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Pregnancy Weight Gain

Talking weight isn’t my fave thing to do when pregnant…
I always feel like I gain a lot compared to other mamas I know.
I totally have moments of comparison. I admit it. I’ll be 30 weeks at the end of this week and I’m 163.
That feels like a lot. I usually hit 170 right before having baby.
This time I feel like my belly(and booty) are so
huge already compared to my other pregnancies.
I will say I worried more the first time around about losing the weight, but with
every pregnancy I’ve stayed active, splurged but overall ate healthy.
Post baby I usually reach my pre pregnancy weight with just nursing/chasing kids.
This time I know it could be different, so I’m ready for a get your butt in gear plan after baby arrives.
I want to feel healthy and energized for my crew.
Otherwise they’ll be running the show. 😳😉 Doc hasn’t said a thing, so not
worrying, but I had a “hold me” moment in the appointment room today haha.
Growing a human is insane.
(top and shorts target maternity)
bump update5-athomewithnatalie

My sister is due in august ( myself in october) but my belly has been
pretty much the same distance out there as hers haha.
I feel like I have a torpedo belly!! By the end, I’ll be able to put a gallon of milk on this bump.
(left dress- tjmaxx…right dress- target)
bump update-athomewithnatalie

Baby#4 is a total photo bomber.
bump update2-athomewithnatalie

Can’t wait to hold the baby in my arms and
have he or she join this fun crew!
bump update7-athomewithnatalie

Can’t wait to share more beach photos from this past week’s trip to the Outer Banks.
It was so good for the soul and I tried to soak up the moments.
I loved wearing these maternity shorts from target.
They are super soft and the elastic on the belly felt great. (top from target as well!)
I’m in size mediums all the way. Tried to wear my smalls and it was like…
ooh man not enough material. haha.
Of course my sister and I had to take a bump shot while together on the beach.
give us all the stretchy fabric. (her dress is from tjmaxx and mine is from target)
bump update4-athomewithnatalie

This is what pre-nap time looks like. haha.
Sophia is always touching my belly… always.
I don’t blame her though… it’s kind of out there in her face a lot of the time. ;)
bump update6-athomewithnatalie

I’m learning to be kind to myself this pregnancy and enjoy these last months of pregnancy.
But sometimes it’s easy to focus on the growing number on the scale.
Such incredible words of wisdom and support on my instagram today… so many amazing mamas.
It’s good to know you aren’t alone! Pregnancy is an amazing crazy thing.
I’m thankful to experience it and am blown away by the things our bodies can do!

Baby #4 Bump Photoshoot

I had heard amazing things about Rivkah, a photographer
based out of Charlotte, and I was so excited to have her capture some bump shots for this pregnancy.
I took her to a little park nearby that has the prettiest trees and a
special carved out area, off the path, that my girls call “our family’s secret place.”
It was a rainy day so I went with curly wild hair! my usual mom it seemed appropriate. ;)
(Dress from target.)
I can’t believe I’m 28 weeks…(27 when these photos were taken)
I’m like a torpedo belly. This baby is OUT there.
This pregnancy rocked my world at the start. Horribly sick.
(Which makes me think it’s a boy..because I was SO sick with Micah too.)
The nausea has passed, thank goodness! traded in for heartburn, craving
chocolate muffins and bad hip/back/leg pain. lol.
Hoping the physical therapy helps again like it did with Micah.
It went away almost completely as soon as I had him!

The shot of me sitting down is especially dear to me because this baby is SO LOW.
When I’m driving around I feel like I’m holding it right in my lap.
This shot sums it up for me. ;)

Now I feel like the pregnancy is in super speed because life has been so
busy and having 3 kids under 6.5 keeps me on my toes.
Tonight I just sat back and stared at my belly while it moved all over.
The baby is a constant mover. Kind of like his or her mama. ;)
We moved (and by we I mean ben, I pointed) all the furniture around in our room last night.
The baby’s crib is going to be set up in there at first. I’m loving how the space is coming
together. It’s so calming and simple…I’ll take all the calming I can get in this house! haha.
I told the girls how we are going to have a rocker in the corner and sophia goes,
“YES! and we three can sit here on the bed and watch you. I can’t wait for a little baby to be in here!!!”
Me too sweet girl! Me too!

Rivkah was so fun to work with… she is obsessed with lighting and I told her she looked like she was on the
hunt when she starting surveying the area for pockets of light to capture.
She made the whole shoot so fun. If you are in the charlotte area I can’t recommend her enough.
Ben’s Christmas present to me is going to be a lifestyle shoot with her in our house.
I’m so excited about it. I love those candid shots and want to capture sweet natural moments with
the kids and their new baby brother or sister!
I’m so glad I have these (and more) to look back on! Baby we can’t wait to meet you!!

Baby Bump- My Non Maternity Bathing Suit

I’m sharing my non maternity bathing suit today! I always seem to have my babies at the end of the hot summer… so bathing suits for the long hot summer, that work with my growing bump, are a must. Love the Athena Swimwear Line I found on!

I’m wearing the Festival Stripe Swim Dress  (Size: 6 – Color: blue) I love how it works with my bump but isn’t necessarily a maternity suit! I think this style of bathing suit can be really flattering for girls who are starting to pop out and wanting a comfy but cute suit! swimspot-thebusybudgetingmama

I also got this AMAZINGLY comfy swim cover up. It’s the Finesse Solid Tunic.
(Size: Medium- Color: Black) It’s super lightweight and soft.swimspot2-thebusybudgetingmama

This cover up will be perfect for our beach trip this summer! Going to the OBX with my dad’s side of the family. (our family reunion!!) My bump will be even bigger by then but this cover up is the perfect fit for my growing bump. Perfect for when I want to cover up from the sun or when it gets a little brisk on the beach while the kids play in the sand. swimspot3-thebusybudgetingmama

I was convinced that my bump looked low like micah…
but now that I see these photos I feel like the bump is looking kind of high like the girls!

We have a fun giveaway planned for you guys!
Enter below to win a swimsuit of your choice from!
Up to $150 retail value. Have fun entering and shopping!

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