goal is for you to walk away feeling encouraged and excited!
garden party

I’m offering a special launch weekend price of $30!
The regular price after friday(June 24th) will be $35

I’m inviting you to join me in making
all of your gatherings an experience where people leave filled with joy!
Take my course and you’ll feel inspired, encouraged and excited about hosting!
View More: http://southernlystudios.pass.us/at-home-with-natalie-party

I’m so thankful for the people who have been cheering me on
and encouraging me to make this party course happen.
I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while
but kept putting it on the back burner.
Thank you…
To my amazing Husband, Ben. The Cutest Camera Man.
He is my biggest supporter and best friend. I love doing life with him!

To my Mom and Editor. She has always inspired me and is
the one who instilled my passion for creativity!

To my friends near and far who have jumped on board for filming “pretend partying”
the promoting of this course! I’m so blessed by their friendships!

In the end, all of this hard work is for my family.
All the 2 am work times.
I love being able to blog and share my heart and creativity
and be able to help our family financially.
So I thank you so much for being a part of that in any way and blessing our family!

Through My Party Course videos and handbook, I’ll be sharing inspiration
and concrete tips to make throwing parties easy and enjoyable!
I’m all about helping you create magical moments for your loved ones
to experience, and feel loved and blessed by you!
I’m excited for you to put these tips to use when styling your next party.
CHECK IT OUT HERE!  and please let me know what you think!!

Family Balloon Photos taken by Kim Weimer– A Local Charlotte, NC Photographer.

A Mom Party with Dreft!

I recently teamed up with Dreft for a fun Moms’ Night at my place!
I invited some friends over and we celebrated the big, messy, beautiful journey of motherhood together!
Chatting about our babes and eating cheesecake!

A box filled with Dreft products and a bunch of party supplies arrived at my doorstep last month!
My Dining room never smelled so good. I agree with the girls who commented on my Instagram…
We need a Dreft Candle! Haha!
Sienna was wearing a pink dress at the time and just loved the fact that she matched.
So much Pink cuteness in one box!

I set up all the goodies on our Dining room table!
Pulled down some cake stands and a white crate to stack them up on.

I kept the food simple– going with a little salty and sweet.
Really though, it was all about the cheesecake.
As it should be.
Ps. Cake is canceled out by carrots. {It’s a real thing.}

The girls arrived and we had some fun chatting
and gushing over my niece aka the Dreft Baby.
She’s wearing my sister’s old dress and it seriously was the perfect shade of pink!

I can’t even handle the tiny baby cuteness! Asher is a beast compared to these newborn babes.
It goes by so fast! At least they all smell delicious with Dreft. I’m using it on my clothes too.
I don’t feel like I need to explain myself on that. haha. IMG_2659

We always have Dreft products in our house.
So when they emailed me about teaming up it was a no brainer!
They’re formulated to be gentle on skin, tough on stains, and have that amazing fresh baby scent.
The one item I hadn’t tried before was the Dreft Blissfuls scent-beads. They are safe on all fabrics!

·Dreft Active Baby detergent helps remove 99% of baby food stains and other outdoor messes. (YES PLEASE.)
· Dreft is the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians and the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for baby clothes.
·Dreft Newborn and Active Baby detergents are gentle and hypoallergenic on baby’s sensitive skin.


I was pretty excited about the cheesecake.
The carrots on my plate were just for show.

It was so fun giving the girls their goodie bags loaded up.
I think I should always have detergent to give my friends when they leave my house haha.
Everyone was thrilled.
IMG_2760 IMG_2749

Loved teaming up with Dreft for their #amazinghood campaign!
My friend Riley told me she just washed her sheets with it. genius.
I just pulled a load out with Asher’s clothes…
Now that he’s eating baby food I need all the stain fighting help I can get!
He is gonna smell and look amazing today. Watch out Instagram ladies.