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Crock-It Lock-It Review+Giveaway VLOG

I’ve shared many times how much I love my crock pot.
Well.. now I love it even more!
Just got the Crock-It Lock-It and it just got upgraded to awesome.
Check out my video below for all the details.
Crock-It Lock-It  is a tool that helps strap down your crock pot lid so you don’t
have to worry when you transport it! Perfect for parties and pot lucks…
PLUS, the best part is it fits multiple sized crock pots…
3 quart slow cookers to 8 quart slow cookers.
I love how snug it felt.. and how it has a spot to put the ladle (which comes with it)
and a strap for the cord! It’s $25 and if you want to make it easier to
transport your crock pot, you need this!
You can check out their demo video of how you attach it works HERE!

I actually have a meatball recipe, that needs to be shared with the world, and
the next pot luck…I’m bringing them in my crock pot with this bad boy attached
and not stressing about meatball spillage!
Want to check out my favorite Crock Pot Recipe?
Chicken and Dumplings.
More Crock Pot recipes I’ve shared HERE!
Here’s the post on our Halloween Party mentioned in the video.
Next time you need to bring food somewhere..take it in your crock pot
with your Crock-It Lock-It! I suggest mac n cheese… yummy.

Do you want to try one??
Enter below to win a free one!
You can also grab one up now and use
COUPON CODE: BUSYMAMA to get $5 off.