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BABY #4!

thebusybudgetingmama-baby4We are so excited to announce we are expecting a baby!! Baby #4 is due in October!
Ben and I are excited and freaking out all in one breath haha.
Love these photos because they totally sum up life right now! 4 is backwards…
one balloon is deflating..haha.. a whole lot of crazy and JOY!
We told the kids and they are so excited! I can’t wait to see them experience the whole thing.
(Thanks to my friend Christine for snapping these for us!)thebusybudgetingmama4-baby4

The crazy thing about parenthood and having kids is, you are creating the people you are gonna hang out with when you are older. This is our crew. our people.
I love seeing each of their personalities and what they look like
and can’t wait to see baby #4 in the mix.
Maybe we’ll have another curly haired baby! Either way, we are so thankful and excited.

Sophia has baby fever. Hugging and kissing my belly every time she sees me.
Letting me know daily updates on my growing belly.She really wants a boy for Micah. Sienna is still trying to figure out the whole thing and has requested a girl only. She has come up with lots of names that include princess. Micah copies sophia hugging my belly. I was snuggling with him one night before bed and told him, “say night night baby…” and he said “night night my baby.” heart officially melted. He’ll be almost 3 when baby comes…
which seems crazy to me! He is gonna be a big brother!
Can’t wait to document my growing baby bump again! Having the photos of my growing little ones is one of my most treasured blog posts. I had horrible morning sickness with micah..but I had no idea what was coming this round! WOW. It’s crazy. Trying to offer it up and hang on because I know it won’t last forever. I will spare you the details. no fun.
I’m seeing some freezer meal posts coming soon. Only eating crackers and
banana bread isn’t working for the entire family haha.
We told our family a couple weeks after we found out. I couldn’t keep it a secret and I was having a hard time keeping it together while being so sick. First thing my mom said after screaming and hugging me was “I knew it!! I thought you looked horrible!!” haha.
thanks mom. She meant well ;)

It’s a really exciting time in my family because both my sister in laws and my sister are pregnant as well! We have a new baby coming every 2 months starting in april!
This is the first pregnancy I’ll be so close to my family!  So fun.
My sister and I are sickos together. :) a whole new batch of grand babies are on the way!
God is good! Would love some prayers for all of us and our pregnancies.

We are so excited to share this news with all of you!
Hope you’re having a great day!

Final Baby Book Page & Bump Collage!

Excited that Micah’s Baby Book is complete!
Each week (more or less) I documented my pregnancy with my
growing bump and a note to baby.
I plan on compiling all my graphics and ordering a photo book!
I took some photos the
other day while the girls napped.
I will post soon on how I got these shots..
from one complete and total amateur photographer to another!
ps. my mom made the hat! so cute right??
Here’s the complete series of my growing bump!
I wore my BLANQI throughout my pregnancy..
helped with my back/leg pain (sciatic nerve issues)
The one photographed below was my white, medium, regular length blanqi.
I started taking the weekly photos at 12 weeks..
when I was still feeling sick but at least able to function.
(missed a few weeks near the end due to…
I actually have been wearing it even more postpartum.
It helps smooth everything out and makes me feel more trim
as I work off this baby weight!
And by “work off this baby weight” I mean nurse
like a champ and chase my 2 and 4 yr old. :)

Thanks for following a long my pregnancy journey!
and also thanks for all the e-mails..
I am feeling the love and so thankful for the words of
encouragement and congratulations!

Baby Book – 38 Weeks Bump

38 Weeks Pregnant! Still chugging a long.
Starting to feel prettyyyyy uncomfortable. The last few weeks are always so hard.
You start getting signs of labor..and you go into constant “could this be it???” mode.
And then when you try and just forget about being can’t!
Because every random person and their neighbor are reminding you that you are pregnant! Asking when you are due..telling you you look like you are about to pop.
But…if people didn’t say anything.. you would end up crying about that too. ;)’s just part of being pregnant at the end! I must say though..
I decided I love the lady at our grocery’s bakery counter. She made me feel awesome.
She knew how to talk to a pregnant lady..telling me I must be having a girl
because I have a glow! Girl or boy..I’ll take that type of comment over
the one I got 5 minutes later in the meat department..
“you can’t have much longer… can you????”
Contractions are still coming.. and getting more intense.
Hoping they are doing something.
My next check up is friday..and I’m anxious to see if I’ve progressed at all.
When I was at the hospital for one of our false alarms..they thought I was in early stages of labor with how my contractions were coming I had the bloody show ALL day..
and how I was dilating and effaced.. so they had me walk around for an hour and
then re-examined me. they said jumping jacks were ok….
so inbetween some contractions we did some galloping through the hospital halls.
my husband of course had to video tape it. ;)

I’m happy to hang in there these last couple weeks till my due date.. but I just wish these contractions didn’t make me so miserable. Tonight I just sat on my butt the
whole night. I tried to get up a few times and I just couldn’t do it.
The contractions and the back pain hurt too much.
I mightttttt have broken down in tears for 2 minutes of a pitty party to my husband.
might have. ;) I’m not officially admitting to that.

Thanks for following a long my pregnancy journey with baby #3!!
I can’t wait to share the news when he or she finally stops teasing us and arrives! :)
It’s amazing how you forget all these little sufferings once the baby comes
because you are just so happy and in awe of this new life and in love!
I’m going to make myself remember though in the teenage years..
and remind them of my sufferings often. ;)