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Micah’s Hulk Themed 5th Birthday – THE VIDEO

This video is long overdue, but life has been a little busy with new baby and end of year crazy!
But I really wanted to put together the video from Micah’s Hulk 5th Birthday Party!
It was such a special day and we loved celebrating him with friends and my mom who was in town.
Micah had been talking about his Hulk party for MONTHS, and luckily I
had a lot of the planning done and work well under pressure. I was for sure riding on new baby
adrenaline to pull this off! If we would have waited till the next week
I don’t know if I could have done it haha. Mom zombie now for sure!
I didn’t worry about cleaning the house….everyone knew we just had a baby…
and we kept it small and simple as far as party size, inviting a few of his classmates over and some family friends.
We set up a party table with lots of fun green details and rented a bounce house for the backyard.
(only $75 for the whole weekend? I know, crazy! and amazing. haha.)
I think every newborn mom with big kids should rent a bounce house their first week into things. haha.

I’ll try to do a more detailed post about the party details but I have to say
that the hulk we ordered on Amazon made it feel larger than life!
Micah was thrilled and it made us happy to see him so excited about the big FIVE. ;)
Here’s the video in all it’s green Hulk glory!

Here’s some photos I shared on Instgram for now.
Love these cuties!
SO glad that Asher was Hulk for Halloween because even though
he wore it about a hot second, it was the cutest thing. Baby Hulk! hehe.

Micah was so excited to show his friends his party table and the giant hulk!
The cut out is currently in his room, terrifying me on a nightly basis when I’m putting the boys to bed.

Ben and his mini.
Loved having my mom there! My dad came later in the week!
Props to grandma for rocking a super hero shirt for Micah.
He thought it was AMAZING. haha.

The cake was one of my favorite party details of the party!
Micah requestsed a candy hulk cake….. :/
I winged it but I think it turned out pretty good. He LOVED his cake!
TIP: Buncha Crunch  looks like boulders…it made it!
Will share more details soon for all of you with Hulk/Super Hero loving kids!

Writing Letters to Santa

I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks!
Time to write letters to Santa! I absolutely love the magic of Christmas and
having a house full of kiddos makes it even more fun!
We celebrate the Elf on the Shelf Tradition in our house, do you??
Our sweet elf named Rosie just arrived back this week ready to check in on the
kids each day and report back to Santa at night!
This year we are having even more fun with our letter writing to Santa with our Letters to Santa Kit!
It’s magical with letter paper you bake to elf size so he or she can
deliver it to Santa and then back to hang on your tree.
Here’s when our Elf Rosie arrived and built a mountain of marshmallows!
She’s so silly!

We also got a fun mail day from the North Pole!
Check my Instagram for a giveaway I’m putting on!
We have some goodies we want to pass on to another lucky family.

The kit comes with everything you need to write your Letters to Santa!
It made the whole experience even more magical for the kids.
I also used the Scout Elf Party Pack (available at Walmart) to set up a fun table
with some treats while we had our family activity.
Asher asked me to take his photo below…haha. chocolate in teeth and all! ;)

It was so fun watching the kids make their lists.
The excitement was building as they all started chatting about what Santa might bring!
Ben and I looked over their shoulders checking out everything they were asking for.
A lot of the things made us laugh…
some we saw coming and some were surprises.
Do you guys know what a nerf bike is?
Well it’s awesome from how Micah explained it. ;)

Once the lists were done it was time to pop them in the oven!
You just follow the directions and use the supplies given to shrink them down to size!

The kids were GIDDY!
You can watch the paper shrink to elf size!! They harden up into little ornaments!
It only takes a few minutes per letter…and while they baked we had our treats.

It doesn’t take long, but once the letters cooled down I just
used the ribbon provided to finish off our tiny letter/ornaments for our Elf to take to Santa!
The kids thought this was just the best thing ever and I love how the Elf brings
it back so we can enjoy their little letters for years to come.

Your family will love this tradition!
You can watch a Step by Step Letters to Santa Video here.
Today (December 7th) is National letter Writing…so it’s the perfect day to write Santa a letter!
Have fun making memories with your little ones!
Thank you to Elf on the Shelf for sponsoring today’s post!

Surprise Box: The NEW Fingerlings!

Thanks to WowWee for sponsoring today’s post!
The girls got a surprise box and we shared the fun of opening it with you guys through a video!
Inside was the new Fingerlings Friends! This one is GLITTERED!
Sophia and Sienna are all about the little interactive toy pets these days
and this one was covered in glitter so it was AMAZING in their eyes. More glitter the better with my girls!
You can get your own Glittery Fingerlings Friend Exclusively at Amazon
athomewithnatalie-wowwee fingerlings

The girls loved how their little monkey glittered and loved to hang on their finger!
She blinks her eyes, turns her head, blows kisses, swings by her tail and talks in monkey babble!
The special glitter edition comes in a variety of colors and we got the white one.
They were squealing over all the colors and which one they hoped to collect next!
They each come with an exclusive blank too.
athomewithnatalie-wowwee fingerlings2 athomewithnatalie-wowwee fingerlings3

The girl’s new Glittery Fingerlings Friend inspired us to do a little makeover fun!
Sisters are the best.
They thought this was just the greatest
thing ever giving each other glitter makeovers!
glitter girls 2 glitter girls glittergirls3

Watch our full surprise toy box video and
see Asher trying to get into the glitter fun!