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VLOG – Asher’s Birth + First Two Weeks

I’m so glad that, through the fog, I took these videos. I never want to forget these newborn days!
I’ve loved sharing our family adventures with you, and this is a big one. Baby #4!
I tried my best to edit down the video, I had A LOT of footage.
Really wanted to share that first big moment when we met him for the first time, but, have some privacy too.
Love you guys but I’m not showing the birth lol. Audio seemed super special though.
I might have cried listening to it haha. It’s such an incredible thing….
just seeing how Asher was moving around in me and now here he is.
God is so amazing and I am so thankful for this gift.asher video

I have loved seeing Sophia, Sienna and Micah experience having a new baby brother!
Sienna dancing for him at the end of the video…..I can’t even handle it. ;)
Asher Xavier…you are such a blessing to our family!
ps. please sleep more at night. haha.

Introducing Asher Xavier – My Birth Story

The past two weeks have been a sweet and sleepless blur but I’m
excited to put down into words, the birth story of our fourth little baby, Asher Xavier!
He was born October 2nd 2015 at 8:45pm!
He currently loves milk, being swaddled, and staying awake when mommy wants to sleep.

We are officially obsessed with him and have been trying to soak up these tiny baby days.
Sophia and Sienna can’t stop gushing over their newest little brother and think he’s just perfect.
Sophia always wants to hold him, and has become a baby whisperer, getting him to fall asleep.
Sienna wants to constantly change his outfits and dance to let it go for him.
Micah is still figuring the whole thing out, he is concerned for
baby when he cries but doesn’t want to get too close.
He said that he is Hulk Smash and Asher is Iron Man.

I was the most nervous about this labor. I think it was because my first two
were pretty “easy”… and then when I had Micah it was really traumatic and painful.
He was crowning while I got my epidural. I literally rolled over and pushed him out.
It was insane, and not what I pictured.
Everyone was shocked with how fast I progressed. Suddenly dilating 4-10 in an hour tops.

This time, I really wanted an epidural to kick in BEFORE I was holding my baby…
And, with all of the prodromal labor I had been having, (start and stop labor) I was worried
it could go fast again since my body was ready to roll!
I was already effaced and dilating and contractions would go timeable
and more intense the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. We had 3 false alarms. Our hospital wasn’t too close,
and I was so worried about a quick labor. The doctors scheduled an induction for me on
the 3rd but didn’t think I would make it till then. I had a Bishop’s score of 9, so I was favorable for an induction.
I was hoping to go on my own though, since my body had been contracting and dilating.
I had bad back pain with my contractions starting the morning of the 1st.
It continued off and on till the next day. I woke up with contractions but nothing time able yet.
I’m going to skip some of the details because of TMI, but I ended
up going into my doctor’s office for a labor check around 11.
Not enough was happening, so Ben and I ended up going to grab lunch, Mexican food.
Where the kind, but clueless, waiter put us at a booth table where my pointy belly wouldn’t fit lol.
We moved to a stand a lone table and all was right again. Couldn’t help but laugh.
Then we went stroller shopping and kept track of contractions.

I started having contractions every 15 minutes. We went to the mall to walk around, we were right by
the Hospital so wanted to see if these were the real deal before going back home.
I could barely walk through some of the contractions. But I still wasn’t sold that it was real labor.
I had had horrible contractions before, these were more intense..but still.
I always felt like they were going to slow down and ease up like before.
We decided that we should go to the hospital and see if anything was happening.
They were just getting SO intense.
When they checked me, I had progressed some since my appointment earlier that day.
So they hooked me up to see the pattern of the contractions and keep an eye on me.
Soon they started going every 10 to every 5 and within an hour I had progressed
even more and they officially called it… BABY TIME!
I had been telling them how when I go, I go fast..and I REALLY wanted an epidural this time.
So they drew my blood and gave me fluid and ordered the epidural.
It ended up coming in time and then I had some time to “Rest”..which was insane
to me because of how intense and crazy it was with Micah.
I was having contractions every 3 minutes, but barely feeling anything but pressure.
When it was time to push he came in 4 pushes and it was my easiest labor yet!
I couldn’t believe it. Ben ended up helping deliver the baby, catching him as he came out!
IT’S A BOY! It was such an amazing moment… and when they put
him on my chest I couldn’t believe all that dark hair!

I couldn’t help but think he was a mini Sienna! We were totally in
love and so thankful for a healthy baby and easy labor.

The last month of my pregnancy was so hard with all of the prodromal labor.
I’m just so happy that we are on the other side of this and able to hold our sweet baby boy.
It was SO FUN having the kids come into the hospital room the next morning and saying, “It’s a boy!!”
They were thrilled and kept saying, “our wish came true!” haha.

This pretty much sums up Micah’s reaction to Asher in the Hospital. haha.
He was more into the donuts and buttons to press. ;)
He’s already warming up to him and ready to teach him how to build + knock over things.

Asher sleeps as much as can be expected from a newborn. He’s a pretty good nurser.
I have to burp him more than with my other babies. I love the sleepy milk smiles we get from him. :)

The first couple weeks home were a blur haha.
Going in slo mo but too fast at the same time.
I loved seeing our family all together and all the sweet snuggles.
There is something just so amazing when seeing your older kids experience
a new baby brother or sister. It’s magical!

Asher is getting plenty of smooches and snuggles in this house.
Lots of little mamas who are happy to hold and sing to him.

Ok I officially lost it when I saw and snapped this photo.
I couldn’t even handle the cuteness!
Asher loves being on our shoulders like this. especially his daddy’s.

Micah warms up more to Asher every day!
He has a love/fear relationship with him right now. haha. ;)
“MOM He touched me!!”

I’m a hormonal sleepy hot mess, but trying to see through the fog and enjoy these newborn days.
I always get a little emotional and weepy around day 14..It already started today.
But I’ve learned some tricks to help me stay ahead of the emotional roller coaster.
Take a breath. Say a prayer. Focus in on something.
Take it day by day and look back at how far you’ve come.
Soak up those sweet moments and push aside those hard ones.
Focus on the blessing you have and how time so quickly passes.
This is my postpartum pep talk. ;)

I escaped to target with my mom and Asher when he was a week old.
The walls were closing in on me and his first trip outside the womb to target was overdue. ;)
Small easy outings help me stay sane!

Thanks for following our family adventures, this is one of the biggest ones!
Adding a fourth baby to our family. Sometimes I am like, wow how did we get here already??
But I wouldn’t want it any other way. These little ones…It’s crazy how you can
love each of them so much and yet be so utterly exhausted. lol.

I will always shout how blessed we are with a fourth child and
how he has already brought so much joy into our family.

My Maternity Wardrobe Staples

Today is my due date! So of course instead of giving birth,
I’m going to blog my maternity wardrobe staples!
This is our fourth baby, so I had some staples already, and then got a few new tees and dresses.
I’m all about comfort and classic pieces you can mix up.
I’m not too fancy when pregnant. I like my wardrobe to be feminine, slimming and EASY.
So…plenty of black and dark wash skinnies! I like tops that define my bump so I don’t feel washed out.
These are some of my favorite items that I most frequently asked about on social media.
Hope this post is helpful for any mamas trying to survive the pregnancy wardrobe crisis.
The struggle is real.

I’ve loved sharing my growing bump and having the photos to remember this pregnancy.
It really is a crazy thing, thinking there is a little baby human
in there and soon he or she will be in our arms!
I know I’ll miss my bump, but so anxious to find out what we are having and snuggle up with this baby!MATERNITY STAPLES-ATHOMEWITHNATALIE04

Links and details on each item below!
A lot of these are on go check them out!
Hope it’s helpful!
1. Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans – Motherhood Maternity (Indigo Rein brand!!)
I loveee these maternity jeans. And good ones are hard to come by.
The brand is Indigo Rein and I’m pretty sure I got them at Motherhood Maternity or Marshalls.
I live in these. wash and wear wash and wear.
Have had these jeans through multiple pregnancies and was SO
happy when I opened my maternity bin and saw them again…a good pair of jeans is a must.

2. BLANQI Bodystyler Support Tank
I wore my size medium throughout my pregnancy.
It’s amazing the support it gives your bump and how it helps smooth you out.
Now that I’m at the end of my pregnancy, sometimes I just
wear this and pajama pants around the house lol.  It’s a must have for your pregnancy wardrobe.
(and I’m not just saying that because it’s my sister’s company! I wear it every day!)

3. Knit Maxi dress (similar dress)
This non maternity dress is similar to the one I have.
Just a soft knit long maxi dress. Comfortable and slimming!
Don’t just look in the maternity aisles… target has some great non maternity options with stretch!

4. Liz Lange Striped Sleeveless Dress
This was a maternity dress that was SO comfortable.
You need some knit dresses with stretch! I loved the length of this one.

5. Scoop Neck Short sleeve Tee
Basic tee with a nice scoop. I usually end up getting a few new tees over the pregnancy as I grow.

6. Fringe Kimono (similar kimono)
LOVED wearing my BLANQI support tank and my kimono!
This is another non maternity item from target’s jr section and it was comfortable
and I always got compliments on it. I had a different color, but same idea.
Great layering piece!

7. Knot Detail Top
I loved how this top cinched in around my belly… helps define where the bump stops and
the rest of you continues, so you don’t feel so much like a blob. ;)

8. Basic Cami
In the early weeks of my pregnancy, when I didn’t need as much support from my BLANQI tank,
I would wear these basic camis to add a little length and layering to smooth me out.
I wear these all the time in my non pregnancy wardrobe.

9. BLANQI Leggings
It’s like wearing pajama pants but being able to call them pants. haha.
I usually like wearing something to cover my bum in them, but they are great for layering.
Put them with a tunic and a sweater and it’s the perfect comfortable fall pregnancy outfit!

10. Liz Lange Soft Textured Tee
This tee is SO soft. I wish it was a little tighter under my belly, but at the same time, it is comfortable!
It’s nice having a few types of tees, some more fitted and some a little looser.

11. Pleated Maxi Dress (non maternity)
This is one of my most asked about wardrobe items.
It’s a non maternity dress from target that I got in the middle of my pregnancy and I
was able to wear it through the 9 months! It’s pleated, and slowly the pleats were stretched out haha.
But it was really comfortable and feminine. Loved wearing it.
Nice flowy coverage. (wore with a strapless bra. I have a t-shirt soft one from target that is great.)

12. Fitted Blazer (similar option)
Another great layering piece to have… Near the end of my pregnancy, I’ve been wearing my BLANQI tank
and a blazer and feeling pulled together! It helps slim you down and emphasize the bump only.

This dress has been one of my favorites, and it wasn’t even maternity!
It’s from target and is on clearance RIGHT NOW for 9 bucks on!
Pleated Maxi Dress.

Hopefully the next post is a baby announcement!! eek! ;)
I’ll be sure to share updates on social media.